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2x 2TB Western Digital WD20EARS $240 + Shipping [Sold Out]


Model name:
Manufactured by:
Western Digital
One per paypal account/address
2 x 3.5" 2TB
64MB Cache
See more specs at Western Digital website.

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    Not good for Linux or RAID use.

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      what is RAID?

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        Redundant Array of Independent Disks or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID

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        Dunno who negged you, but shame on them. I've restored balance =) People should encourage learning…

        I just snapped up a pair of these =D

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          They possibly negged him because it was a question that could have been answered by Google in less than a second. No neg from me though, because it's no skin off my nose.

    • This HDD is very much catered for the AV media players and many of them run on Linux.
      Does its advanced format affect alignment for Ext2/3 partitions? Care to shed some light?

        • TLER only affects RAID. You said that "Not good for Linux or RAID use", how does it affect Linux use in a non-RAID configuration?

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            @EarlyBird: According to http://www.xpmediacentre.com.au/community/other-hardware-win...
            the linux cache flushing occurs every 30 seconds, which combined with the EARS intellipark default of 8 seconds causes the disk to age prematurely. Looks like its easy enough to disable the intellipark though.

            As for the raid use, while the lack of TLER can be a problem doing a rebuild, the EARS have the same 10^15 error rate spec of the EADS, so they're still a much better option for raid then most other consumer drives out there.

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        In terms of linux, you just need to make sure that the partition starts on a multiple of 8 and you are fine. Fdisk by default now does it, windows 7 does it by default too.

        But if you are using other partitioning tools, eg gparted, or perhaps whatever your NAS is running, it might not have been updated yet. I'm running ext4 (basically ext3 with bells and whistles) on a WD20EARS on an drive without any problems at all.

        To cut a long story short, if you want to use linux, just run fdisk from the command line to format the drive using a modern release (eg ubuntu 10.4) and you will be fine.

    • How about NAS???

      • Dont get me wrong these are great hard drives for Windows Based systems. They run cool efficent and are good for storage only.

        They run slower approx 45-85MB/s vaiable when tranfering data from one drive to another.

        • +2

          I had 4 of the 1TB versions in a NAS. They worked fine if a bit slow but took ages to spin up after they'd reached their idle time.

          The 2TB Seagates I replaced them with don't have this problem and are much quicker to spin up.

  • That was good timing, I was heading down to msy this arvo to pick a couple up, save me waiting in line for 2 hours :)

    • just wait for delivery now :)

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        well if he was going to msy delivery might be quicker :P

        • +1

          LMAO so true

  • Perfect price, but 4TB is too much for me…

    • Not for me, just signed up on bigponds 200gig deal for $69.95!!

      • +1

        So will take you 20 Months to fill them up.

  • shipping is what kills this one for me… the 2x 1TB deal last week was much better IMO\

    EDIT: Scrap that… i must have skimmed over the fact that is 2x 2TB. OP, I would probably put "2x" in the title… not a bad deal when its 2x 2TB, even factoring in shipping cost… shame i dont need 4TB of HD…

    • Title updated.

  • Another great deal. Surprising it hasn't sold out yet… I just bought one lot then.

    • DAMMMMMMM IT!!!!!! i've been training all day and have been waiting for a deal like this one, need four and would have happily paid this amount… usually i check the site at 12 on the dot! :'(

      actually i still need to do a bit more reading about using them in raid 5….though from the post below it looks like you can change the time out anyway…

      spewing big time as ive been asking for these every post… LOL.

      If there are any left over, let me be the first in line to grab them!

      "One per paypal account/address" guess thats a bit of a show stopper for a raid 5 though! guess even 2 at that price is good….

      edit: next closet is 141, couple of weeks back you couldn't get one for 150…

      hopefully the spark of people buying them brings them down pretty quickly now…

  • The hard disks are good, I bought 1x 2Tb for $150 a few weeks ago for my Media centre and does the job nicely.

    • Can you please help to comment on which media player and whether it was the WD20EARS HDD? Am mainly interested in whether these need to be re-aligned when used in the Astone AP300. But any experience is welcome. Thanks…

  • Tried 4 times everytime to buy and I get > Oops! Session Expired… after logging into paypal and returning back to Prices Engine. It must be really busy.

    • +1

      Can you give us more detail about your session expired.

      email to [email protected].

      I will ask out IT department to check on this.


    • Silly me CC details were wrong in Paypal. Order went through when fixed.

  • Why are they not good for Raid and linux

    • -1

      Because they are WD's "Green" drives.
      Meaning they are slower than usual. Think around 5900rpm so not as slow as the old 5400rpm but nowhere near as fast as the common 7200rpm drives.
      These will be excellent value as storage drives though. 4TB of downloads.

  • Good price, but WD green label is a bit slow and 4 tb is too big for me..

  • -1

    Be aware they are Caviar Green runs at 5400rpm, which is a lot slow than 7200rpm,
    they are not good for you to run OS/build RAID;

    Maybe good for file/media servers but will be a bottleneck if you have a complete Giga Ethernet;
    They won't save much power either;

    As this one is selling for $159, still very good value!

