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Fully Loaded Burger at Kofte Burger Capalaba - Capalaba Central Shopping Centre QLD - $5.95


Thought this was good price for a sizeable and fully loaded decent burger for lunch. Was quite filling as well.

Has 100% beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, egg, pineapple, double cheese and choice of sauce.

It says "limited time" but the deal has been around since Nover 2016 lol

My understanding is that the meat they serve is "Halal Certified". Can anybody confirm? (not for me but for others who might like this deal).

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    More like brunch…
    Good price for the coffee too.
    P.S. needs beetroot.

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    that's great. i really hate those half loaded burgers but let's not make a meal of it


    How big is the Meat Patty?

    Isn't almost all beef in Australia Halal abattoirs?