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62% Off GoGet Car Sharing Membership and Rental


$49 for a GoStarter Car Sharing Membership and $79 Driving Credit from GoGet Car Share ($128 Value)

Good to Know
Expires 24 August 2011. Maximum 2 vouchers per person. Not valid with any other offer. Driver must be at least 21 years old. Driver must have a current driver's license and at least 2 consecutive years of driving history. Driver must have no major violations recorded against driving record in last 5 years. No deposit to pay, your credit card will be checked with a $500 pre-authorisation, as with any car hire.

What We Like
Petrol included Great customer service You'll be helping the environment

The Company
GoGet CarShare Sydney NSW

Let's face it - owning a car can sometimes be a hassle. Between paying for registration, petrol, insurance and maintenance, car owners are always complaining about how expensive it is to keep a car on the road. Enter GoGet CarShare - the company dedicated to saving you the expense and hassle of owning a car, while still being able to drive from A to B on your own terms. Today's Ouffer is a free membership on their GoStarter Plan and 24-hour rental with 150 kms and petrol included for $49, a $128 value.

So how does GoGet make your life easier? GoGet cars are located all over the city, and once you've signed up all you need to do is book a car online or over the phone, swipe into the car using your GoGet swipe card, and go. And get! Go get your laundry, go get your shopping, go get your kids, go get your clients or go get anything and everything you want! While car owners are drowning in expenses GoGet users are saving money for the more rewarding things in life. Because you only use the cars where and when you need them, GoGet is more convenient than car rental and (the cherry on top) sharing a car with others is also a great way to help the environment.

The impressive GoGet fleet lives in special reserved parking spots ("pods") all around the city, which make them incredibly easy to find and remember. The sheer luxury of a reserved parking spot in our majestic-but-horrifically-crowded city is enough to make the service worthwhile on its own!

GoGet is only ever going to get more convenient as well - the company is paying back its customers by putting more cars around Sydney for them to use. In fact, if you’d like to see a GoGet car in your area, you can register your interest with the company and they’ll look into bringing the service to a special reserved parking spot near you! Now that’s customer service!

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  • $79 driving credit works out to be 5.87 hours.

  • I just signed up. They give you the discount code "Ouffer10" to use on the goget site to get the discounted price

    • You mean you purchased this deal, and all they give you is the "Ouffer10" code? Surely there must be some validation going on between ouffer and goget otherwise people would get $128 value for free instead of $49?

      • I don't know what might go on in the background, but that's all they gave me to get the deal from goget

        • Did you have to make an upfront payment of $49?

          • @jackofspade: Yeah he took up the offer and they just gave him the code. Thanks for sharing that baz123, you're a champ!

            • @ccrap: Dudes … I called them and they're going to check the promo code against your name before they give you the Ouffer credit for the car.
              By the way, you have to give GoGet your credit card details to register … so if you're going for fraud, remember that!

              • @alyssabelle: dudette, hence my previous post "Surely there must be some validation going on" funny tho you called them just to tell them their bargain code had been leaked?

                • @ccrap: I like them, I've been a member for a few months and I don't want them to go broke! I care … perhaps too much. I don't want to have to buy a car. Maybe they should give me a job?
                  the dudette

                  • @alyssabelle: haha fair enough, I guess I would probably use them if I was closer to the city. if not a job then at least a few months free access for the money you just saved them..

                    But how come you didnt love bettina liano as much? they might go broke from your last deal which was only meant to be for original sms recipients -> 2229 clicks x $50 = potentially $111,450 worth of vouchers from ozbargain alone ;) http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/29821

  • I use GoGet and if you're inner city, it certainly makes more sense than owning/hiring cars if you drive less than twice a week. Wished I had this deal when I signed up 6 months ago!

    • I use it around twice a week, 1 time for a few hours, another for the whole day. Monthly bill ends up being around $300. Not bad if you take parking/insurance/fuel/depreciation/car purchase cost into perspective. Plus, there's around 7 of them in walking distance, so there's only been once where I couldn't get one immediately where I was.

  • i was about to say something similar, the day rate is capped @$68/$79 depending on plan, as long as you are not out in the middle of nowhere, or you just use it once a week and get all your chores done in one hit, it makes good sense money wise(petrol is free), but only 150km is included free, compared to running a private car, ~$3 a day not including petrol/servicing, if you drive 2+ times a week buy a car/bike/mo-ped!

  • Hmm, 70 minutes to my nearest car in Sydney. That's really taking the 'goget' name too far…