out of stock Sonos Play 3 $319.20, LG Urbane Smartwatch $180, Braided Lightning Cables $24 @ Telstra eBay


Mostly lots of cases on Telstra's eBay, but there are a few nice deals to be had. Stock seems pretty limited though, so get in quick!

Sonos Play:3 - Black
Sonos Play:3 - White

LG Urbane Smartwatch

Native Union Leather Case (iPhone 6/6s) + Lightning Cable
NB: I purchased one of these packs on sale a while back. The case is pretty flimsy, but the Lightning Cables are definitely worth the $24 alone - best quality cable I've owned.

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    LG Urbane might be kind of old, but it is getting Android Wear 2.0


    How does the urbane compare to the moto 360 Sport?

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      There's this amazing website called Google which will pretty much answer any question you have, check it out!

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        Really.. Well considering most ozb members likely have both the listed watches perhaps I was after user opinions. But hey if you feel better making a useless comment regarding my query I'm happy for you.

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          Sorry, but what's the likelihood of any member having not just one of either, but both watches, to write up a comparison for you?

          On top of that, tech enthusiasts that are actually paid to review gadgets like smartwatches and the like have already put both watches through the hard yards and written very detailed comparisons for you to browse.

          All it really comes down to is your laziness and/or indecisiveness, and thus your comment asking for other site members to do the hard work for you.


          @cdestratis: while there are plenty of lazy ppl about, I can think of a few reasons for people to ask these questions here:

          1. Nearly all reviews are written close to release, and so the price is RRP and I for one think that as objective people can be the price makes a big difference to how shortcomings are viewed in particular

          2. OzBargainers usually will recommend another device that they know is on sale, in Australia, that could do a similar job for less money or a better job for the same or slightly more. This information you can never get from a review written overseas when something was initially released because the other device may not have been available at the time, or it may have been much more expensive

          3. People will often go further than just suggesting a device, they might suggest a seller, or other things like warning you off sellers.

          I know this person just asked a pointed question, but it's actually a conversation starter.



          Nearly all reviews are written close to release, and so the price is RRP

          This is incorrect, you are not doing your research properly if you can't find recent reviews for any product.

          While I appreciate the wealth of information and helpful members on this site, this was clearly a case of pure laziness.


    Two LG watches left. TY


    awesome… I added another play 3 to my collection.

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    LG Urbane is showing up as $225 on my end instead of $180?

    EDIT: Ok I'm dumb that's the price before the discount.

    Anyway I sure hope to see the promo includes the Huawei Watch W1.


    All Sonos OzBargained…