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Sydney Return to Los Angeles (Direct) $768 / Las Vegas $764 / Salt Lake City $768 / with American Airlines @ IWTF


These fares are just crazy. There's even a few flights that are $4 cheaper to Vegas than LA! Periods of travel vary but some seem to be available Feb-Mar and May-Jun. Please check as you may find other dates. Also, prices seems to be for payments with either a credit card or a debit card. Again, please check as a small surcharge may apply. Below are some sample dates. Enjoy :)

Sydney to Los Angeles return
Dep. 11/May Ret. 25/May $768
Dep. 18/May Ret. 01/Jun $768
Dep. 18/May Ret. 15/Jun $768
Dep. 25/May Ret. 08/Jun $768
Dep. 25/May Ret. 22/Jun $768
Dep. 01/Jun Ret. 29/Jun $768
Dep. 08/Jun Ret. 22/Jun $768
Dep. 11/May Ret. 08/Jun $776

Sydney to Las Vegas return
Dep. 18/May Ret. 15/Jun $764
Dep. 25/May Ret. 08/Jun $764
Dep. 25/May Ret. 22/Jun $764
Dep. 01/Jun Ret. 29/Jun $764
Dep. 08/Jun Ret. 22/Jun $764
Dep. 15/Feb Ret. 19/Feb $768
Dep. 15/Feb Ret. 01/Mar $768
Dep. 22/Feb Ret. 08/Mar $768
Dep. 01/Mar Ret. 15/Mar $768
Dep. 08/Mar Ret. 22/Mar $768

Sydney to Salt Lake City return
Dep. 15/Mar Ret. 29/Mar $768
Dep. 25/May Ret. 08/Jun $779
Dep. 11/May Ret. 25/May $807
Dep. 18/May Ret. 01/Jun $807
Dep. 18/May Ret. 15/Jun $807

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  • No Melbourne?! Boohoo. We never get anything :P

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      Melbournians are too leftwing to want to go the the US., especially now Trump will be in charge. So dont cry too much.

      • +9

        Try living here as a white heterosexual male. you're made to feel guilty for simply breathing oxygen.

        Never seen AU-US fares cheaper!

        • +1

          Oh you poor darling, how do you find the strength to go on?

        • +10

          Thanks for proving my point, but your pity is misdirected. better suited to the left wing and their half glass empty view of life

    • Melbourne and Brisbane seem to have the same sale fare published… it doesn't seem to price up though.

  • +2

    Damn! I'm going to Vegas next week! Not that this deal would help, but I paid a lot more than that!

    • Yep, I am going in a month (on the way to skiing at Tahoe). Wish this deal was around 3 months ago!!! Any good deals spotted for things to do in Vegas?

      • looking for that as well

        • +1

          Best list I've found so far

          I've been to vegas loads of times previously but I dont gamble and despite all of the hype, Vegas is very expensive.

        • @2ndeffort:

          free drinks while you pretend to gamble? Unlike Crown I hear Vegas casinos offer patrons free drinks for the most part?

        • @friedrais: man that's BS, they know ever cent you have in your pocket, and probably every cent you have in your bank account. They know even how much you crap in the toilet, they arent going to give you anything unless its to their advantage.

          Also if you do happen to scrore a drink you are expected to tip, as is the custom in the US. If you dont then dont be surprised if the wait persons don't reappear.

        • +1

          @friedrais: Played at $5 blackjack table for 2 hours, tipped the waitress $1 per drink she brought out to me. She kept them coming every 10 minutes without fail. Extra $12USD for her over that time for doing her job, she would've had about 30 customers on 5 tables that I saw doing the same.

          Came out $25 down on blackjack, $12 down on tips and had 12 Johnnies. I would say that's better than what it would've cost me in an Australian Casino.

          This was in Caesars for your reference, not sure if the same in other casinos there.

        • @friedrais:

          As long as you tip the waitress $1 each time she will keep the drinks coming. This goes for all casinos.

  • DEFCON 25… here I come!

    • It's up to 25 now? Last time I heard about it, it was defcon1 and 2. Moving fast I see

      • +5

        Don't mix up defqon music festival with defcon hacking conference.

        • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my bad. Didn't know hacking conference was a thing. Cheers mate

        • +4

          @michaelTito: No big deal….they know about you though!

  • Is AA a full service on international ?

    • +18

      AA is like riding the bus.

      • number 10 or 99 ?

        • +2

          I saw a guy ask if he could get a drink, they said "no" and walked off. It's seriously like riding the bus, there is nothing WRONG with it per se, but the attendants are literally there to help operate the flight, you are of no concern to them other than dispensing food and drink at the designated time. And all US airlines are pretty much the same.

        • @LoopyLou: Behind the thin layer of fake sincerity there is a no-nonsense process they stick to. To explain, I've been on a flight from Vegas to Denver where one of the hosties sang a song over the PA and most of the plane clapped (she was good). This seemingly genuine moment was offset 5 mins later when she was dragging a huge bin liner down the aisle whilst we all tossed our garbage into it, couple next to me had bought a couple of KFC buckets before they jumped on and had eaten them during the flight, they had trouble reaching across with their enormous KFC rubbish heap!

        • @LoopyLou: I flew BA from Germany to Australia over Christmas… honestly they're not much better. They don't refuse to give drinks, but other than at the designated meal service time the crew are like ghosts. I slept through the meal service, so when I woke a few hours later I went back and asked if they had any snacks or food. I was amazed - no food outside the meal service (on a 14 hour flight!!).
          The 1-leg of the trip on QF was bliss!

        • @braddsey: not even the kosher meal?

        • @muncan: LOL. There was probably some gluton free vegan low calorie salt reduced sugar reduced meal there, but they took pity on me and let me eat air Instead (same nutritional value an probably tastes better).

