expired [PC] Humble Bundle - Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle - US $1 (~A $1.36), BTA US $6.63 (~A $9) and US $10 (~A $13.58)


From Humble:

The power of positive bundling. Humble though we are, we're positive that fans will like these games. Why? Because every single one is rated "Overwhelmingly Positive" on Steam! Plus, proceeds support Direct Relief, which has an overwhelmingly positive rating of 100% on Charity Navigator. We're guessing it doesn't get much better than that (if we did our math right, that is)!

The three tiers of games:

  • Platforms mentioned are only those included in this specific Humble Bundle. Example: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is available on 3DS, Wii U, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One and PS4, but those versions of the game are not being offered in the bundle.
  • Time of currency conversion is based on Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT). Currency conversion is based on Google's currency converter. BTA price is subject to change. Currency conversion is subject to change.
Tier 1 (US $1 or ~A $1.36 as of 10am, 11/01/2016) -
Game Genre Platforms Steam DRM-Free
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Platformer Windows
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 JRPG Windows
Pony Island Puzzle Windows, Mac, Linux
  • For those who just want DRM-Free copies of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and Pony Island, paying 1 cent is enough.
Tier 2 (Beat the average of US $6.63 or ~A $9 as of 10am, 11/01/2016)
Game Genre Platforms Steam DRM-Free
Day of the Tentacle Remastered Puzzle Adventure Windows, Mac, Linux
DEADBOLT Stealth Action Windows, Mac, Linux
Bit Blaster XL Arcade Shooter Windows, Mac, Linux
Refunct First Person Platformer Windows, Mac, Linux
  • More games will be added to the BTA tier one week later.
Tier 3 (US $10 or ~A $13.58 as of 10am, 11/01/2016)
Game Genre Platforms Steam DRM-Free
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Simulation Windows, Mac, Linux
N++ Platformer Windows, Mac

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  • +4 votes

    Yay! Pony Island! A cute little game for pony lovers everywhere!

  • +1 vote

    Tempted by N++ and Day of the Tentacle.. Does anyone know if N++ makes a good party game? Some reviews suggest that it's rage-inducing

    • +2 votes

      It's very rewarding and a lot of fun with friends who like a challenge, but this means it's NOT a great party game IMO.

      You need to be fairly decent at platformers to get anywhere.

  • +5 votes

    Pony Island was one of my favorite games of last year, highly recommended.


    I have to ask, does anyone actually pay for steam games? Actively started hoarding games about a year ago and up to just shy of 2000 of them.

    I haven't paid for any of them of course though - maybe a couple of humble bundles (less than 5) where I've actually paid for a key. I think my steam expenditure would still be below $100 AUD.

    • +1 vote

      I certainly do. If there's a Steam Sale hugely discounting games from my favourite developers — why wouldn't I bite?

      So you choose to pirate/use cracked keys? How does that work?


        So you choose to pirate/use cracked keys? How does that work?

        I use those really cheap and nasty "watch this video for a coin" and exchange "coins" for USD steam credit (or amazon gift cards etc). I'm really good at watching videos apparently and I've got a lot of credit.

        https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198075951719/?cc=us RRP is sitting around $15k for my nearly 2k games.

        Was just curious if people actually felt the urge to put real money into these sorts of things. I was tempted a few years ago, but since using these sites like tremorgames etc; never had a need to spend real $$$.



          Well if you're good at watching videos and getting paid for it — then why not get some benefit. I tend to cave at a heavily reduced price for a bundle of games. Problem is after 10 years — those $15.00 bundles have really added up.

        • +11 votes

          You're paying for games with your time instead of your money. Same thing.

    • +1 vote

      Sometimes. For the more expensive games that aren't going to be bundled anytime soon, I trade games which I got from those favourable price errors for keys and then buy games.


      I have 800 steam games and have bought outright maybe 40 of them. I only ever buy games I truly want and play as soon as I buy them.

  • +1 vote

    FYI Epic Battle Fantasy 4 sucks pretty bad. The thing about the game is it is the weeaboo minority giving it overwhelmingly positive. Bought it a while back and am considering a perm delete from my steam account.

    • +1 vote

      This metacritic review legit sums it up:

      A completely overrated pile of uninspired JRPG trash, with graphics that look like a birthday clown got drunk and then puked pastel vomit all over the screen.

      The game suffers from a number of technical issues, including a massive memory leak that the developer acknowledges, but has so far refused to actually fix.

      The game suffers from a series of classic JRPG tropes and mistakes, the most glaring being the complete lack of direction. You are expected to just kind of wander around until you find what you need to do.

      The reality is, the game feels like some 10 year old from Reddit managed to secure a copy of RPG Maker and make a meme filled, meta humor infested, l33t speak game that just feels awful in all the wrong places.

      Do you have a pre-teen little brother in the house? This games for them, anyone else, take your money and throw it in the toilet and flush it down, it's better spent then on this junk.

  • +1 vote

    Probably the best humble bundle I've seen in a while. The type that's so good that even though I already have 4 out of the 7 games, I bought it anyway so I can give some steam keys to friends. God bless whichever sucker I give Pony Island too :D


    +1 for deadbolt


    Bit Blaster XL and Refunct have been added to the bundle now (BTA tier).

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