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Free Domino's Pizza Pickup @ Optus Perks


If you're an Optus customer, you can get one free Domino's Pizza pickup via Optus Perks.

How to Redeem:
1. You must login to Optus Perks first to make the promotion link visible.
2. Click promotion link and complete your order.
3. You'll receive an email with voucher code to use when you ordering pizza online.

Partial TOS:

  1. The Domino's Pizzas Code is valid for single use at www.dominos.com.au for 1 month from date of issue.
  2. The Free Domino's Pizzas (pick-up) reward entitles the customer to any Free Large Traditional, Chef's Best or Value pizza from one of the participating Domino's Pizza venues listed on www.dominos.com.au.

Today received another SMS:

There's a surprise for you in the Perks section of My Optus app. Go to the app and claim your gift by 16/03/17. Keep checking the app for more Perks offers on the go. Unsub: optus.com.au/unsub

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  • +1 vote

    You mean Pizza Pickup.

  • +21 votes

    Seems targeted. I don't see a pizza option when I click through the promotional link. Yes I've logged in.

  • It is targeted. I received an email a couple months ago with the offer the day I ported away ironically. Doesn't work on a different account.

  • Definitely targeted. Doesn't appear in my account.

  • Looks targeted. I'm not seeing free pizza on my account either.

  • Also nothing here.
    Can anyone aside from the OP confirm there is a deal?
    Looks as if it might be so narrowly targeted that it probably isn't OzBargain material.

  • Interesting, didn't appear in my account when I logged in but was able to claim it through the link above. Valid for one month. Thanks OP!

  • +6 votes

    Great, now just wish their network wasn't so shitty.

    • Have a pizza while you wait for OzBargain to load on your Optus service

    • I was at Adele's concert last night, Telstra was clogged and couldn't send or receive any data. My wife on Optus still had internet throughout the concert.

    • Can't speak for the entire country but Optus pisses on Telstra for coverage throughout Brisbane.

      • -3 votes

        LOL. No.

        I get sporadic at best data connectivity between 7 and 4km to the city every day on the train, no tunnels. I usually don't bother using the internet for that period because it doesn't work more often than it does.

        • Rubbish. I have two phones running both carriers at home and network coverage on optus for whatever reason is far better with Optus. Telstra 4g in Brissie is terrible.

        • -2 votes


          What is rubbish? My reception? yes, you're knowledge of how good my reception is? yes. Good talk.

  • I didn't get one either :(

  • Free pizza! Oh no, doesn't work for me, hopes crushed! Tried on app and website but only get the 3 months spotify perk. Maybe if I take up that offer it will increase my chances of getting the pizza offer in the future, worth a shot.

  • just registered. no free pizza for me :( only spotify deal

  • Didn't get it :<

  • Worked for me. I'll get it and report back on whether it tastes better when it's free.

    • If it's anything like my local Pizza Hut/Domino's their pizza is far worse than when paid for at full price without any discounts.

  • I think you get it, if it's close to your birthday.

  • Got my voucher code. Thanks op!

  • It's targeted, usually they'll SMS you relating to it.

  • My voucher gave me 2 free pizzas pickup or delivered!

  • Thanks OP. Got 1 free pizza voicher ascwell.

  • Under what session is the promotional link for free pizza? I can only see movie and event tickets

  • I didn't get it. :( How did people who got it, get it? Do they not order a lot of Pizza or they do?


  • Wasn't on my Perks account but was on my wife's. No rhyme or reason there.

  • No Pizza for me :(
    I tried the above link, a separate perks login, also via the app and no luck.
    Targeted offers suck!

  • Wow ungrateful bastards 15ywars with these them and no pizza, what a shame.

  • What does targeted mean?

    • It means that the offer is only available to a specific group of Optus Perks members, whether it is because of their age, location, length of time as a customer, upcoming contract renewal etc.

    • This is a targeted deal. To hide targeted deals in the future, click the hide link below the description and then check targeted deals. See this thread for more information.

  • 25 years with Optus and not one lousy pizza!
    I actually deregistered my optus perks and registered again under another email address as a new customer to perks but no offer for pizza. My plan must be too low.

  • 18 years with Optus and they are giving us the chop later this month due to no longer wanting to provide HFC services in an NBN area, no pizza. I will add this missed Pizza to the TIO complaint

    • You know what's more retarded?

      Optus not upgrading the local copper network and
      NBN CO not installing NBN in areas with people who pay the most taxes. ie. inner sydney/eastern suburbs

  • Does anyone experience log on issue with optusperks.com.au?

    • everyone does, using the optus network ;)

    • Everytime try to login to optus perks is a nightmare. I suspect they stuffed up my account cos u can never login successfully without them asking me to upgrade my account (unsuccessfully) or asking me to relogin in an infinite loop (even tho correct password)

      When I login on the mobile (not app) seems to be ok tho

  • +2 votes

    where the F is my pizza, i dont need more 3 months spotify

  • Do you also receive an email letting you know the Pizza was available in Optus Perks?

  • Got a SMS from Optus: There's a surprise for you in the Perks section of My Optus app. Go to the app and claim your gift by 16/03/17. Keep checking the app for more Perks offers on the go. Unsub: optus.com.au/unsub

  • Got the free pizza SMS, downloaded My Optus app and the free pizza offer was there. But just went back into app and now it's gone. What a pointless download of the app… :(

    EDIT: found it again when I logged into Optus Perks and went to Take Your Pick.

  • Spend $240 a month on Optus and they dont send me a free pizza!

  • It says traditional only but lets you have any.