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Dan Murphy's - Beck's Slab (Product of Germany) $38.95


The mainstream euro beers (Becks, Heineken, Stella, Peroni) are my usual go to, and can often be found for 39.90 at Dan's, or just over. However today I walked in and found that aforementioned selection at 45-52 per slab, except the Becks that was hidden away in the isle.

It seems the Becks and Stella go on special periodically, I think when they obtain a grey import batch (ex employee from eons ago), and so with the (exceptionally high) price of the others, this seems like a good deal if it's what you're into.

Drink responsibly.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    I think when they obtain a grey import batch

    More likely they're matching someone's price…

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      Actually I think through winter the German breweries keep going at full production and drop excess into other markets. By the time it arrives here it's already a few months old and in greater supply than demand so everyone is eager to move it quick and make an easy dollar.

    • Not necessarily. My Dan's regularly has slabs of Imported Becks for $39 and Aussie brewed for $45.

      • I never see them on the floor at different prices at the same time?

    • Or its just excess stock.

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    This deserves more votes.

    • Was 2 for $70 last time… Then became $68(something) with Cashback.

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    Remember cashrewards at 8%. Brings it just under $36.

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      Dan's "Cashback on Beer: 3.50 %"

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        Thanks….My bad. I was thinking of BWS.

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    Thanks OP. You got me off my backside as I need beer. BWS has Becks for $39 and cashrewards has 8% cashback on everything from BWS.

    • Your BWS Becks…german or australian?

      • It is not clear online. Will report back when I collect it :)

      • The Becks that I got from BWS North Ryde were Product of Germany, and use by May 2017.

        • Thanks. I'm a fan of the "German Beer Purity Law".

  • Dans has aussie brewed carlsberg for $10 a 6er

  • Becks Slab

    Title should say "Beck's Slab"

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      'The title'

      • "Dan Murphy's - 'The title' (Product of Germany) $38.95"

        doesn't sound quite right i think…

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      Thanks. Too many Beck's by the time I posted this.

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      My humble apostrophe on this.

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        I can now sleep at night…

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    Glad you said slab and not case.

  • Beck's I drank the other they at a pub was brewed in Turkey.

    "Various international brands have been brewed, marketed and distributed in Turkey through Efes Beer Group in recent years, including Miller Genuine Draft as of 2000, Beck's as of May 2002, and Foster's Lager as of March 2005"

  • Cashrewards for Dan Murphys still says up to 7% for me but still a good price i guess

    • It must have been changed overnight.
      Before they were saying "Up to 8.00% Cashback", but when you went to 'Details' They showed a sliding rebate scale depending on whether beer, spirits, or wine. With their highest 8% rebate being for wine.
      But now it just says "Up to 7.00% Cashback", even under 'Details'. The "Up to" part always worries me.

      • +1

        "Cashback on Champagne & Sparkling Wine: 3.50 %
        Cashback on Beer: 3.50 %
        Cashback on Wine: 7.00 %
        Cashback on Cider: 6.70 %
        Cashback on Non-Alcoholic Products: 6.00 %
        Cashback on ShipSmart: 6.00 %
        Cashback on Mixed Items: 3.50 %
        Cashback on Spirits & Liqueurs: 5.00 %"

        Wine cashback was 8.00% yesterday

  • Costco often have these at around $33 a slab

    • The German brewed one? which costco?

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        The big Costco in the sky

      • Yeah the German one. I got it from Moorabbin but havent seen it there for a few months now. I stock up when I do see them.

  • is it actually brewed in Germania? I love my japanese/euro beers though far too often its brewed elsewhere. taste like crap.

    • I spoke to someone who worked a brewery last week….
      He tried to tell me that beer brewed under license in Australia tastes better because its 'fresher'.

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    You guys tried hoegaarden beer? I quite like it.

    • I love it, is there a deal on?

      • I think dan murphys has a case of 24 for $39?
        Is that a good deal?

  • Deal Link shows "Brewery: Under license in Australia"

    • Says:

      Country Germany and/or Australia Brewery Under license in Australia

      So depends on stock I guess.

      • In all my time at Dan's(2+ years), I've only ever seen the Australian version once.

        • Ozzy ozzy ozzy!!!

        • We grew here, they flew here, know what I'm saying?

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    Get a slab of the Dutch made Arc Valley Premium Lager for $33, it tastes better and you'll save a few dollars.


    • Arc Valley was $30 1.5 years ago then creeped up to $33.
      Horrible reviews for the Woolies brew anyway https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/arc-valley-premium-lager/31152...

      • Have you tried it?

    • +2

      Nah…I'd rather I spent the extra $ on a better euro lager than a beer made for Woolies.

      • I reckon it tastes a lot better then some of the more expensive euro lagers.
        It defiantly tasts a lot better then the last Becks I had.

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    Went to Dan Murphy's Noarlunga (SA) was $54 if memory serves correct. Not a nationwide deal. Got some Coopers Sparkling Ale ($48) instead. The Bailey's advertised here a couple of weeks ago was still $22 and with plenty of stock.

  • Great paint stripper as for a beer bloody dreadful!!!

  • Used by dates ranged from May to October 2017 at my local

  • The most recent Beck's deal was 2 for $70… Then becomes $68(something) with Cashback.