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FREE Personalized Memo Pads - Only 2000 Each Day! ArtCow - need fb account


As promised before, we will be giving out 100% free memo pads* to users. Ever since the success and promising feedback from our previous mousepads giveaway, we've been inundated with positive comments from new members and experienced users.
Now is your chance to earn yourself a completely free memo pad, with no shipping fees and credit card details required, this is a deal worth sharing amongst your friends.

Limited to the first 2,000 claims per day, make sure you get in there early to be in with a chance to create your personalized memo pad.

To make the user interface even easier to use, we have added over 50 pre-designed editable templates for you to choose from so you can simply design your memo pads with a few clicks of the mouse. Alternatively, if you have you rown idea in mind, we can also cater for fully customized options too.

Follow the link below to find out how to get your freebie now.


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    Terms & Conditions
    1.Only applicable to one use per household.
    2.Only applicable to users from USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.
    3.Only applicable to Facebook users with more than 50 friends.
    4.Only applicable to Facebook users registered for more than 180 days.
    5.Offer only applies to new registered ArtsCow users OR members who have made paying purchases previously.
    6.In case of dispute, ArtsCow's decision remains final.

    Number 4 sure is stupid. But then ppl can make multiple accounts with fake facebook acc's. Just bcos I joined facebook about 150 days ago, im not eligible for this Promo. Sucks…
    They should make it at least 30 days old or something where it is reasonable.

    • Sorry guys didn't see that! im using fb since 2007 so didn't really check the TC for it. Also I actually got the mousepad without any hassle so didnt bother. If your account is more than 180 days old and u dont have 50 friends, add me !

    • +7

      this is like high school.. its only for the popular kids..

      • +1

        high school is only for popular kids?

        • He/she's referring to the social hierarchy in schools where privileges are only extended to the cool kids.

    • 3&4 == boo-urns!

    • im not eligible for this Promo. Sucks…

      I'm not eligible for any promos in Sydney/Melbourne etc etc

      You shouldn't neg the deal just because you personally are not eligible…..

      • No, but negging it coz it means at least 50 people you know on Farcebook are gonna get spammed just coz you got a freebie, wouldn't be entirely out of order IMHO! ;)

      • i wasnt really meaning to neg bcos i wasnt elegible.
        It was more of the fact the T&C's were just stupid.

  • +2

    I don't have 50 Facebook friends. :(

    • +10

      I choose not to have facebook.

      oh well.

    • yeah and i choose to have less than 50 friends! this promo is stupid if they are willing to hand out freebies it should be free for all without so many conditions and requirements!

      • -1

        To be fair. They are the ones giving it out. Its their goods to be provided. The reason why they say 50 is because they are trying to send it to facebook accounts that are verified through alot of contacts, so that they can send those accounts spam.

        There is no such thing as a true freebie. They are covering all bases by making sure only real accounts get this and they can spam them. Why else would a company want to send freebies. Either for samples or to build their own databases.

        Its a price to pay with privacy. Its just your choice whether you want it or not.

  • Says limit finished ?

    • there's a 2000 a day limit! Try tommorow, i got mine though!

  • Sorry, today's 2000 free memo pads limit has been reached. Make sure you return early tomorrow,Left Time : 11 Hours 40 Minutes 44 Seconds

  • Yay more freebies from artscvow~

  • +10

    Any promo that requires people to have FB accounts is lame.

    • They do this so they can spam your FB stream with their spam.

  • I hope I remember in 11 hours.

  • Do you have to pay postage?

    • +1

      Nope. 100% free..

  • Awful program. Round and round and get no where. Have to like and make a post on you fb wall. Then create an account, install a program which is out of date and needs updating again. I gave up!

    • wheres the install prog part. Its either java or silverlight which is very mainstream these days…

  • I got it and about to check out now but I lost my code. Is it the same code for everyone?

  • tsimop, code is unique to your account, can only be used once. just goto the link at the bottom of the bargain description, and login with FB connect to get your coupon again.

    There is no program that needs installing lol, probably just need Flash for the creation part. You won't have to 'Like' their page, just simply need to visit the URL given and then login with facebook which then asks you to post an ad on your wall.

    After you designed your own free item (with free shipping), apply the unique coupon code and ship the order. Then goto your FB wall and "Remove" the ad that you posted earlier. And no one will ever know you did it.

    It's really simple and fast, and personally I don't want to spam my friends with this nonsense, so a good way is to do this in the morning when no ones awake, then delete the Ad before anyone even sees it.

    As far as I can tell it won't constantly spam your friends or anything, it only posts that 1 Ad on your wall, which you can remove, or if it did attempt to spam, you can just remove the app. I was against this silly promos at first which require x amount of friends etc. but now I realized it's really simple :)

    • needs java for uploading and silverlight for creating designs :)

  • Anyone getting that? when i apply the code i get a $3.99 discount.
    but the shipping and handling fee is $1.99 ………..

  • yea me too its not free i have to pay 1.99$ in shipping unless im doing something wrong?

    • a. you need to have had facebook for 180 days
      b. you need to have 50 friends
      c. only for new, or previous paying customers…so if you got the previous free mousepad, then you will be charged shipping

      fairly restrictive, but still good for those that meet the conditions….

      • A. Been on FB for years
        B. i have 250+ FB friends
        C. Never been to this site before

        I posted on FB i code came up saying i will get free pad and shipping than it asked for $1.99 anyway and directed me to paypal

        this is a scam i will now delete their posts from my facebook wall

      • thanks for the info, i signed up for a new account too but its still asking for $1.99 for shipping. i guess you need to have brought and paid for something from them to get the free shipping as well? the wife got hers and it was free shipping since she had brought a watch in the past.

  • -1

    For everyone who still has $1.99 in their order, you have to click on the big banner that says 'Facebook Shout and Share New Offer : FREE Memo Pads' and then post the thing on your wall and then you refresh the cart and the shipping fee should be gone.

  • I'm getting the order down to $0, but where it asks for shipping/billing details and how to pay, it only gives option for $1.99 shipping… anyway around that?? or do you just click and hope it doesn't get taken from paypal??

    edit to add - if you have the order down to $0, choose the $1.99 shipping and take the plunge and press continue, it will not charge for shipping or go to paypal..

  • Bad Post… I think it should say on the ad post if it's facebook or not - hey it's just common courtesy, just like putting what state a deal is good for… so many deals don't do this for fb deals.

    MEGA NEG!!!!

  • -1

    shouldn't be counted as a freebie if you have to SPEND 45 minutes on facebook.

  • I received mine today.

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