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expired G-Force Swift Electric Scooter $699 With Coupon Code (+ Post or Free NSW Pickup) @ PCMarket


Key Features:
Aircraft-grade 6061 series aluminium body and deck.
Dual spring suspension system for best comfort ride.
Speeds up to 24 km/h.
Up to 28 km range with single charge.
Regenerative Braking System with hand operated rear brake.
High torque brushless electric motor.
Trip computer with LCD display.
1 second easy folding mechanism.
Extra wide 45mm tyres, pneumatic front and tubeless at rear.
Safety kick-start motor.
No assembly required, open box to play.

Max Speed: up to 24 km/h
Range: up to 28 km
Max Load: 99 kg
Weight: 12.5 kg
Age: 13+
Battery: 10 ah 36V LG 18650 lithium battery system
Motor power: 250 w
Dimension: 52cm * 100cm * 94cm when assembled

Normal Price: $799

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    So where can you, legally, ride this.


      Not SA: Q. Can I ride a motorised wheeled recreational device on a road, footpath or bike track?
      A. No. These devices cannot be used on roads or road related areas such as foot paths, bike/pedestrian tracks, or vehicle parking areas.


        :( makes it totally useless. My workplace is roughly 30 minutes away and been wanting to pick up an electric scooter or the 2 wheel "hoverboards".

        All of them are illegal to use in VIC. Makes me so sad. I could have easily make my travel time 1/3.


          @turbodude: Too bulky no space for it.


          Realistically though, will you get picked up? If it's peak hour traffic I find it highly unlikely that police will either actually bother to respond to a report of an "illegal electric scooter" or be able to locate and detain you. LEA resources in Melbourne are strained to the limit what with the ice epidemic and the Africans, I daresay you'd get away with it - most people would be more likely to be curious or fascinated seeing you whiz by on one.


          looks like a normal scooter. see people riding all kinds of motorised bikes/scooter on footpaths and roads. Ud be stiff to get done riding one

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    I'm waiting for the Xiaomi one to arrive. Let me know when that happens..

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      "Even at low speed, if" a car "were to hit a young child, the result could be devastating." Let's make cars illegal.

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        Cars can only be sold to people who sat and passed a driver's licence, have to be registered and insured in case they hurt someone, have to comply with the road rules and can't be ridden in public parks.
        Unfortunately, too many motorised scooter owners realise that it is unsafe to ride them on the road and instead ride them in parks, along footpaths etc and think that because they're not on the road, there are no rules and they can do what they want.
        If you agree that these scooters should only be ridden on the road by licenced riders, have compulsory CTP/Green slip insurance and be subject to all of the other requirements of motorised vehicles, that's a different matter.
        My gripe is with retailers that sell these to unsuspecting buyers by implying that they are legal just so that they can get a sale without taking responsibility for encouraging responsible use.

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          i can ride my bike in the local park… no license, no test, capable of significantly higher speeds…….

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          +1 on the bike analogy. A bike can go up to 50-60km/h with the proper rider and can cause much greater damage due to its size and shape. Even a child can ride a bike at 20-30km per hour. How about banning those too?
          If you are that overprotective, then maybe you shouldnt take them outdoors in case they accidentally hurt themselves? Or God forbid, fall off a swing or something? Are you one that sues public liability when that happens too?

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      you realize that you can also get to some greater than "low speeds" without a motor on a scooter…. grab a box and wrap you kids up in it, then they will be safe from everything.

      Stupid law given how much commute time these could save, and also the decreased car load on the streets…..


    Electrical Bike better.

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