[April Fools] Bring back the Good Ol’ Days - Introduce Classic Deals

Happy April Fools!

One common complaint we get here is — OzBargain was so much better back in the days. Now it is just OzRRP, OzCatalogue, OzRepBargains, OzLenovoDell, or in some cases, OzOhPointFivePercentCashbackIncrease. Oh the good ol’ days when there were real deals and none of these crap. Get off my lawn, L or P-plated n00b posters!

Introduce Classic Deals

Classic Deals

Random "Classic Deals" from 5 to 10 years ago will be inserted onto OzBargain front page and New Deals page, to help the OzBargainers to re-live the golden era of OzBargain when only the real bargains are posted — no RRP crap, no mindless keyboard warriors, no sheeple voters, no stupid drama, just like the good old days! Logo and website header has also been changed to that classic orange gradient. We even open up commenting on these classic deals so you can continue the discussion.

Have fun!


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