Cheapest Way to Get Rocket League on PS4?

Just wondering what is the cheapest way is to get rocket league on PS4? I suspect its via a key? I have not used PS4 for so long i can't recall whether need a foreign PSN account, whether can gift to your AU account, whatever the steps are to get it?


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    what do you prefer? do you prefer digital for easy access, no cd switching? or physical disk for resale value, can play anywhere without worrying about downloading?

    physical collectors edition which has 3 DLCs with it for AUD $29.99 plus $1.99 for standard shipping

    digital standard edition at PSN canada for CAD $19.99 which is almost the same.

    digital edition at Aussie PSN for $29.95

    to buy from Canadian PSN, you have to create a Canadian account at sony website or ps4, just select canada as your country. Then fill it up with $20 credit, purchased from PCgamesuppply. You will get the code within a few minutes in your email and the site. dont forget to verify your account with mobile number in pcgamesupply.

    after that, redeem the code in Canadian PSN account and purchase rocket league with it. Then add that account to your ps4 if you have not already, then go to settings in that account > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4]. start downloading rocket league.

    You will now be able to enjoy rocket league on your aussie account.

    i have checked USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hongkong PSN stores and found that Canadian PSN is the cheapest. I bought Rocket league from Canadian PSN and it was the cheapest then and it still is the cheapest. Rocket league DLCs are not story or anything, they are just good looking cars, not amazingly improved cars.

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    Hi yummycoot that sounds easy enough! One quick question is do i need to buy the credit with pcgamesupply? Is it not an option to use an aussie credit card (no fx fees) or paypal and pay in CAD?

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    OK just did as you described and bought it. Downloading now, thank you!

    Can i change back to my AU PSN account as my primary PSN account once its downloaded and it'll work there too?


      should have replied to my comment, i would have seen it much faster.

      anyway, you can play on your aussie account just like normal, you can log out of canadian psn once you started the download and set it as primary ps4.

      you can set your aussie psn as primary ps4 as well, that does not affect canadian psn.

      setting primary ps4 means, canadian content will be accessible on aussie account and same goes for the reverse.

      just dont unset the canadian as primary ps4 and you will be fine.

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        Brilliant! Much appreciated!


          if you need PS plus, but only want to play online and dont really care about ps plus games adding to your collection, then Indonesian PSN is the cheapest, 12 months just for AUD 33.93


          Interesting thanks mate! Probably be more interested in the games than playing online as im more of a PC gamer than console when it comes to online.


          @Xizor: you will still have access to those PS plus games but will lose access to the PS plus games on aussie account if you had signed up for PS plus before on that aussie account.

          australian ps plus is very expensive, that's why I signed up for Canadian PS plus and I play on my aussie account, but i still get to play monthly ps plus games.


          @yummycoot: Hmm OK. I have never had PS Plus.


          @Xizor: well you need one to play any online games and Rocket League can be never be fun playing offline.

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          I was more thinking playing locally 2 players. But if i like it enough online is an option. In that case go the indo ps plus hey?


          @Xizor: yeah, you just have to create an indo account and redeem the code purchased from the site i listed before and buy ps plus there. also set it as primary. similar steps to buying rocket league.

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