Skype Deals and where people use them

Hi Guys,

In light of recent Skype deals, I wanted to see how many of us use skype to call phones/mobiles throughout this world and what we thought of the service.

Perhaps there is a better deal out there or we are doing well.

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  • Wish I could vote more than once. I make frequent calls to Europe and Asia.

    • How do i add that option?

      • You can't

      • You can't.

  • Lycamobile used to be cheap, now we are on the TPG XXL bundle. Mainly call mobiles/landlines in Greece, United States and United Kingdom.

  • +2

    I use it sometimes to call local numbers but while overseas. For when I don't have a local SIM but have WiFi.

    • I had around $5 Skype credit when I went to Europe last year. It saved me heaps when I had to make a number of Skype Out calls back to Australia especially to call my bank when I had a European SIM in my phone - all I needed was wifi access. I still had $1.20 left after all of my calls. I am heading overseas again soon and so I have topped up my Skype Credit so I will be ready again. An issue is that if you do it direct online with Microsoft in the online skype account they want you to top up a min of $16 - for me a near certainty I would end up with unused credit that will go inactive. A better option is to buy a $10 Skype gift card from the supermarket - you can top up with that which is what I did. Even better when they are discounted on OzBargain but can be hit and miss to buy the $10 gift card as they sell out fast when discounted.

      I would recommend topping up/checking activation of skype credit before going overseas if you are taking a smartphone that is not going to roam.

  • I have Skype unlimited world calling subscription from 3 years ago which they don't offer anymore. My subscription is recurring every year and gets renewed automatically as long as there is sufficient credit on my account. Costs $116 a year i.e. $58 with 50% off giftcards which is an awesome value!

    • +1

      Thats great value.
      In my case I have (Negotiated) $50 per month to Telstra - 12 GB per month data, Unlimited calls + free calls to landline and mobiles for 14 countries (I call in Asia so its included ).

      For me this is a better deal.

      In your circumstance, your deal is awesome too.

      Its all relative.

    • +1

      Skype Unlimited World Calling is right here? Did it used to be a better deal a few years ago?

      • +1

        They don't tell you what the prices will be if continuing this subscription after the trial.

        Edit: I found the info, World unlimited mins is now AU$183.60, billed annually; quite a substantial increase from a few years ago.

      • No, not this one.. This latest subscription has limited countries in the list. "unlimited calls to mobiles in 8 countries/regions and landlines in 63".

        Mine is with unlimited calling in most countries in the world.

  • Backup credit to call anyone in AUS, and Asia mobiles/landlines. We use Kogan and Lebara deals plus Skype in this household.

  • I use Skype for making international calls.

  • I use it for occasional business calls to the Philippines and Vice versa, not many good quality options out there I find..
    & I call Europe often too, just because I have the credit there.
    Not sure why Skype eventually banned all 8 of our accounts a few years back.( they refused to tell me why ) but really annoyed as i lost all my credit too.
    Maybe because I was making too many calls in a month. i.e average of 300 calls, but I know some people make more calls than that, so not sure why to this day,

  • I'm also on an old deal 89c/month gets me 69minutes calling to Oz landlines. By maintaining this sub I get 50% off my Skype-in number .. the 000 at the end of my Perth (089) number got me over line. Skype-in is good but often drops on answering on iPhone (but not Mac) device for unknown reason. A really good and reliable feature of Skype-in is the call divert to overseas number. The calls are always crystal clear/telecom quality with no lag or jitter etc. I'm just learning that 50%skype credit deals can be applied to paying for subs such as Skype-in and plans but how to do it is a little unclear.

  • I took 'Skype Premium Unlimited - 12 months' few years back and continue with that. It comes with 'Call mobiles and landlines in over 50 countries'. I think this plan is no longer available. I get charged $116.49. With the credit seliing at 40% discount, it equates to $5.82 Per Month. No complaints.

    • Thats a good deal

  • Is there any one hear want to sell the old skype premium subscription?

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