This guy turned $1.24 into $1000 of UberEats credit. Classic! anyone here?

This is classic.

Guys turns $1.24 spend into $1000 of UberEats burgers……

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    I wonder if we'll see a similar story on how Turd bought a sydney home with his macquarie cashback?

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      Finding it quite disturbing how half the comments are "Turd" ..

  • I wouldn't call that free/bargain by the amount of time and effort he putting to it. :)
    but + for creativity :)

    • 3 hours?

  • I would have considered doing something similar if I didn't think Uber would simply wipe out my credit like they've done before:

    Same goes for all companies in fact. GoCatch, banks and more have all caused trouble for OzBargainers with too many referrals.

    • I did something similar with Uber referrals using some free facebook ad credit and was riding around in Uber Blacks all the time. They stopped giving me any referral credit after a while.

  • Pretty cool way to do it.

    Pretty sure there's a few members of this site that would have accumulated a lot of referral credit with some companies, just not as inventive as this guy.

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    I did this with COTD a few years ago, scored $400 credit over a few accounts, best xmas ever!

    • True.I guess many here do much better than him.No reason to brag about it!

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    The title sounds like something from BuzzFeed.

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