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FREE Mathspace Essentials Account (Normally $99/Year)


Curriculum starts from Year 3 (Beta) all the way to Year 12 excluding WA which only covers Year 11 & 12. You also have the option of changing the curriculum according to which state you're from - WA, VIC, NSW or National.

"Westpac is making available maths development app Mathspace to ensure children learn skills that will be useful to them in the future.

Mathspace was designed in Sydney and is based on the school curriculum. It can replace a textbook but is interactive and tailored to the student, and is already used in Hong Kong, Britain and the United States.

Westpac is covering the cost of each $99 download of the app. And for each child who signs up for the premium program and completes the quizzes and tasks, the bank will refund into a Westpac account the $10 weekly subscription fee."


To start, sign up here. Once you have registered for an account, you can either choose to access the content on the iOS / Android App or directly on the site.

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Android App

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    What exactly is free here? The "$99 download cost" of the app appears to be spectacularly absent from the Google playstore version. If we are at the situation where the education of school students is contingent on their having an account with one of the organisation currently the subject of rather strident public calls for a royal commission into their behaviour, with an agreement entered into to pay a certain amount for 12 months in advance, to be "refunded' as a deposit with the same organisation, we are in a particularly sad place.

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      App is free however the price of the subscription use to be $99/year. The article wasn't entirely clear. Image

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        TY - I was wondering about that. So $520 refunded as a deposit if the student completes the work making the total free. I can see how it would work and why some would be attracted.

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          Yeah my son's school subscribes to Mathletics ….He's in year 4 and they've had it for kids since year 2.

          For advanced kids they have an extra package I can't recall.

          These are all supplements ….Another tool and cheaper than tutor or weekend classes.

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    Thanks OP, this looks very useful and helpful! The website is amazing and explains the content well.

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    Better off buying a text book, the app/website is sh*t…

    Or at least not worth $99
    But hey free is free…


    Free advertising to children who will have an irrational propensity for using Westpac when they grow up.


    It can replace a textbook

    Which textbook?


    Is this for primary school also? Creating an account but can't find syllabus for primary.

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      Starts from Year 3 but only in beta.


        I signed up too but only lists courses for 11/12

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          Curriculum starts from Year 3 (Beta) all the way to Year 12 excluding WA which only covers Year 11 & 12. You also have the option of changing the curriculum according to which state you're from - WA, VIC, NSW or National.

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    How's this stack up against Khan Academy (which is always free)?


      My sons been doing Khan Academy for years and I highly recommend it .
      Mathletics is also good but i think Khan Academy is massive in it's breadth of scope yet not thinly spread and great baby step lessons to guide you along .


        I've used Khan Academy though never Mathspace, was curious as to how it compares. In particular the downside I've seen with Khan Academy is the lack of an Australian curriculum based learning path (it instead focuses on American curriculum). Beyond that it's perfect… So if Mathspace does live up to its based on (Australian) school curriculum claim while remaining on par with Khan Academy elsewhere, this could be quite an awesome app.


    Cool, this could help me in VCE Specialist Mathematics!


    Just wondering, what websites/Apps are everyone using for there Year2-Year6 kids to help with studies?
    I am always looking for a website based on Australian curriculum which gives challenging questions to my kids and maybe prepares him for selective exams. I dont mind if there is subscription fees.

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      May or may not help… It is used across many secondary schools. Students get a free account but I havent explored a parent/private version. It covers k to 12.


        Website looks good and introduction video gives details information on how it works.
        Whats the feedback from your kid?


          I'm a high school teacher so my kids love it :). The maths department love it and so do the students. They can practise at home and reinforce knowledge learnt at school. I'm not a maths teacher but I've used it and found it clear and enjoyable. YMMV.



          Thanks mate. My son is in year 3. May be I will get this subscription in Year 4. It is bit expensive.



          Ask your local school if they use any online tools for learning. They may use maths online. Ask if there is a password and username you could use at home.


      At my school (in VIC) they use IXL but some other schools in the area they use Mathletics. Odds are your child will be using one or the other.


