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Hard Disk Sentinel 4.71 for FREE (RRP $19.50USD) @ Sharewareonsale


Hello OzB'ers

As an IT professional, I have been using this software for years. I wish every computer had this installed. I've installed it over thousands of machines, personal & corporate.

The number one thing that fails in a computer or cause of slowness is the hard drive. (IMO, strictly speaking about hardware)

PREVENT DATA LOSS!!! This program will tell you your hard drive is about to die, before it goes, before you lose all your data.

This will tell you how healthy your Hard drive is and will help you predict failure if/when your hard drive is failing. It works for traditional hard drives and SSDs. Has internal testing routines to really test your hard drive.

Detect and report the status of hard disks, SSDs, SSHDs with the award winning disk monitoring software!

The software can be used for unlimited time with all functions.
1-computer lifetime license, for noncommercial use with no technical support and with no updates: when updated to future version, switches back to unregistered version.

Not affiliated, just a happy customer.

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  • +5 votes

    I'm interested how it can predict failures?
    Does it just write blocks to random parts of the hdd & makes sure the data is still there?

    • It logs and monitors the SMART data on your hard drive and makes predictions based on changes like increases in bad sector counts, spin retries and relocated data. I've found it to be a pretty useful app.

      • Exactly :)

        Plus you can run "short" & "long" tests via the software.

        My rule of thumb is: if the hard drive fails either the short or long test then replace the hard drive immediately. Did I say immediately? :) yes :)

        otherwise you will almost certainly lose your data.

  • Great bit of software. It detected 2 of my drives that were about to fail and I was able to get most of the data off them before they carked it. You can also set it up so it will e-mail you when it detects overheating, failures etc.

  • free and portable…. and can be used to check any hard disks


    • Crystal disk software is great. Totally.

      But I prefer Hard Disk Sentinel. Especiallly when it goes on sale for free :)

      I prefer the UI, monitoring and alerting in HDS.

      • Yes… but as soon as you update it.. it goes to "unregistered version".. probably with ads, nag windows, etc.

  • Does it work with SSD

  • must it be installed in the offer period?

    • Nope, just download it, you can install it at anytime.

    • According to the Small Print on the right-hand sidebar:

      • You must download and install this giveaway before the offer has ended

      (which is 2 days, 2 hours to go at the time of this post)

      • Interesting, 2 days later and now … "Sale ends in 2 days 23 hours 11 mins 52 secs"

        • Sounds like another case of changing the rules as they go.

          I wonder if the number of downloads/installations haven't been as many as they expected. Or maybe they've loaded a surprise bonus that they want to make sure as many people as possible get surprised by. :)

        • And now it's 2 days 20 hours 42 mins 19 secs

          maybe it's 2 days from any given day ;-)

  • Hrmm I need this to work on my WD NAS drive

  • +3 votes

    loaded on my pc..thanks

  • I use the Pro version and have for half a decade or so (they're lifetime licenses).

    The developer is awesome. I bought a RAID array it didn't work with and with experimentation he was able to come up with a solution. It could see inside the RAID and determine individual disk health.

    These days I don't have those so it's not so important but I still keep it on my computer.

    For free, it's a no brainer. Saves you from having to download smartmontools for your mum's computer to check the SMART status from a command line. Which you should do one way or another because a disk failure doesn't always show up there but if something does show up there then failure is often imminent.

    The only downsides are that on Windows 10 I get a bubble after each boot saying the software is up to date. Also it stores data in the registry by default so if you want to migrate to another computer and keep that data on a clean install you can't (it has options to override and store to transferable files, but only if you start in that mode, and frankly that's way too hidden and confusing). Not a problem for 99.999% of people.

    • What's Pro give that's extra?

