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JB Hi-Fi Dr Strange 3D Blu Ray with 2D for $26.60 (with 10% off Instant Deals Coupon)


Went in to buy at 20% off a still the bed price for 3D.

Extra 10% stackable today only signing up for JB Alerts.

Going to keep 2D disc and sell 3D so should end up somewhere near free

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  • Benedict's American accent just doesn't sound convincing enough. Why didn't he just stick to his British one, and maybe have something in the script that made an excuse for that? Like, someone could say, "Really, Strange? Still with that accent?" and he could say, "15 years in London may have made me sound different, but my hands speak for themselves."

    Or something. Throughout the entire movie, his accent was just really distracting. As bad as Keanu's southern accent in Devil's Advocate.

    The man can't even say "penguins", and they make him do this.

    • +3

      I like how in a movie featuring time warping sorcerers and immortal demons, the most unbelievable part is still Benedict Cumberbach's accent.

  • How are you going to sell half a bluray pack for 26 bucks?
    I doubt your going to find someone to buy 3D only for $26. I suspect you will have trouble selling for half that.

    • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Doctor-Strange-3D-Blu-ray-DISC-ON...

      (not my listing by the way)

      Its got a really high retail cost ($45 for 3D Blu Ray) and it will stay high after intial release period and the 3D reviewed very well on this film. I did the same thing with Star Wars Force Awakens. I finally bought it when the 3D came out got a great price from Sanity, kept Blu Ray sold 3D

      • thats crazy

  • +3

    I would definitely recommend this in 3D
    Drop an acid trip as well beforehand to really sear it to the inside of your skull

    • Yeah I will watch the 3D and then move it on keeping the 2D.

      With no more 3D televisions and no 3D UHD movies you wonder if it has even a niche future for home consumption

    • I'm gutted I didn't see it in 3D at the cinema. I was tripping ballz… without drugs :)

  • Isn't it strange some people are willing to pay $26 for Dr. Strange ?

    Dr. Cheap may be cheaper……..

    • +2

      I hope you have a day job that doesn't revolve around comedy otherwise all hope is lost..

      The comment above said to drop LSD before the movie, not prior to commenting on OzB..

  • Just a FYI the Aussie release of this has DTS-HD HR 5.1 tracks unlike the UK and US which has 7.1 :(

    • Oh Sucky, I was going to import :(.

      Oh well

  • I'd give you a tenner for the 3D disc on it's own if you were down.

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