        To be honest, IXL is very basic questions. Nothing like challenging kids with difficult questions or even being close to preparing them for selective. I had subscription and then I cancelled.


    The app reviews don't sound good, and the screen shots don't look that great either. And if you do sign up for the premium program that's also free when all the work is completed, just consider how understanding would your child be when you get aggro about completing "the work" in this app more than their school homework?! LOL

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    All I see here is just an elegant way to flow some cash from Westpac into some company affiliated with some manager responsible for this genius idea… Sorry maybe I have just a bit to corrupted mind.

  • -3 votes

    mathspace is used in many high schools and is much better than mathletics

  • +5 votes

    This is a relaunch of an otherwise pretty good product that was not 'equitably' priced across its many target markets.

    Teachers, especially mathematics teachers, got a big 're-welcome' last week and the product's Australian sponsor, WESTPAC BANKING, did press releases for almost all popular newspapers.

    The content has been totally updated to reflect the post-2017 Australian curriculum changes (with old and new side-by-side until the end of 2018).

    The relaunch, BEST OF ALL, has seen the waiving of annual/permanent fees.

    It's very comprehensive and comes with free iOS and Android apps.

    Covers mid-primary to Yr 12.

  • +2 votes

    Did the "finance analyst" guy with the 80k car from Westpac use this app?


    Cambridge maths much better

  • -1 vote

    Review: I haven't downloaded the app yet but it's surprising that at least two avatars have fully-grown beards. Where's the avatar with a hairy lip and mild acne?

    For this reason I give the app a rating of

  • +19 votes

    Everyone has a different opinion and there is no right tool for every student. As a primary school teacher of a number of years and a parent for over twenty years, I have seen most maths online tutorials.

    I don't rate Mathletics or Reading Eggs (two different subjects I know). They are too game-like and require constant supervision otherwise students will gravitate towards the game elements of the program. Supervising a year 4 class recently I was appalled that on Mathletics they appeared to be playing a flappy bird clone.

    If you are looking for a virtual tutor I would suggest mathsonline.com.au

    Delivered by a real Australian maths teacher with a very calm and soothing voice, it is an excellent supplement that is well worth the price. Again, it probably won't be for everyone and I would rate Khan Academy as second on the list as it is free. The only downside I see with Khan is that it is not as polished as mathsonline.com.au This might not be a problem for some students but it grates a little bit to me.

    Reflex Math (for math fact automaticity) is the best I have found. Learnthat.org for vocabulary and spelling. Year 6 and on can use vocabulary.com to vastly improve vocabulary.

    For fun, KenKen (or its clone Inkies from KrazyDad) and don't forget a good Rubik's cube (proven to have a positive effect on female maths performance). Don't buy a Rubik's brand one. http://cubezz.com/Buy-4464-MoYu+WeiLong+Version+II+%28Enhanc... or similar

    My two cents.

    • +3 votes

      Cheers. Two cents well spent!

    • +1 vote

      Yep… you dont want to have to actually supervise kids in a class you are teaching. I will be avoiding mathletics from now on.


        You certainly don't. That's quality time you could use for researching your next holiday, or doing the constant one-on-one testing with students that you are magically supposed to fit into your day.

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    For test practice the best I have found is www.mathemafix.com it's not for everyone though, your kid would need to be above average and motivated. My kid gets to play iPad for 10 minutes for each test he completes. Edit, it's free


    This has nothing in relation to Mathemagic / Austmaths, right?


    Does anyone know if there's any other programs or apps like the Mathspace for science and other subjects.


    Coming from a web developer background and having some experience in creating UX with UI elements, here are my thoughts about why Mathspace has bad UX.

        ○ Walls of text and white screen, no theme choices such as a dark readable theme.
        ○ Too many page reloads. Slow to progress through content and questions.
        ○ Too much information at once.
        ○ Questions are placed in one long scroll to the bottom of the content. Not clearly separated.
        ○ The handwriting feature doesn't appear to be recognised for all questions
        ○ Asking you to write answer each step is SLOW. Sometimes you work out the answer yourself and are ready to input the answer to move on but it forces you to type an equation.
        ○ Little visual appeal.
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