Credit Card Minimum Income

Hi everyone,

When credit cards require a minimum income requirement, is that income number inclusive or exclusive of superannuation or is it just referring to your base?



  • Just your wages, salary etc. This shows you have the ability to make minimum payments. You can not pay your monthly CC payment with your Super for instance.
    Your Super is technically not income and is hardly used in any calculations until you have more grey hairs than you my think is fashionable.

    If you can do without one, do so.

  • I would think that it is exclusive of super, and pre-tax.

    I can imagine the situation where someone has arranged to salary sacrifice a big chunk of income, so the pre-tax figure is lower than it would otherwise be. And therefore, cannot qualify for a particular card. Well, I suppose it is fair enough, since super is locked up, and cannot be used to pay off credit cards.

    The wordings can also clarify further what they are requesting. E.g. the Amex one says

    personal or household gross (pre-tax) annual income of $X.

  • Thanks for the replies, makes sense that it excludes super.

    My pay has always quoted inclusive of super, rather than base, hence I always think inclusive of super.