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Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium Lifetime License $54.99 (Normally $83.99) Save 35% @ Download Crew Store


Malwarebytes 3.0 is the next generation of the popular malware killer, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

The product is a combination of every Malwarebytes technology, including anti-malware, anti-exploit, anti-ransomware, web protection and more.
The interface is straightforward and familiar. A dashboard displays your current status, you can launch a scan with a click, and most of the time there's nothing else to do at all.

This doesn't mean you won't notice any changes. Despite all the extra technologies, for instance, Malwarebytes says system scans are now 3x to 4x faster.
Experienced users will also find an array of options, switches and settings to help tweak the program.

To take a single example, you don't just have an option to turn the anti-exploit on or off. You can also configure 6 separate six component technologies (DEP, anti-heapspraying, ASLR, more), eight memory protection methods, five application behaviour checks, five Java technologies, and individually define the types of apps where each of these will be used (browsers, Office, PDF readers, media players, more).

It's worth noting that the Premium version offered here is an unlimited lifetime, non-expiring license. Malwarebyte's v3 has recently moved to an annual subscription model, where any license purchased will only run for 12 months before you have to renew it. By contrast, the Premium license you purchase here will never expire, so you’ll be able to enjoy that extra layer of protection in perpetuity.

Includes a 1-PC, lifetime license.


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  • Includes a 1-PC, lifetime license.

    So about 3 years then ?

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      You can unload it via the client, and add it to a new PC. So it just means 1 PC at a time.

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    Be careful with this - I am pretty sure that Malwarebytes went away from the lifetime licenses to a yearly subscription model

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      I would think the license would due to expire in days or months.

      I had bad experience with similar seller before. MB acknowledged that there will be no new lifetime license on sale unless you get their old packaged software, which is rare!

      I would suggest you guys to check with officials before you make the decision.

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        Yep! Caution! Moved away for this specific reason (Well.. how 3.0 was rolled out aswell) ..went back to just using free MBAE free, though will surely start lacking updates soon, most enforcement should be worthwhile for the foreseeable future.

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        +1 here

        Was also stung as part of the last lifetime deal
        Originally got an incorrect code through the PC Authority (PCA) link
        They sent me a new code (stating the limit for that code had been exceeded)

        New code worked for a while, then was invalid. PCA swore it was fine, MalwareBytes (MB) directly said it was dodgy.
        So now I don't have a valid key. MB offered a very small discount to buy a new license, but they said that lifetime licensing was no more.

        Be very wary of this deal. MB would have cost more on a yearly basis than NOD32, which I consider to be essential and is covering more since I originally purchased that license (also rated higher on most sites).

        I'm running the free version at the moment, but probably will uninstall as the whole process and MB allowing resellers then not wanting to know about it didn't sit well with me. They aren't getting any more money from me.

        • I had pretty similar experience, bought a lifetime key from PCA couple years back. The key actually came from cleverbridge like this deal. It worked for about a year until it went invalid, after contacting Malwarebyte support, was told the key was locked due to it being activated too many times, and advised that cleverbridge is not an authorised reseller so there's not much they could do to help. In the end they offered me a free 12 months license.

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          @fatmofo: If Cleverbridge is not an authorised reseller then why does Malwarebytes FAQ state:

          "To obtain your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware license Key & ID, or to obtain a copy of your confirmation email, please contact our eCommerce partner, cleverbridge."

        • @cryptowiz: Outdated? Perhaps they were once an authorised reseller but no more.

        • @Clear: I doubt it as I just went through the purchase process from Malwarebytes own site and it says "© cleverbridge AG 2017
          This order process is conducted by our online reseller cleverbridge AG. Payment processing and order fulfillment are done by cleverbridge AG, Gereonstr. 43-65, 50670 Cologne, Germany."

        • From reading the comments here I'm getting the sense that resellers are actually redistributing subscription licences that can be used on multiple PCs. The subscription is continually renewed, so technically you do get a lifetime license. However, Malwarebytes have their own system for tracking multiple activations of the same license, and disables the ones that are being abused. To avoid suspicion, these resellers distribute their licenses through cleverbridge, making it seem like you are doing business with Malwarebytes via the official channel, but in actuality you are really dealing with someone else. Just my 2 cents.

        • "From reading the comments here I'm getting the sense that resellers are actually redistributing subscription licences that can be used on multiple PCs."

          Incorrect. There's a clear distinction between a perpetual/subscription Malwarebytes licence and a lifetime one.

