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Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 - $69 C/C OR $10 Shipped (for orders under $99) - Platypus Shoes (WAS $150) BLK/BLK OR WHT/WHT + More


Good Evening,

Good quality shoe at less than half price, (works out just over half price if you include shipping. Most sizes are available. You can get the shoe in all white or all black.

Black: https://www.platypusshoes.com.au/ultimate-81-black-black.htm...
White: https://www.platypusshoes.com.au/ultimate-81-white-white.htm...

Other Tiger branded shoes are also less than half price via this link.

Edit: Use code to receive an extra 10% off (credit to ryanjd86).

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  • Some other more colourful styles available at $69 in larger sizes only.

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    $10 Shipped = 👍 deal

    • +1

      Yeah - who would choose click and collect when they can buy them delivered for $59 less!

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    Remember to use the promo code 'welcome10' to get these down to 62.73 :)

    • @ryanjd86 Good on ya mate

  • +3

    Only looks like click&collect available to me?

    • Yep, I played around and only the size 4 in black was available to be shipped. Bit of a bummer.

  • Couldn't select delivery?

    • only size 4 available for delivery?

  • +2

    Grabbed a Mexico 66 for $72.10 delivered. Thanks op!

  • I love these shoes but Im size 15 and I'm pretty sure they only make up to size 13.

  • Thanks

  • +3

    I felt like I just bought a pair of dad shoes haha

  • Delivery is greyed out can't be selected only collect in store available.

      • +2

        Don't hobbits have big feet?

    • +1

      Ok. Revoked neg.vote

  • Good deal but looks like no stock for any size other than US Mens 4 or 6, all other sizes available are pick up only.

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    If you want colours other than black and white, you may buy white ones and then dye them in a desired colour.

  • are tigers generally a little tight fitting? im around 9/ 9.5us but can only secure 10us in theses/

    have wide feet

    • +2

      I have narrow feet and find that Tigers fit me better than most other shoes, so probably yes.

      • They do look narrow.

        Can anyone with wide feet confirm how these fit?

  • +1


  • Thanks, bought the black and luckily i live 5mins from their shop in Brisbane :)

  • Damn it. No size 13

  • No 9.5 size

  • Link for BLK/BLK is dead now… sold out?

  • Thanks OP. Got a white pair for C&C from my local

  • +1

    Keep in mind if you get it delivered, if for whatever reason you wish to return it, you will have to pay for the postage. You will not be able to exchange in store.

    • That's sux.

    • I was able to exchange in Epping VIC store and change the colour
      Maybe diff store have diff policy

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    404 on the first link @OP - expired?

  • +1

    Thanks guys these are now SOLD OUT!

  • I couldn't get other shoes delivered, but I could get them picked up in-store - is this right?

  • Looks like the white ones are still available for C&C only

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    I picked up a pair around Nov last year. The rubber at the front has started to peel away from the shoe :[

  • +2

    Just received an email stating that they couldn't fulfil the order. My order was placed at 10:47PM last night.

    • +1

      Received the same email aswell :/

      • Did you order c&c or delivered? I placed an order today for c&c.

        • click and collect

      • ditto

  • Did you know that Nike started off importing this brand to sell in the States?

  • -2

    Ok, I can confirm that I have a dirty mind: I read that url as platy puss hoes…

  • snapped one before sold out, thx OP

  • +1

    Picked them up today. After wearing them for a few hours I can say they are the comfiest shoes I think I have ever worn.

    Thanks OP!

    • No worries! Any shoes made by ASICS is usually extremely comfortable :)

    • +1 for comfiness and size well fitted

  • not available online but seem them at DFO moorabbin for the same price as you walk in on the left on display black and white.

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