Bargain for Eureka Tower & Sovereign Hill (15 February-18 February)

hi Fellow Ozbargain

Just wondering if any of you have/know any discounted code or voucher for Eureka Tower & Sovereign Hills. I will be in Melbourne on 15 February-18 February and planning to visit those two places with the missus. I have looked on the forums and deals section for them but I found only old post which has expired. Any advice/help would be really appreciated.



    The booklet of what is on in Melbourne (released quarterly) often has discounts/coupons within it.

    Can pick it up from the Visitor Centre when you get here.

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    If you are an RACV member, then you can get discount tickets to Sovereign Hill through them. Took the family there a couple of weeks ago and had fun. Would suggest not bothering with the Blood on the Southern Cross unless you have nothing else to do. Don't get me wrong - it was ok, but as a 'sound and light experience' with minimal live actors the kids were frankly a bit bored. It may sound creepy, but it's free to walk through the old cemetery in Ballarat - checking out the memorials to both the British soldiers and the diggers killed at the stockade. The inscriptions on some of the headstones can be pretty moving as well.

    Skydeck? Well, personally I'd not worry until you're here. If the weather is bad then the view won't be so great. You can get tickets at various places online - Ia quick google search found: Me - well, I know it's not the ozbargain way but I'd put the +$60 ticket cost towards eating at Veu de Mond ( where you will get the view and a meal. Or maybe a drink & some snacks at Might be cheaper taking a sandwich to the Eureka, but I know what I'd rather do….. ;-)

    FWIW highly recommend the Unicorn for breakfast (