          The subscription licence says the number of days left, which counts down each day, irrespective of the number of computers it's installed on (up to 3).

          The lifetime licence says "never expires", doesn't countdown, but can only be activated ONCE on ONE computer.

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    I just bought a copy.
    activated and status: never expires.

    • Can you ask Malware Bytes support to confirm this status? as the poster above noted he had one that work for a period then stopped would be great to have a confirmation from the source.

    • +1. Would be really good if they confirmed its a lifetime license that can be moved to new PC if you upgrade.

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        FEB 16, 2017 | 08:05AM PST
        Kenyan replied:
        Hello Alfred,
        Welcome to Malwarebytes support, my name is Kenyan and I’ll be assisting you today. Both subscriptions are lifetime licenses however one of the subscription has not been activated or downloaded.

      • No, you can't do this. It's a strict 1-PC licence. It can only be activated one. You can try activating a second time, but it's likely to be blocked.

        You need the perpetual 3-PC licence to use on a second/new computer.

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    Does not reflect licensing on MB site.

    There is no lifetime license any more.

    • Correct. They stopped selling them in 2014. They don't like supporting them either.

  • I have just been arguing with malware bytes over a lifetime licence I bought via austrslian PC which isn't working. Emailed and emailed and they didn't see my key or ID which I had sent them. Said it didn't exist. Kept asking for the label. So I've deleted it and gone a different route. Will never ever use them again. Do NOT buy this offer. They'll just keep saying you don't exist on their system.

    Edit - it did work fine for about 9 months. For those wondering. Then one day it wasn't activated and my key didn't work.

  • I bought two keys and both said that they had expired, I have emailed them, waiting on reply

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    1. Go to "One of those websites"
    2. Acquire version 2.x which includes a licence file
    3. Follow the instructions in acquired files
    4. Download the official version 3 from MalwareBytes
    5. Voila! Fully working premium lifetime subscription!

    I have it running on 3 PCs

    COST: $0.00

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    Not sure why all these people are saying their lifetime licenses failed. I bought mine in 2010 and it is still working on version 3.

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      same I have had my lifetime license working since 2010 also, although I have uninstalled v3 as it played havoc with my pc for some strange reason

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      I bought 3 keys from Download Crew Store in 2015, just tried to use them, one had been used too many times, and the next one worked fine. Haven't tried the last one yet.
      I never new you could update the lifetime subscription, I thought that the lifetime subscription was only for version 2, a nice supprise

    • Malwarebytes will block old "lifetime" licences if and when they can. Also, they will block ones in the OLD format. Malwarebytes changed the formatting of their codes and had an amnesty on the OLD lifetime licences sold before 2015.

      If you had one in the old format - which is most people here I'd assume - you might find Malwarebytes does not know the difference between a pirated/fake and proper lifetime code….so they block them assuming they are all fake.

      Basically, you can't move the old licences to a new computer or even activate a second time.

  • Anyone else found version 3 a bit flaky compared to 2? Seems like every second start of my computer, MB struggles to activate a service (like Malware protection or Web protection)?

    • I think my PC gets slow down a bit… as soon as I upgraded it to 3.0.

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    Got a reply from their malwarebytes. Proceed with caution.
    Hello! I’m from Malwarebytes Customer Department. I will be helping you out today.

    Lifetime licenses were discontinued as of March 2014. We ask users who are interested in buying these licenses from a third party to please use caution.
    Some of these sellers are not authorized, and often sell illegitimate licenses. There are no known sellers offering authorized lifetime licenses.
    Eventually, users will notice these licenses will cease to work.

    Since Malwarebytes 3.0 was released December 2016 we no longer offer lifetime licenses, I would suspect this is fraudulent. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for contacting Malwarebytes!

    • "Got a reply from their malwarebytes. Proceed with caution."

      With respect, they are hardly likely to encourage people to buy lifetime licences which they attempted to remove from the market in 2014.

      It's an awful business model. Think about it - you never pay them any money ever again…yet people email their support team asking for support on them.

      Malwarebytes completely want these codes removed from the market, so make it hard for people to use them. Try moving them to a new PC and they are blocked. Try using them in the latest version and some of the functionality doesn't work etc etc.

      A lifetime licence is valid, but just make sure you realise it's not YOUR lifetime, it's simply the lifetime of the current version and it's a strict 1-PC licence which can be blocked and will be blocked by Malwarebytes.

      A perpetual/subscription licence is the current licence and the one supported by Malwarebytes. You pay annually, but you also get access to all future updates and versions.

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