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Free 2GB of Dropbox Space for You and a Friend via CS50 (Edx Required)


Saw this on the CS50 (Harvard's introductory Computer Science Course) Facebook group. Shared by the lecturer in charge.

Basically you have to have a (free) Edx account and I suspect be signed up (for free) to the CS50 course on edx (well worth doing).

Don't use Dropbox myself so can't verify if it works or how long it takes however commenters have mentioned that it seems to be working.

Please don't abuse this by mass creating accounts.

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Referral: random (461)

Both referrer and referee will receive 500MB bonus space (up to a limit of 16GB)

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  • for You and a Friend

    What if you don't have any friends ?

    • I'm sure hundreds of Ozbargainers would love to be yours jv <3

      • I was thinking about MM

    • +1

      50% off friendship! Was $4̶9̶.̶9̶5̶ $99.90 now $49.95!

      • +1

        Don't forget 2% cash back @ cashrewards

        • Not valid with coupon.

        • Out of stock already! Missed out again!!

  • -1

    mydrive space will be more useful after dropbox limit the access to its space from only two devices (for basic account)

    • +1

      Damn. When did this happen? I access Dropbox box from my iPhone, iPad x 2 and 2 PCs. I really only use from my iPhone and main PC so haven't tested device 3-5 recently.

      • for a few months. i am on the same boat, with 3 laptops, one desktop, 2 phones, and 2 tablets. not that i need access to dropbox everyday on every device though.

    • -1

      Since when? I access it from 3 devices and I am on basic and have been for over 5 years.

  • Got problems signing in if I registered using my gmail account.

    • Is that link to sign in or register? Looks more like a sign in sort of page. Is that where you went to?

      • This is what i am seeing

        Nowhere to login with googleid

        • Yeah you've got to set a password in edx. I log in with my Facebook usually but have a password for forms like these.

        • @blighst: Just to clarify, if you log in with your Google account, (and verify the account etc), go to the account settings in the upper right corner and select reset password. This and your email address are what you need to enter.

  • I was able to request the 2GB. I tried creating an account by signing in with Google but it said I already had an account (weird). I logged in using one of my few passwords I use for stuff and it worked.

    I've filled out the form and am now waiting for them to get back to me with the link to get the free 2GB.

  • +8

    I think signing up with EdX can be skipped, the form where you have to enter the address is a Google Form, one can directly access it from what I can see.

    • +1

      Thanks. Logged in and said I was class of 2015 then gave my email address and then my friends email was my wife's. now just hoping to get some sort of email and link to upgrade my Dropbox account.

      • Wouldn't they cross reference your name and email(and other details like what class you were in) to verify that you were actually enrolled at one point or another with them? So…this method wouldn't really work if that is the case….as they can see you a mile away! aahhahaha

    • +1

      Did anyone using this method get the extra 2GB?

      • I just did!

        • …was it fake details or were u actually legitimately enrolled there at one point(or currently)?

        • @Zachary: I already had an EdX account but just enrolled in the course that day. Not sure if that made a difference. Though, they said they would send my friend an email for extra space as well in that form and that hasn't happened.

        • @Choanita: Ok, well I applied with fake details so we'll see if they do cross-reference or not or email me back saying something like "Sorry, you don't appear to be in the class of xxxx, would like to enroll now to get this benefit?" Or maybe I will get it(or won't won't be missed as I am expecting either that or a silent treatment with nothing)….idk…how did it work for you? Did you enter your actual dropbox email (the email used to sign up for dropbox) or did you use a different email in the email field and they told you to send your dropbox email so they can add the bonus to you?

        • @Zachary:
          They just sent a voucher, so you could use it with any email address you like.

        • @Choanita: Ay, you're right - I got my email just today and added in coupon code and woo 5GB of extra space! Looks like you didn't actually have to be registered with them to get this! hee hee hee….

    • Form is closed now. :(

  • Seems like a lot of hassle for the sake of 2GB.

    You can just refer friends within your already existing dropbox account for 0.5GB each. Far less than 2GB yes I agree, but far less hassle too and depending on how many friends you have, you can get up to 16GB.

    • The hassle of getting 4 friends signed onto DB? or creating 4 dummy accounts and going through the authentication process of it all to get 2GB? I think I know which one is less effort.

      • +1

        I actually did that to test if I would get banned or not for exploiting this, I didn't get banned but was no longer able to do this exploit anymore….. ☹ Only achieved an extra 3GB from this method……before they blocked me off completely…

        • Yeah.. by about the 4th account, DB wouldnt let me do any more because I did it all in one day that they did not believe that I can get 4 friends on. LOL.

        • @bchliu: Yeah it was somewhere around there……the rest will need to be done with real friends…………. ☹

        • @Zachary:

          real friends

          Eye roll.. hahaha.. "Too much effort"..

        • +1

          @bchliu: I've actually asked all my friends lol and most of them don't wanna go through with it….. They're like, nah can't be (profanity) or nah I'm alright thanks….and of course you get those who just give you the silent treatment right after I mention it where before they were all like talkative and shit hahaha……..only got a couple or so to do it for me….so yay 1GB lol

        • @Zachary: Ok so apparently you can check your status and free space you got from various invites and stuff; looks like they have a system in place to detect this exploit: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/145544/46767/qwd.png

  • turns out i already had a edx login, which sadly reminds me that I still haven't done introductory linux.
    sudo rm /linux :(

    • +2

      It's a directory so you should do:

      sudo rm -r /linux

  • I just submitted the eform and see what happens.

  • +1

    internal server error

    • Just checked, still working for me

    • +1 I receive an internal server error as well.

  • Thanks, but are there any easier ways to get more storage with Dropbox?

    • +2
      1. Complete the “Get Started” tour – 250MB
      2. Connect your Facebook account – 125MB
      3. Connect your Twitter account – 125MB
      4. Follow Dropbox on Twitter – 125MB
      5. Write a short text why you love Dropbox – 125MB
      6. Download Mailbox for iOS or Android and connect it with Gmail and Dropbox – 1GB
      7. Download the Dropbox app for iOS or Android and complete the mobile “Get Started” tour
      8. Invite your friends – up to 16GB
      9. Enable camera upload with Carousel – 3GB (not working anymore as Dropbox shut down Carousel on March 31st 2016 - Kept for completeness)
      10. Install Mailbox for iOS or Android – 1GB
      11. Use Dropbox on your Samsung or HTC mobile device – up to 48GB
      12. Watch out for challenges
      13. Attend Dropbox keynotes
      14. If free space isn’t enough – Dropbox Pro 1TB
      15. if you are lazy just get these people to do all the referrals for you:
      • http://www.dropboxreferral.space/

        So is this legit or what? And is that $15.99 USD?

        • +1

          There are a few sites like that out there. I guess do a google search for a review of these sites to see if there are any issues with it. I personally have not used this service but they look like they do what they say based on some online reviews I saw.

        • @danielh: I got this done for $5 back in the days and also got some 15GB worth of permanent space for some $30. I don't think they offer permanent space anymore, would have love to get some more permanent space for a one off price.

  • +1

    I just received an email from CS50 with a code to add the 2GB free, worked fine.

    • Same. Got the email and applied the coupon code and got the additional 2gb. Still waiting for my wife to get the email though as I added her to the form.

      • Also got the email today - although it gave me 5GB space, not 2GB!

        • Very jealous right now. My wife still hasn't got her email yet though. She was my +1. Has your +1 got theirs yet?

  • I got 5GB. Thanks OP

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