  • +1

    So cheap to SLC.

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome

  • Do u rexkon there are more Australians travelling to the US or the other way around?

    • +1

      Trump voters!

      • +6

        Drain that swamp!

    • -1

      dollar isn't buying much and it's cold in most of US right now, so fares are way low. I am waiting for the day we see fares like this during the US summer- that would be unreal.

      • +1

        Great skiing in the US right now!!

        • certainly, you could get to Tahoe or Utah on these flights for 750 bucks. amazing.

        • If you can get around, just got back from Tahoe and still reading all the news of blizzards and road closures.

      • +2

        June is the US summer….

    • I want to witness the build of the next world wonder - The Great Wall of Trump. </Sarcastic>

  • +1

    Last time we flew AA (last year) we had a free business class upgrade.. you can try your luck..this is sooo cheap.. except for the tanking AUD..

  • Thanks for this. Potentially needing to go to Miami in a month. Looks like can do $800 to LAX and then book LAX-MIA separately.

    • +1

      Insert MIA jokes here

    • flights to miami will be a fortune. try getting to vegas or utah on these cheap AA fares then going to miami from there.

      • +3

        Ended up finding cheap flight to Atlanta for $768. Return from Atlanta to Miami is only around $300 which is a lot better than the $500 from LAX.

        • niiicceeee

      • I flew spirit airlines from Vegas to Miami for a dime and half a hot dog.

        • yeah from vegas Spirit are pretty good. Crappy old planes and often cancel flights but really cheap.
          Spirit flight from LA to East coast are tough and usually have multiple connections if I recall from last time I tried.

  • Does AA run these flights or is it Qantas ?

    • +1

      These are all AA operated.

  • +1

    Has anyone had any experience in American Airline international economy? I can't find many reviews online, and the ones I can find aren't great…

    • +2

      Basically it's one of the worse carriers (as American ones are).

      From personal experience Delta is better than AA which is better than United.

      That said… United have just refreshed their transpacific fleet though with 787s and when I flew on Delta to LAX it was a very old 777 (domestically though I've had great experiences with Delta).

    • +2

      I have found Delta to be much better than American Airlines.

      And I have also found Delta to be crap compared to Qantas or Virgin Australia. They have somehow managed to make the seats on the American planes just that little bit smaller.

      But this flight is a bargain. It's like one of those cheap flights on Scoot, which I would say is as good as Delta, to Singapore and so on.

      • Virgin America is better than Virgin Australia though :)

  • +1

    found $829 with AA in Sept/Oct.

    Sept 1 - 12 Oct to be precise.

  • +9

    Thanks so much dude! Here comes my first holiday for a long time.

    Leave: 1 Oct
    Return: 31 Oct



    • +2

      1 month, nice - enjoy.

      • +3

        Texas State Fair here I come!

        Yeah 1 month off. First holiday in 4 years.

        • +1

          You either need a better job, or you have way more annual leave than 4-5 weeks saved up. ;)

        • @Lukian: Yeah was contract hopping for a couple of years there. Never took leave during any of the contracts, had leave paid out at the end of each job.

          That said, I'll be in my current job for about 2 years when I go on holiday, so will have more than enough leave to cover me.

  • Geez i really want to book this but for the life of me i CANNOT see where the seat selection is? It just goes to payment screen? Every other airline i have flown with has had seat visibility and selection options during the booking process/before payment. Does this airline not do that? You're just expected to blindly book?

    • +3

      Per LoopyLou above. Like riding the buses. Bring exact change only. LOL.

      • Syd to LA looks like new 777-300s like jetstar etc. they are tolerable providing can pick your seats…

        • what seats would you recommend?

        • @86boy: Check SeatGuru and see which seats are recommended + people's comments

        • @Daniel15:
          i have - apart from the 'paid seats' and the obviously shit seats, every other seat would more or less be the same?
          i am travelling with a group of 4

        • +1

          @86boy: Yeah it's mostly all the same. Try to avoid seats near the toilets, as people tend to congregate near there while waiting to use the toilet, so there's lots of traffic. Don't pick the row directly in front of the exit row, as those seats normally don't recline. Also don't choose the very last row of seats, for the same reason.

          People towards the back of the plane are usually allowed to board sooner, but on the other hand you'll get off the plane quicker if you're closer to the front. Exit rows are nice due to the extra legroom, a lot of airlines charge extra for them now though.

  • +4

    Fare expires tomorrow, so get in quick. Also available to Atlanta, useful for those looking to get to the east coast instead.

    • Also useful to experience the joy of meeting the children of East Atlanta's Santa

  • +2

    Thanks bro!!! Just booked 5 tickets to EDC!

    • +1

      see you there

  • -1

    Who are everyone booking with?

    IWTF pushes you over to a number of sites, some with the lower prices are pretty obscure -Booktopdeals and Skytours. Also checking with major sites and AA direct these fares are not seen.

    Where as cheap flights (not as cheap as these) being offered by AirNZ (around $990) show on their site as well as others like STA, bestjet and wotif

    • +1

      I ended up with budgetair.

  • +1

    Madness - Just booked LAX return for $754 in May. Mad props to the OP.

  • Just looked for some friends in Sydney…plenty of seats selling on

  • Florida in May-June… Ahhhhh..

  • Ah bugger seems I misssd the boat on these can't find any availability for around the $800 mark anymore :(

  • We've been planning a trip to the States in May, waiting for a good deal. The Mrs was a bit iffy and wouldn't give me an answer until this morning. Finally gives me an answer and it looks like it's expired.

    • Looks like they are back. Not $800 cheap, looks like $1000 to LA. I see NYC now as well

  • TA, do you know of any deals from Denver or LA to sydney around March?

  • New York is $1300 in oct with AA pretty good deal

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