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Burger Combo Meal + 2x Shaker Salad for $7.95 - KFC Xpress


Hey Ozbargainers,

I noticed that if ordering through the KFC Xpress app you can change the sides to whatever you want without charge (so naturally I looked at the highest RRP side to add). This turned out to be the 'shaker salad' @$4.95 a piece - I take it home and use it in wraps and stuff with (normal) chicken over the next couple of days.

I know a lot of people won't get too excited about 'cheap salad' but I really do think it's pretty good and it's really huge. Ingredients: lettuce, diced tomatoes, grated carrots, sweet corn salsa and creamy aioli (you can ask for it without the sauce).

Here is the order:
- Under 'colonel's table' find the 'burger combo deluxe'
- You can modify the sauces of the burger for free or add other things for a charge
- Modify the chips and gravy both to the salads
- Modify the drink to whatever you want, I choose OJ(normally they charge a $1 surcharge in the store but no on the app)
- Add one or more of the $1 small chips available through the app

Double Combo - $11.95
2x burgers (can change to twisters or any other burger)
2x sides
2x drinks
(+ optional 2x $1 chips)

Double Tender box - $8.95-9.45
1x tender burger,
1x chicken piece (or change to wicked wings for $0.50)
2x sides
1x drink

  • Also, you can use the receipt to fill in the survey and get a free chips and drink with your next order

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    Here is the KFC link to the salad, it's an accurate picture of what it looks like, but it's actually bigger than it looks in the picture (it's in the crusher cup):


    My app took around 3 mins to load :(

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    Been doing this for months, previously with So Salad and now with the better Shaker Salad.

    Btw, combine with the survey chips and drink, and its a burger, chips, two sides, and two drinks for 6.95. I typically go for gravy (not potato and gravy, just gravy, its a bigger tub), and a salad as the sides​.

    If you don't have a receipt handy, just go to the store​ and have a look around, you can typically find one that people left behind. Take a short walk, fill it in, and come back.

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      That's an amazing lunch for $6.95.
      My hat off to you


      You don't even need to do the survey each time.
      I did it the survey a couple of times, took a screen shot of the validation code and reuse the same codes each time, works fine.

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    You don't win friends with salad.


      Unless you throw in Salmon …or salmonella…