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ZTE Axon 7 Grey/Gold €329.41/$462.13 shipped @ Amazon Italy


Similar price in EUR to Amazon Germany deal below, but the Aussie dollar has strengthened slightly since then, resulting in a $20 saving over the Germany price.


Great phone, good reviews, and the price is right. Numerous answers to FAQ's on page suggest this is the A2017G model, which has Band 28 support. Currently going for $699 at JB.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I got mine from the Amazon.de deal, and I love it, though I'm still in the honeymoon period. Other than band 28 (note, only with the A2017G, which this could well be), the LeMax deal from earlier today looks compelling too

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    Currently going for $699 at JB.

    I think it's worth pointing out when weighing up the options that in addition to a 2 year local warranty on Australian stock ZTE Australia are offering a Complimentary Accidental Cover Package worth AUD$300.00. Go here and scroll down a bit for further details: http://www.ztemobiles.com.au/feature_AXON7.htm

    I'm not saying that this isn't a great deal on a great phone for people who want bottom dollar though.

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      Incomplete link above and I'm outside the editing window. Here's the correct one: http://www.ztemobiles.com.au/feature_AXON7.htm#accessories

    • The one I got from Amazon.de includes two year warranty, one free screen replacement and one freewater dmamge repair. It says to 'find a service centre' so I'm unsure if that means going back to the country of purchase or not.

      • The one I got from Amazon.de includes two year warranty

        Should be three years. Two years as required by EU law + extra 12 months from VIP Service.

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        There's no way you'd ever get a local repair because ZTE Germany wouldn't have local relationships. ZTE Australia would, but they wouldn't cooperate either because they want you to purchase through official Australian retail channels. So you'd have to contact ZTE Germany, and if they agreed to cooperate internationally it would cost you ~$56 with insurance to send it back to them and I bet they wouldn't be under any obligation to cover the cost of postage back to you. And that's only for the standard warranty component. The accidental damage component is additional to the warranty and they would be under no obligation to honour it outside of their local market.

        Your only other option would be to ask Amazon to act as a middle man for you. They might, but you'd still get stung by high international postage costs and again they could legitimately refuse to help with an accidental damage claim.

        And those are best-case scenarios really. In reality the practicality of compelling companies to honour local warranties for international customers is problematic.

        Again, I'm not saying that you didn't get a good deal on your Axon 7. I know you did. But your thinking regarding the "extras" seems a bit wishful.

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      The question then is whether to spend an extra $230 now just in case you need to claim (up to) $300 later (if the damage is covered, which it isn't for liquid damage). That equation doesn't really scream value for me. Then again, there is the convenience of dealing with a local place with warranty issues rather than Amazon Italy.

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        Local warranty claims are cheaper too because you don't have to pay any postage whatsoever (you can just drop it off at your local JB and they will handle the entire process for you).

        To be clear though I'm not advising people either way. I just felt that the international vs local purchase question deserved some additional consideration.

  • I wouldn't mind that wallpaper.

  • Sweet! You just saved me $50. I put in an order for the Amazon.de Axon 7, but it hadn't shipped yet. I cancelled it and reordered it from Amazon.It and now I'm $50 better off!

    Thanks :D

  • Ended up buying this through aliexpress recently. Got the Chinese 4GB 128GB version for around $400-$420 AUD after cashback (this deal is for the 64GB version).

    Really happy with it, I'm around the airport in Sydney / Optus and reception is as good or better without Band 28 than my previous Samsung S4.

    Rooting was not as easy as with my previous Samsung phones, took about an hour troubleshooting some issues but perfectly doable following this guide:


    I made the mistake of trying to sideload a google play .zip through TWRP designed for custom ROMs as I had previously done for S4 cyanogenmod builds.

    Turned out it was incompatible & causing it to freeze on startup and all I needed to do was install Google Play directly through the ZTE Market app from stock OS.

    Comes with some junk apps, not all of which you can remove but I simply hid them with an app.

    Replaced UI with Nova Launcher and it's very close to my previous S4 minus some settings from cyanogenmod ROMs.

    • Where on aliexpress did you get the 128GB for $400-$420? Can you share the link/store?

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        A quick search on aliexpress shows that the price for the 4GB+128GB variant is about $365 USD which is roughly ~$470 AUD. Using cashrewards you can get 7% back making it $438. Last month cashrewards increased the cashback to 10% which would have made the phone ~$420

        EDIT: The gold colour is cheaper for $350USD ($425 AUD including 7% cashrewards)

        • Correct. Gold 128GB is cheaper, got mine for $344 USD (think it was discounted a few %) with 10% off deal.

          Also ended up getting the spigen skin which I can wholeheartedly recommend.

          Pretty sure $350 USD is the cheapest on there at the moment.

        • Thanks for that but I probably wasn't clear. I was asking for the store so i knew that they at least shipped it to you and i don't pick a dodgy one. I know the description on Aliexpress can also be a bit flaky, did you get the A2017 or A2017G variant?

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          This was the exact one I ordered from, but it's more expensive from their store now:


          I would not worry about not receiving it, the previously linked deal has plenty of successful orders.

