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SteelSeries APEX 350 RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard - $59 (Normally $129.00) @ PLE


Been looking for a keyboard for work… Works for me just thought I'd put it up if anyone else is interested.

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    The title is misleading - this is NOT a mechanical keyboard. If you scroll down:

    "Keyboard Technology - Membrane"

    Confirmed here on the SteelSeries website under "switch" as well. https://steelseries.com/gaming-keyboards/apex-350

    This is just a low profile rubber dome keyboard with lots of colours and additional buttons. I'm not sure why PLE have described it as mechanical. $59 is actually quite expensive for a rubber dome (let alone the RRP of $129 lol).


      Was gonna say that after checking on SteelSeries website. It is NOT a mechanical keyboard guys!


      And here I thought when I got my Logitech G510 back in 2010 for $75 it was a good deal…. I replaced it with the G610 Brown switches awhile back, no regrets!


      (let alone the RRP of $129 lol)

      To be fair, with the exception of PLE & NetPlus, next cheapest price is $109…



    That site is inaccurate, this is a membrane keyboard.

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    If you tag this as "mechanical keyboard" people searching for true mechanical keyboards will find this in their search results and end up buying something they don't want. Removing the tag is appropriate.


    Same price @ NetPlus

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    This, BTW, an awful keyboard.

    I don't mean awful because it's membrane I mean it's awful because keys are have almost no gap in between them which leads to lots and lots of errors. I know this because I used to own the Steelseries Apex [RAW] (retarded names for these products) and I can see the keys are in the same positioning.


      I have the rgb apex. I like it. Although I must admit Im not fussed with keyboards.
      I paid the full 120 like 2 years ago. I think my biggest issue would be the same as what you had with the raw. The keys are kinda close together.
      I think my favourite part is the spacebar. It works well for my big hands/long fingers.


    Good price!!!!