      • Registration unlocks the following features

        Ultimate data protection for all hard disks and solid state disks
        Flexible alerts (popups, sound, e-mail, etc.) and optional daily reports
        Disk tests to ensure maximum stability, disk diagnostics and repair
        Scheduled and automatic backup functions, panic backup
        Remote monitoring, advanced control features
        Manage disk values, temperature calibration
        Disk contents inspector
        Online status verification
        Free life-of-product technical support and help
        Lifetime License - no update or subscription costs 

        There is also a list of compatible hardware and operating systems here - http://www.hdsentinel.com/compatibility.php

      • In the 'Technical details' you will see that this is the Standard Version :-(

        Terms and Conditions

        This is a 1-computer lifetime license, for noncommercial use
        No free updates; if you update the giveaway, it may become unregistered
        No free tech support
        You must download and install this giveaway before the offer has ended
        May not be resold

        Technical Details

        Developed by H.D.S. Hungary
        Version is v4.71 Standard
        Download size is 19.6 MB
        Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Thanks will test my drives and see what results I get. I still have my old SSD inside my tower because it was too much effort to get it out so I just left it there. We'll see how healthy it is :D

    Direct link to download: http://downloads.sharewareonsale.com/files/SharewareOnSale_G...

    edit: My 3 drives I use are 100% and my old SSD is 98%.

  • "Our state-of-the-art, patented algorithm has determined that your hard drive may cease operating over the next 90 days.

    While you wait, why not browse our affiliate's broad selection of hard drives. Or be one of the first to grab a limited-edition T-shirt for only $19.99!"

  • Do we install the SharewareOnSale Download Hub?

  • Download link to the online installer: https://downloads.sharewareonsale.com/files/hub/sharewareons...

    Download and run installer. You have the option to install now or to save the full installer (20MB) in a directory of your choice. It is claimed that registration is built-in.

  • It says my hard drive will die in 10 days :(.

  • Wow, my two 500GB drives that are over 5 years old are still at 100% and 98% health!

    • I assume you don't torrent.

      • Mechanical hard drives don't degrade from usage.

        • So not sure why I'm being downvoted for being correct.

          Whether you are torrenting files or idling in Windows there is no noticeable difference to the health/wear on a mechanical hard drive.

        • @samfisher5986: Doesn't parking heads and turning off and on your HDD count?

        • @Zachary:

          Parking heads and turning your hdd off and on has nothing to do with torrenting though…

          Also only green drives sleep while idle which you can turn off anyway… and you can actually do it with hard disk sentinel which makes it easy.

          To give you an idea, I have a hard drive that has been powered on for 320 days and the start/stop count is four.

          They are never turned off or put to sleep unless I have to turn it off completely for some reason.

        • @samfisher5986: I meant parking heads and turning off/on in just general computer usage….

        • @Zachary:

          yes that can cause wear/tear on a mechanical hard drive.

          I personally run my drives 24/7 and don't allow parking heads.

        • @samfisher5986: Therefore they do degrade from usage…… :P

        • @Zachary:

          Everything degrades from usage if you use it a certain way.

          The point is SSD's degrade from writing data, mechanical hard drives do not.

          This is why torrents and mechanical hard drives are fine.

        • @samfisher5986: Mechanical HDDs will degrade, regardless how you use it(even in a certain way):

          … because they use moving parts.

          from here, therefore they do degrade from writing data.

          You asked why you got negged with your initial comment - I just explained to you why.

        • @Zachary:

          Everything degrades from use, including the chair you are sitting on.

          Obviously if we are talking about why a chair might degrade, we wouldn't be talking about sitting on it or not, that is ridiculous.

          Again, SSD's degrade from writing data, mechanical hard drives do not. Mechanical hard drives do not degrade from use unless you use the idea that everything degrades from use and simply existing… which is such a waste of time to discuss.

  • I can hear the bearings in my SSD failing…

  • before I could install it it told me that my hair is dirty! Anybody knows how to disable the webcam access?

    now installed: 98% healthy yippie!

  • Thanks OP

  • I've used this software for years. It has a great option that you can customise the temperature. When a HD is getting too hot it can close down your system. This is a great feature in the event your case fan dies or something else happens.

    It can email you when there is an error or when a particular threshold is reached.

    The Pro version is AUD$43.64 - less if you can find a coupon.

  • Awesome tipoff - thanks!

  • Anyone know whether this software can read drives in a HBA/ Controller based RAID? Ive got 8x4tb WD Reds on a 2720SLG, going for close to 4 years…getting a bit antsy on how much longer itl run…

  • It doesn't seem to check networked drives (NAS etc), but thanks, it reports all my other drives at 100% and one of those is over 5 years old. :)