          The way alixpress works is the vendor does not get their cash until you sign off on receipt. It's also a good idea to wait a week or two to test that there is nothing wrong with it after that as well. While I wouldn't necessarily rely on any warranty they offer beyond that, I would not worry about not receiving it / dead on arrival.

          All aliexpress vendors should be selling the A2017 (Chinese variant). No reason to think they would have access to the A2017G version (at least not for that price).

    • I've read that the chinese model doesn't have capacitive buttons, only on screen. Does this affect your daily use much?

      • They do have capacitive buttons. Physically I believe the models are identical (besides B28).

        I will say that they capacitive buttons are quite small relative to the S4 and took a bit to get used to, but I'm mostly fine with them now.

        • Oh that's interesting, I was slightly less inclined to get the chinese A2017 model in the 4+128GB variant because people said that there were no capacitive/physical buttons https://www.reddit.com/r/Axon7/comments/5675w0/2_versions_of... . If it does, I might get the chinese version then as lack of B28 doesn't affect me as much.

        • @do minator:

          Weird. Mine definitely has capacitive and is 4GB / 128GB A2017. No Force Touch of course. You can see the link above where I ordered it from, but I can't imagine mine is different to the other aliexpress ones.

  • This or LG V20?

    • V20 if you have the cash. Mind you V20 would probably have the better camera if that matters to you…

      • and maybe cracked camera glass, not sure if that's as legit as the boot loop.

  • Can someone confirm with evidence that the Axon 7 from Amazon Italy has band 28? If so I'll return the mate 8 I purchased last week and buy this.

    • one of the answered questions confirms this is model A2017G so will have band 28

    • Hi Alz,

      In the whirlpool threads, someone rooted an Amazon.DE A2017G and confirmed it had band 28:

      I was driving rural NSW a couple of weeks ago with mine and it seemed to pick up all the newer 4g towers (700) fine, although I haven't rooted mine to double check.

      There should be no difference between the .DE and .IT versions (both A2017G).

      There was some rumour that some a2017g had either band 20, or band 28 - not both. Frankly, from the research they've been doing in the whirlpool thread - it looks like the non-28 support for a2017g was either made up by ZTE Australia to drive local sales or limited to a very early batch of the phones. The only place you will find it referenced is in the whirlpool threads (although some early specs review sites don't mention 28.

      • https://www.frequencycheck.com/compatibility/vDLER/zte-axon-7-a2017g-dual-sim-td-lte-64gb/countries?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q[name_or_code_or_keywords_cont]=australia&commit=Search

        Shows the a2017g is compatible.

        The USA version is not fully compatible however - a2017u

  • Have been keen on this for a while but reading the reviews on Amazon, users of a few months are still experiencing bugs after a couple of updates - unresponsive fingerprint scanner seems to be common issue. Might hold off on this until further updates.

    • The Axon 7 is due to get the nougat update early Feb,which hopefully should fix the bugs. There is also an unofficial Lineage OS 14.1 that has been released although the fingerprint sensor is not currently working which is also due to be fixed this week.

    • My experience has been the fingerprint reader is perfectly responsive.

  • But the grey is EUR 377,22 now, with gold EUR 379,96 already?

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      You have to add to cart, the final price before confirming order will minus the EU VAT. (Order looks like this)

  • Finally pulled the trigger…now the wait begins…

  • Anyone's order shipped out?

    • Shipped out today, 2 days after order :/

  • Mine's still not shipped out…sure are taking their time Amazon with this one…

    • Neither has mine. Purchased on the 6th, still no sign of them shipping it yet.

      Don't know that I've ever had an Amazon order take this long to leave before, especially considering the store page says "Disponibilità immediata," aka. "Immediate availability."

  • On the site its saying 403 Euros for me, is the deal over?

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      If you go to the link address, under the price it should have "Nuovi: 10 venditori da EUR 379,96"

      Click that link, it should allow you to add it to your cart for that price. Once VAT is deducted and shipping is added, it comes to 329.41 euro, which is now equal to $461.15 AUD.

  • Finally got my UPS tracking number

  • Got charged $455 on my CC…and on board for delivery now apparently…

    • Not too bad, 2 weeks.

      Pulled the trigger on one just now. I was debating paying extra for the 1 week delivery but settled on the tightarse option saving myself ~$25

      • Woke up this morning and updated my order to the quick shipping for $23 more, says i'll receive it by Wednesday next week. Reading all about it on the net makes me want it now

        • Once they despatch it, UPS is very quick to get it to you

  • Just received mine

    No app drawer on the device

    I also checked for updates before inserting SIM or setting up anything… Went from b06 to b10.

    • How is the Axon 7 going? Happy with it?

      • So far so good!

        Got my Spigen case from Mobilezap delivered, setup went smooth and now it's working fine…

        Waiting for nougat now…

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    Just stumbled upon the ZTE Axon 7 looking for replacement phones with B28 for up to the $500 mark.

    Hmmm ZTE Axon 7, Sony Z5/Z5 Premium (older but going cheap), Moto Z, Asus Zenfone 3 or …

    Camera quality is probably one of my higher concerns. Though currently have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro - so just about anythings bound to be better (iPhones prior).

    • Yup I'm in the same boat! Not sure how to best balance all these options… Camera + battery + screen are the three big ones for me.