    • -1

      Only good as a storage drive like for Media Centre, not good with OS.

    • its $120

  • +3

    EADS = Good
    EARS = BAD

    • yes but priced to replace a r with a D is 100 bux per drive!!!!
      fair bit of money for a letter!

      • -1

        Yes but when your data dies due to the wrong drives the data corruption or data loss is priceless.. :P

  • +1

    Another great deal from PricesEngine…!
    Unfortunately already purchased a 2TB HDD deal that was listed last week, otherwise would have purchased this in a heart-beat.

    Now to continue hunting for the rest of the parts that are needed. And am hoping that PricesEngine can add them to their list…
    750 Watt PSU
    6GB of DDR3 RAM

  • This is a great buy for storage reasons!

    EDIT: Wow, sold out after an hour! Lucky I snapped one up just in time.

  • I think I managed to get my order in time!
    Just need 3x more 2TB drives now…

  • Gawd… missed it!!

    • yeh, me 2. sob (as in crying and.. son of a b)

  • Once again, it really sucks that you have to have a PayPal account to buy from them. Some of us can't have an account with PayPal for one reason or another.

    • +1

      just out of curiosity how come you cant have a paypal account? if you dont mind elaborating…

      • +2

        Because my account was suspended a while ago for absolutely no reason and now they want all sorts of things in order to prove i am who i am, which is a load of crap since I've used that account for many years before that happened. I despise PayPal and the way it treats its customers and therefore i refuse to use it. Don't see any reason why prices engine does not allow people to pay via CC like most places do.

        EDIT: You can neg vote my comment all you like, but i don't see why. I did not say anything bad about the deal or the company. I think prices engine is great. I just simply wish they would provide more payment methods so that everyone can get a fair go.

        • +2

          well just to give a reason why - paypal = security for seller too because it at least assures someone has checked your bank/credit card details over and if any payment problems occur they dont have to personally deal with it. (And the merchant pays the 3% commision for this.)

          getting a paypal account is easy as. You can just start up a new one so easily.

          • @voter1: Not quite as easy as you may think. First of all, I'd have to use a different address and I would also not be able to use same DD and/or CC card as i did for the other suspended account. As PayPal would eventually realise that, they would suspend that account too. Anyway, it doesn't matter.

  • dang … sold out so fast

  • +7

    The Western Digital Green uses a feature called Intellipark that will park the read head after a set idle threshold. On the drives, WD15EARS, the threshold was set to 8 seconds. In raid configurations, this can lead to excess LCC (load cycle count) very quickly. Some people believe this will degrade the drive as the LCC increases over time. This wasn't a specific problem related the the new 4K sector drives as it was first discovered with the Green drives first released by Western Digital two years ago. Luckily, Western Digital, after much complaint from general users, released a small tool called WDIdle3.exe that will disable (set the threshold to a longer period of time) the Intellipark feature. The tool works on the WD15EARS drives and I currently know of people using these drives SUCCESSFULLY in RAID 5 configurations.

    • thanks for the info, pretty good news….would have been good while these where still in stock though LOL… ;)

      though im sure (hoping) someone else will have them as cheap in a month or so… if they don't go up in price…

  • Wow that was quick.

  • sold out again oh well =P

  • +1

    site trolls save me money from impulse buys :D

  • +1

    next sale 2x 1TB Samsung F3 Please

  • Didn't they have Kingston SSD's on sale at midday?

    It's gunna really suck if they start putting new items up during the day instead of just at midday.

    • No, this was their midday sale, I was sitting around watching it tick over. Obviously I need to get a life.

      • Very strange. I checked just past 12 and got a page selling a Kingston 128GB SSD.

        What the hell is going on?


  • DAMMIT!!!!
    I need some drives!

  • What a deal. Shame I bought a WD20EARS a week ago, and had nothing but problems with it. After a few scans, I found out the entire second half of the drive was bad sectors, so still in the process of returning.

    • windows 7? wonder if thats got something to do with the alignment or something…

      • I dont think this has anything to do with ur OS, if the sectors on your HDD are bad…..

        • apparantly the other OS's dont read them correctly, however i think that has more to do with providing less space than errors on the drive. (these drives need to be formated in a certain way)

          • @wisc: Formatted many times to NTFS in Vista, 4096 byte sectors was easy enough no matter how I did it, whether it was Comp Management, or command line, or 3rd party programs, but ultimately there were massive bad sectors (about half of the 2tb).

  • This deal is back up on their site, they must have excess stock, it has 15hrs left

    • nooo why are they so random -_-

    • damn it i did a few checks thoughout the day to ensure they didnt, but always came up sold out :( man they could sell so many more of these bad boys!

  • +1

    Just my luck! I've been checking the site everyday for these but today when I was out all day they decide to put them up. It seems I am just not destined to get one of these cheap HDD deals, off to MSY for me :-(.

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