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I'd say that is more than just a minor flaw. Looking for that on/off button shits me to tears when you're fumbling around in the dark.
13/08/2021 - 14:00
You still have a year left to enjoy unlimited full-quality storage with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. After January 31, 2022, this will end...
05/08/2021 - 21:04
Maybe. But my impression is that most Ozbargainers are allergic to the whiff of corporate bullshit.
22/07/2021 - 15:30
as an external drive in a USB C/Thunderbolt enclosure the nvme SSDs are mind bogglingly fast.
22/06/2021 - 09:37
Oh dear, I noticed that I still have the option to pay using my old Kogan credit card on their Kogan website. Maybe that's the case with me...
20/04/2021 - 08:50
That was happening to my M1 MacBook too but it seems to be alright now. They fixed it with the last Big Sur update.
16/04/2021 - 09:06
Double the price for half the performance of an M1. Lol
01/04/2021 - 21:22
Isn't it cheaper and faster to get an M.2 SSD and a USB/Thunderbolt SSD enclosure?
01/02/2021 - 10:41
Not actually sure because it's USB and I plugged it into an old charger.
22/01/2021 - 21:26
AU $52.65 on AliExpress, although they are temporarily out of stock. Got one of these and they're...
22/01/2021 - 21:20
KZ were the first brand that put Chi-Fi on the map for me, since getting the Blon BL03 and the BL05, I haven't come across a KZ that I'm...
30/12/2020 - 00:52
There sure is a lot of acronyms to learn if you want to become an audiophile.
29/12/2020 - 08:14
Given Intel make CISC CPUs versus these ARM based RISC M1's. I dunno if they could ever catch up
24/12/2020 - 08:49
Exceptional value. This is a very capable phone. My only quibble is that random ads pop up where you're doing things like installing apps.
18/12/2020 - 20:50
YES! It's free, use it to host something that isn't so super critical then. Jeez. +1 on the deal from me.
10/11/2020 - 12:02
"Give kids a wild examination" according to the box.
09/10/2020 - 23:13
$23.65 when it gets added into the cart
24/09/2020 - 21:16
Even the "special" code they sent me via SMS didn't work.
24/09/2020 - 11:35
I traded in my Canon 5D Mark 3 for the Canon R, and I've been using the EF-RF converter for the 24-70mm F2.8. I'm finding the focus finding...
01/09/2020 - 21:21
Depends on how much you value your time and mental bandwidth I suppose.
12/07/2020 - 19:35
Considering that most new shows fail, the agreement made before it became popular was normal and prudent. Also the marketing and reach of...
15/06/2020 - 09:58
This Johnson's Baby product will definitely not cause cancer.
13/06/2020 - 22:03
[PS4] Fallout 76 & The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind $1 Each @ Target (Selected Stores)
Looks like Target are having a big clearance. Spotted Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76 for $1 at the Highpoint Target this morning 14/6:...
11/06/2020 - 10:55
Been to Vietnam a few times but I've never heard of this brand
08/03/2020 - 18:35
Just left the Maribyrnong store. The only deal they have for the $65/month for 12 month plan is to get an iPhone XR 128GB for $399 or the...
23/02/2020 - 10:12
I just got the Blon BL-03 IEMs yesterday and they're blowing me away in terms of clarity, sound stage and bass response. They're currently...
29/11/2019 - 22:59