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IKEA $1 Chicken Schnitzel 25th March 2017 (SA and WA Only)


IKEA are selling chicken schnitzels for $1 on 25th March 2017 in SA and WA. Limit of 2 per customer. Enjoy!

The “Offer Period” is valid for Saturday March 25th 2017, from 10:30am to 4:30pm

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  • O yeah!

    • Now to find cheap flights from sydney to adelaide!

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    winner winner, chicken dinner

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      Love, Peace, Chicken grease!

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    I'd go, but i fear i'd come out of there spending way more

  • Could be a kid size meal…

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    I don't have time, or the tools, to assemble a schnitz!

  • I hope they're not using chicken substitute…

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      What, like horse?

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        MDF chicken.

      • What, like horse?

        Does it taste like chicken?

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    I hope it's not the size of a chicken nugget

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      It's actually a pretty decent size. Well worth the price.

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        I hope I don't have to assemble it myself

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    How bad could it be?

  • Nice day to have a schnitzel, have a schnitzel, have a schnitzel.

  • Last time I had one (maybe over a year ago), the schnitzel was so small, more like a kids size than adult. Wasn't very filling even for lunch, and Ima size 6 female.

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      Good thing they'll let you buy 2 ($2 total still seems like a good deal for lunch).

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    Talk about a free meal!
    In South Australia you can recycle 10 bottles and get 10c each for total of $1 return then take this to IKEA for a free Chicken Schnitzel.

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    They're FREE RANGE! :D

  • We should organize ozb meet up in SA here…

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      Yep ozbargain Meetup at IKEA. Bring your kids so you can order 2 schnitties for them too.

  • It's yummy! Reasonable size portion, real breast meat, not glued-together.
    Can only buy one per person standing in the queue, but you can go back for seconds :)

    • I got 4 schnitties at a time… with my ms and son of course lol

  • Agreed, yummy, good size. Would pay at least $10 this in a pub.

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