expired Magic Bullet Blender (knockoff) at Aldi $24.99 from 5th August


These Bullet-style blenders are selling on ebay Australia for upwards of $120.

Description from Aldi website:
* Blends, juices and grinds
* Crushes ice
* Low noise
* Microwave safe cups
* 270W
* 17 piece pack includes cups, mugs and lids

Check out the youtube infomercial - you'll probably go and buy 10 of them :)

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    costs $30 in homeart if you can't find one


    Where's homeart?

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    can it juice an iPhone?


    my genuine magic bullet broke a little while ago so this looks like it might be a good replacement…

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    Love the infomercial:

    If your genuine one is broken this probably would be a good replacement, as in my experience Aldi tends to be pretty good with replacing or refunding faulty product.

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    I started watching the Informercial and just came to the realisation that up until this point my life has been empty and incomplete without this in it.

    Smoothies! Omeletes! Fresh ground coffee! Muffins! and that's just the first two minutes. :D


    What are the uses for this if you already have a blender and a regular food processor?

    It looks convenient.


    i bought one a while ago for $ 30 plus $ 6 shipping. This one is much cheaper and looks similar. I have use mine for baby food and smoothies, very handy. It doesn't take a lot of space (provided you left the other parts you don't use in the storage room) :P. It's easy to clean as well. With this price, I guess go for it.

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    R I P Theo Albrecht…

    From the Sydney Morning Herald today: http://www.smh.com.au/business/reclusive-aldi-billionaire-di...

    "Theo Albrecht, a reclusive billionaire who made his fortune building up one of Germany's largest retail empires, has died at the age of 88.

    Albrecht, an irrepressibly thrifty man who co-founded the Aldi discount market chain, was ranked by Forbes as Germany's second-richest person - and ninth worldwide - with a fortune of almost 18.8 billion euros ($27 billion).

    One of the most important figures in West Germany's post-war "Economic Miracle", he was buried in Essen, an official at the city's cemetery said. Spiegel magazine's online edition had reported earlier that he had died on Saturday after a long illness.

    Theo Albrecht and his brother Karl, who survives him aged 90, took over the small grocery store their mother operated in Essen in 1946, after Theo was released from a spell as a prisoner of war in a US army detention camp.

    They turned the business into one of the nation's largest food retail chains with a focus on a limited range of goods at bargain-basement prices.

    The company they named "Albrecht Discount" - or Aldi - expanded during the heady days of the post-war boom into a chain with 300 outlets by 1960.

    That year the brothers split the company, dividing the German market into North and South and agreeing not to make inroads into each other's territory, with Theo taking the North. Karl's wealth is estimated at 21.5 billion euros and he was ranked sixth on the 2009 Forbes list.

    Aldi, which has annual turnover of some 25 billion euros, competes with other retailers such as Metro's Real unit and unlisted Lidl, and owns the Trader Joe's grocery chain in the United States."


    i have a knock off one as well. wife uses it every day to make her shakes. Bought mine for 12 bux second hand and it is a trooper. I use it to quickly make marinades and it is simple to use and clean.


    Dont forget to check this alt video as well.



    i was just thinking guys. This is not the original magic bullets right. Its some maison brand


    mine one written "Amazing Bullet" instead of Magic Bullet, but the box pretty similar. The plastic material is strong and sturdy. I am happy with the look and feel of it. I have seen cheaper one in big store which is about $ 35 as well, but the plastic material is much thinner. The only bad thing I found so far is it claimed can chopped onion, but when I tried, I got minced onion instead.


    The original one is at Bigpond Shopping ($11.50 cashback through Moneyback) for $119 & $24.95 shipping and oo.com.au for similar.


    I just bought one of these from Aldi and I love it.

    But mine doesn't work when you push it down. Only when you twist it.

    Should I take it back?

    Also I notice some of the plastic thread moldings are very cheap and roughly finished. But it does all fit together and work ok.

    Oh and the plastic feels very thin and brittle. But I do wonder if this is because it has a carbon component to its chemistry to make it tough?



    OK. I took mine back and swapped it for another.

    The second one doesn't work when you push down on it either. Only when you twist.

    So I guess they copied the manual but not the function of the original when making the knock off.

    Pity. I like the push down idea.

    Anyhow, it's still good value and a great device.


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