Warranty claim on Nexus 5x phone at JB Hi-Fi

I bought a Nexus 5x about a year ago from JB Hifi. The phone worked normally for about 11 months and then in the 12th month, it got stuck in a bootloop. I took it back to JB Hifi and they sent it off for repair. 4 weeks later, it came back repaired… but had developed a new fault.. it would now crash when I made phone calls. Took it back for another repair and was assured it would be much quicker than last time. The repair was fast and got it back about a week ago working fine. Now just a few minutes ago its developed a fault where the screen glitches and jumps around whenever i need to type or the visual content of the screen changes.

Heres my question.

Now that it has developed a third fault, should JB HiFi replace it or refund it. My understanding of the Australian Consumer Legislation isnt great but im confident that in circumstances like this Im owed some kind of remedy to fix this.

Anyone had a similar experience with JB Hifi? What was the outcome?



    Yup I had issues with my sony z2 that i got from JB. I think it was sent off three times and about to go for a forth.
    I had to be stern and demanded a refund. They obviously didn't want to do it and I had to have a chat with a store manager to get it processed.

    Look and read up more on the ACL, and bring with you a copy of the relevant section that outlines the different remedies. IIRC it says in cases of major faults the customer can choose their preferred outcome ie repair, replacement, or refund. Since the phone has been sent off twice already and going for a third stick to your guns and go for the refund. No point getting it replaced as it will be another year older and may develop the same faults.


    I would imagine that a screen not displaying properly would constitute a "serious" fault, since without the screen the phone is useless.

    Stick to your guns, and don't let them convince you otherwise. If the staff member says repair only, talk to the manager, if the manager says the same thing, be prepared to walk out with the unrepaired phone, advising the manager that you will lodge a complaint with Head Office and your relevant State Authority. Whatever you do, do not get agro or yell or anything, you will likely get no help from the staff/manager, and more than likely they will have had no training in the ACL laws, manager maybe has the minimum training, so do what the above poster said and take a copy of the relevant section in with you, and calmly show them, give them time to talk to their supervisor, etc.


    You sure can get refund under accc but will it be subject to depreciation as the mobile phone was fine for 11 months?

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    As it's a Major fault you have choice of how it's handled, look for a brand new or your money back.

    I had a similar issue with my Sony Xperia, and they needed to check if it was a fault of the phone or something I caused. Allowed them to check and it was a phone fault, and they went ahead and repaired it. I didn't except this as an option (never agreed to a repair option), due to a major fault, and they replaced the phone on the spot.


    Thanks for your advice. Got it sorted :)


      what was the result… finding myself in a similar position with my HTC


        Mixed. Despite having been repaired two times and needing a third they said "usually we only replace them after the third repair". I stuck to my guns though that I wanted a replacement or refund. They eventually gave me the option. However they had no stock of the phone I wanted left. I also had purchased the phone on sale about a year ago, so the current price is higher. They weren't willing to budge. Also only gave me the option of a refund as store credit. I was just over it, so I just got a phone with them.

        So yeah you can get a refund or replacement, but be sure to come armed with documentation and highlighted copies of relevant ACL documents.
        I'm sure that if I was more determined I could have had a cash refund, but I couldnt be arsed after having my phone break 3 times in about 4 weeks.

        Best of luck!

        p.s. I reckon speak directly with the manager. It probably wont be a quick transaction


          Refuse to refund in the method you paid = illegal.

          You and I must be opposites. You couldn't be arsed being determined to demand a refund after it has broken 3 times in 4 weeks. That would just make me more determined.


          @AdosHouse: In most circumstances it would make me more determined… but being a university masters student, working part time, and expecting a kid… time isn't really something I have a lot of.

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          Yeah fair enough, I wasn't judging you.

          Also congrats on the kid.

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