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Animal Vaccinations - 30% off at PETstock VET - e.g. Puppy 12/16 Week Vaccination (C3) = $69 -> $48.30


Hi everyone,
Saw this ad for 30% off vaccinations for pets at Petstock Vet for all bookings made in March - emailed them to ask for price for a puppy vaccination (C3) - it is usually $69 but with this promotion it comes down to $48.30 - which is a great price! Been getting prices from other vets and they all range from the $90 - $110 mark for the same C3 vaccination.

PS. I emailed the Carrum Downs branch - YMMV

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  • Cheaper to do it yourself.

  • Anyone know if I need to do this for my dog? He is ~10months and coming up to 12 months soon.

    Do I need to do it yearly?

    • Do I need to do it yearly?


      • Just the C3 ?

        If so I will book them in !!! Birthday is 2nd May

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          Can't remember which one… We take our dog for an annual checkup and vaccination.

          The vet trips in between are purely to help the vet to pay off his holiday house in Sorrento.

    • I believe its 12 months after their puppy shots - not at 12 months of age. I'd recommend calling up and asking

    • Has he had his puppy vaccinations (far more important than the yearly)?

      • Yep he has. Oh so not at 12 months of age but 12 months after the initial puppy vacs.

        Yeah just dont wanna go back to our vet, expensive, If this one is cheaper… 30% off!!

        • When Petstock had a $60 Vac deal last year, I got the second one done in the time limit, and then booked and prepaid for the 3rd at the special price.
          You may as well see if you can book and prepay that far ahead. Mine is now 1 year old (tomorrow actually), so about 3 months away from needing his shot.

        • @snuke: I will give them a call when I get time.

  • anyone know if this will give my dog autism?

  • Thanks OP!
    Booked my dog in for tomorrow.
    C5 is $66.43 at Essendon

  • Friend got her dog vaccinated for ~$35. If it's your first visit to Petstock Vet then you can claim another $20 off on top of this deal :)