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Online Training - White Card - Work Safely in The Construction Industry - $27.50 @ Easy HR


CPCCOHS1001 - Work Safely in the Construction Industry

Use the standard enrolment and enter loyalty code 14889 to get the above price.
You enter this at the time of entering your personal details.
Normal price $50 - will reduce to 27.50 with this loyalty code.

Course info here:

Enrol here

Payment by credit card only - You will given an opportunity to pay as part of the enrolment process.

Please allow up to 24 hours or 1 full working day for your enrolment to be processed manually.
We will send you an email with login information.

You must be in Australia and NOT on a student Visa in order to be eligible for this offer.

You have 30 days to complete the course, from the date that you receive the login information.

NOTE - although this course is based on the construction industry, it is a good generic health and safety course.

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  • +2

    You have 30 days to complete the course

    Does that include RDO's ?

    • Yes it does - we don't care where you do it or how you do it, as long as it is completed within 30 days. We need to draw the line in the sand somewhere!

    • Very witty as usual, jv.

    • And days off for Inclement Weather. But seriously, do many online courses have cred. out in industry?

      • Depends on the course. We process a lot of online students for our White Cards, Certificate IVs and Diplomas. At the end of the Day your certificate says Diploma HR or Diploma WHS - not Online Diploma. A lot of the assignments we receive are very comprehensive, and clearly show an understanding of the topics. Some however require a little more work from the student if they have 1 word answers.

  • +3

    Will doing the paid course help in anyway shape or form with getting a job?

    • +1

      Depends on what you apply for. If you work in Construction yes - this course is manadatory for ALL construction workers. If you work in an office then maybe. As an employer if I saw a young worker who had completed this course, I would see it as a positive because they have gone over and above and attempted to get some real world training.

      • +2

        Depends on what you apply for.

        tuzii works as a stripper when not on OzBargain…

        • +12

          Might be worthwhile then to pay attention to the bits on manual handling, height safety (pole dancing?) and hazardous substances.

    • A white card is the type of thing you get because you have to. It's illegal to work on site without one.

      The subject matter itself is forced down your throat every time you join a labour hire agency. You'll watch the same dark-humour videos about workplace safety and often perform an in-house test that drains more unpaid hours of your time for your own good. Some agencies, like Adecco, outsource WHS modules to companies like Workpro just so it looks like they take safety seriously, but you'll still need all the required certifications.

      The perfect target market for this deal is working holiday makers that want to work as labourers and don't want to squander even more money before they recover a cent. Anyone working on a site where stuff is being built will need one, even if they're not building anything. A cleaner on a construction site still needs a white card. As do the electricians, plumbers, landscapers and every other guy who moves something from A to B.

      It has no photo and is can be expensive to replace. I lost my $39 white card and had to pay $35 for a replacement…You are allowed more than one whitecard with a different registered number so in this case getting a new card would have been cheaper but slightly more time consuming.

      The cheapest I've ever seen on-line is $29 so this is an actual bargain.

  • Is this recognised in every state or just the state you are registered in ?

    I have been required by my employer to do white card induction 3 times now for Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia as they were not recognised by the construction sites. They specified it had to be one from their own state.

    • All states - this is a national unit of compentency and workcover, worksafe, safework, etc in all states have accepted this as their 'White Card' course. In the old days (before 2009) the card was only recognised in the state that issued it. You will receive a WA white card, which can be used in all states. This is because WA is one of the few states that let you do this course online. In NSW you cannot do this course online.

      • I did complete the WA online course and it was definitely not recognized in South Australia. I had to sit in class for a 1 day course.

        When in Queensland, the site did specify it had to be done in their state.

        • Each state has their own rules around issuing THEIR OWN state cards, but cards once issued are valid throughout Australia. Training providers musr be approved by the state or territory whose cards they issue. For example in NSW you can only do the course face to face and you need 100 points of ID BEFORE you start the course. WA only requires photo ID, which must be provided before the certificate is issued. This causes us all sorts of issues when someone wants training in the ACT for a course that we have NSW approval for and we have to run the course in Queanbeyan. The white card is also a little funny as we need approval from two regulators to issue them!

        • From the SA website: " A person in control of a construction site may ask a worker to undertake refresher training if they consider it necessary, in which case a new card and photo ID will be issued by the RTO." So while mutual recognition exists in SA, the site manager has the authority to require you to do the course again. So even though the regulator recognises the card, the employer may choose not to.

    • +1

      This is due to the employer, not regulations. Unlike the RSA, a white card is meant to be universal.

  • +1

    Mention Whitecard in the title and more people will understand.

    "must be able to play flash"
    Please join the 21st Century and bury flash once and for all.

    • Thanks for the tip

  • So this course is only applicable for wa? The other states you have to do face to face?

    • Not quite - If you complete this course you will be issued with a WA White card, which is then valid in 'other' states. If you wanted to do a NSW white card for example, you need to do that in NSW and face to face. So to answer the question - the course is applicable for all states, but if you wanted a card for a specific state you may find you need to complete the course face to face.

      SafeWork NSW has a pretty good fact sheet about mutual recognition - I won't cut and paste - here is the link.

  • Good deal!

    If you don't mind me asking, what are the qualifications needed to run an on-line course?

    Do you still need to have a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment? Does a government agency review the specific course content and online test before approving it. Do you follow a standard syllabus? It seems something the government could do itself if it had standard course materials.

    • +2

      1) You need to set up an RTO - registered training organsiation

      2) You need to apply to ASQA to have the course that you wish to train in added to scope.
      In order to do this you need to show that you have experienced trainers, assessors, materials etc.
      You can create your own materials or buy off the shelf and customise them.
      Trainers and assessors must have TAE40110
      Some units have specific assessment and training experiences - for example the height safety course that we run requires the assesor to have a minimum level of industry experience.

      3) the content of each unit is prescribed by an industry panel.
      In this case the code is CPCCOHS1001 and the content and assessment criteria are specified in the document for this unit.

      4) All Assesment documents need to be mapped to the unit of competency to show that you are assessing it fully.
      This will be reviewed at Audit.

      5) ASQA audits RTOs on a regular basis to make sure they comply.

      6) You also need approval to issue whites cards from a regulator, and have to play by their rules as well.

      • Thank you! That's very comprehensive information.

        • No problem - technically the above is a national approach until step 6!

  • Does the card expire?

    • Technically yes - if you don't work in construction for 2 or more years it expires. Never seen this policed though!

  • so if i do this course is it valid for Vic? and hpw long will the course take?

    • Yes - depends on prior knowledge, aptitude. No more than 2-3 hours, if you have little experience or knowledge. Around 30 minutes if you know basic health and safety concepts or are a quick reader/learner. Every course is assessed at a level - This is a level 1 course, the most basic. My only tip would be to double check each answer before you submit it as most errors are 'mousing' errors rather than knowledge gaps.

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