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Playstaion 3 120GB $333 at Videopro Southport [Soldout]


As a part of our Grand Opening at Videopro Southport, we have a very limited quantity of PS3120GB's on sale at the very low price of $333. Please call Adrian on 0755914224. We can organise delivery nationwide if needed (shipping quote available over the phone). Don't miss out!

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  • wow less than sony's offer?!
    is there an email address I can use to contact videopro about this deal?

  • Isn't it free shipping till the end of August?

  • Sorry for the lame spelling mistake people!

  • Ah I see, you can't order it online, you have to call them.

  • Free shipping applies to goods purchased online thru the Videopro website, this deal is at store level, dealing with myself personally:)

  • hey adrian,

    as you work there, any idea whether this is a manufacturer driven promo (ie - dead stock) or one you guys have taken the hit on? would be a good indication of nationwide upcoming sales if it's the former!


    Ps: how much is shipping to Sydney?

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    How much is shipping to Melbourne?

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  • Sold out awaiting more stock
    Great deal though!!!

  • sold out? they just posted it?

  • that all seemed a bit odd…

  • even if they had a 100 they can go quick can be gone in less than an hour as they offered nationwide shipping

    • your right, this is the cheapest price ever for 120gb in-store, wouldnt be suprised if they sold 300 units quickly

      • cheaper than sony central and postage is less sony central in chatswood has stock but they want $50 postage so $400 all up to melbourne this was a ripper deal

  • All sold out, took my mobile number and will let me know if they get any stock but not sure if the same price…

  • Can you find out why your sister store is gorging people for $66 more for the same thing when every other sony centre is selling them for no more than 350.

  • yeh they just replied my email told me they're bone dry didn't bother to follow me up for later. so doubt they will have this deal or any more stock forawhile!

  • Attention Ozbargainers, I have currently no more stock. As you can imagine this was an extremely popular deal. I will post a comment here tomorrow if I can get anymore stock. Thanks for the +'s!

  • -3

    perhaps the mods can remove the deal then……3 hours….really?

    • +2

      Why? That would be a dis-service to the people who did successfully buy the console and may use this thread for future feedback.

      This deal sold out quick because it was popular. That can and will happen to any good deal.

      • Was a great deal while it lasted I'm sure there will be more to follow when new version gets released dse is renowned for offloading older model consoles at bargain basement prices

  • got mine delivered today missed delivery on Friday great service!!!

    looks like they used to be a sony centre according to the receipt

  • Are there any more still in stock, I live on the gold coast so I could easily drop in and grab one if there is?

    • gone long ago

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