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Hoover Carpet Shampooer at Godfreys @ 149 save 100 bucks.


Hi Everyone,
I was searching to get my carpet shampooed by some professional or renting a machine from woolies. Then I saw this Catalogue from Godfreys.
I think it is a good investment, if you frequently clean your carpet.
Please correct me, if they are good in cleaning carpets.

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    I saw this as well and investigated it. It is a good deal if you want something basic to clean your carpets. Ultimately you get what you pay for though. I think it has a brush at the front of the cleaner that goes along the carpet, a model at this price would not "agitate" the carpet and get in deep to the same level as a professional clean. For that you probably need to spend a bit more and get a cleaner with more brushes etc. I think this may be more of a surface cleaner sort of thing. Other may know more. Still a cheap price comparatively.


    We have had Vax 'Rapide' carpet cleaner for years. It works so well that we have not had to pay for any carpet cleaning since getting it.


    i have one, they are always $150 every time i go into godfreys they always say its on sale. they are ok, but they dont hold much water and its very noisey and doesnt work the best, its ok for a small job. the filter is so small it gets clogged very quickly.

    your better off hireing the machines from woolies but dont purchase their chemicals. 1 is just white vinegar which you pay $20 for (could be the anti suds). i forgot what the other one is maybe fabric softener but i was told by someone who worked for them.

    what i do is sprinkle bi carb on the carpet first then vaccum and go over it before washing, but i use the cleaning agent from godfreys is $20 for the big tub and you only use a little bit.


      Kwaker, Thanks for the suggestions.
      I also called Godfreys and they told me, this is the basic model and the model with brushes to scrub the carpet is 299 :(
      Does someone have any idea, what is the good thing to get.
      1. Get a cleaner like this.
      2. Hire professional cleaners
      3. rent a machine from woolies.

      Thanks in advance.

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