expired Calibre Petrol Injector Cleaner - 300mL: $4.79 (Was $11.99) / Supercheap Auto


Calibre Petrol Injector Cleaner - 300mL
Was $11.99 EACH
Now $4.79 EACH

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    Price in title, OP!

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    I've been told a capful of Acetone does the same job, and give you better fuel economy. Not sure I want to put acetone in my high tech engine, but not sure I would put Petrol Injector Cleaner in there either.

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      High tech? Internal combustion engines are well over 100 years old as a technology.


        They may mean high compression engine.
        When I buy this kind of thing, I will us a lower octane fuel to compensate for the octane boost these products usually promote.
        Probably better to change your plugs when necessary and just run 98 though it occasionally


        Lol. Tongue in cheek I presume Diji. Even ignoring electronic engine management systems modern fuel injection systems for both petrol and diesel vehicles have almost nothing in common with earlier "low tech" systems.

        As for fuel additives, there's plenty of commentary about their effectiveness, risks, and economics. Did a fair bit of reading about them a few years ago and came to the conclusion that for newish vehicles buying fuel from reputable sources, keeping filters clean, regular servicing etc will be adequate in most cases. And don't forget that (most) modern fuel already contains detergents to help reduce deposits which might affect performance.

        Here's one view. http://www.superstreetonline.com/how-to/engine/impp-1106-fue... There are others which show that particular cleaners can be effective in particular circumstances - at a cost of course. http://mycarneedsthis.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-...

        Iirc there is a USA website (one of the cleaner manufacturers?) which has done some in depth testing of their and other cleaners. Can't find it now. Memory is vague but I think it showed their product was effective. Each to his own but I'm not sure I'd want to be putting strong solvents (which Calibre likely isn't) into my new car's fuel system without assurances. Most of these "weaker" products probably won't do any harm but also probably won't do much good either.

        If you're keen it may be better to track down one of the better cleaners like Royal Purple Max Clean Fuel System Cleaner, preferably after consulting an experienced and knowledgeable mechanic.


      BEST solution, as long as your car is made after 1991, AND the Octane rating is high enough, is to use a tank of E10 petrol.
      Nothing cleans like Ethanol. and E10 is way safer than people know.

      Most E10 is 94Ron, so the majority of cars will run fine on it.
      If you car needs 95Ron, you can run E5 by using half a tank of 98 and half a tank of E10-94Ron.

      The 'horror stories' all come from the USA where E20 was the norm (since dropped to E15).

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    Nulon brand fuel injector cleaner also on sale (single use 150ml). $6.99 $3.99

    Also Calibre Diesel Injector Cleaner $11.99 $4.79


    Far as I know this is the only cheap way to clean injectors


      if only he pressurised the outlet first to rid the inlet crap stuck between the injector and the fuel filter. Other than that pretty smart trick.

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    My local car stealership charges $120 for this service. I decline every time.