Coles Reloadable Mastercard has been discontinued

I know a lot of people here got these reloadable cards when they were going free. It seems now this product has been "killed" and won't be replaced when they expire. You cannot buy these anymore, however you can use an existing one until expiry.

I have been using this for both convenience and getting FlyBuys from my larger purchases. These days I prefer not to have a "debt" credit card, due to having accrued debt in the past and the torture of paying it off (never again!). It's also handy knowing you have an extra card in the wallet.

So my questions are:
Have you been getting value from your Coles Reloadable Mastercard?
Have you "abused" it? ie. stacked dealed to maximise points?
Will you miss it?

ETA: Update to save you searching, here is what the website now says:
Coles Prepaid Cards
Important: The Coles Reloadable Mastercard and the Coles Online Mastercard are no longer available to new customers. Existing customers can continue to use their cards as normal and access their account online through the prepaid service centre.

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    End of an era… So it begins


    So what happens to the funds left post expiry, does Coles keep da money? lol


      Good question…..however, no answer. They can't possibly keep your money. Another good reason to be aware of your expiry month. Mine is next year, so still a while to go.


      Yes they do.
      Does my Coles Gift MasterCard or Coles Online MasterCard expire?
      Yes, both cards expire after 12 months. Your Coles Gift MasterCard's expiry is printed on the front on your card and your Coles Online MasterCard's expiry date is shown in the Prepaid Service Centre.

      When your card expires, you forfeit any unused value and this cannot be refunded.

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          That is why I decided to never get one.

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          Damn, that is so wrong. There is one way around this extremely unethical (IMO) small print, carry a zero balance until you are ready to use it.


        That's for the gift card type that you buy in store. The reloadable one is an account so they must return funds to you upon closure.


          True. The Reloadable cards seemed to have a two year expiry as well given the date I got it compared to my expiry. All the links I've found contained within emails from Coles linking the original PDS for this product give 404 errors now.


    Oh wow, I didn't realise it was being discontinued. Did they make an announcement, or just quietly update the prepaid cards page?

    Yes, we have one to get the extra Flybuys points, and we use it along with the Flybuys coupons and offers.

    I guess they'll be trying to get people to switch to the Coles MasterCard (i.e. credit card)?


    The PDS for the Coles Reloadable MasterCard is still available via Google cache.

    There's nothing about the discontinuation of the service, but it does have the following about card cancellations and expiry (Page 16):

    If your Card expires or is cancelled On the Expiry Date or Cancellation Date, we’ll deactivate your Card.
    This means you’ll no longer be able to use it to access the Available Balance.

    If you have an Additional Card that has not yet expired, you will still be able to use the Additional Card to access the Available Balance.

    Accounts with less than $10
    On the Expiry Date or Cancellation Date, if:
    • your Available Balance is $10 or less; and
    • you do not have an active Additional Card,
    we’ll charge you a Card Closure Fee equal to the amount of your Available Balance.
    As a result, your expired or cancelled Card will have $0.00 remaining balance and we will not return any funds to you.

    Accounts with more than $10
    If you have more than $10 in your Available Balance, we’ll transfer that Available Balance to your replacement Card. Alternatively, you may contact the Customer Support Centre to request that we arrange to return the Available Balance to you another way. A Call Centre Fee may apply. See “Information on Fees” above.

    Unclaimed value:
    If value still remains on your Card after 7 years from the Expiry Date, we may transfer the balance of the Card tothe Commonwealth Government as “unclaimed money”. Before we transfer the balance to the Commonwealth Government as “unclaimed money”, we’ll make reasonable endeavours to contact you using your last-known contact details. You have the right to claim your money that is held with the Commonwealth Government. Please refer to ASIC’swebsite at for more details.

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    I got one Coles Master Gift Card.When I login,I still see the upgrade option for $5.Wonder it works to get a reloadable one through this way.


    Thanks for the post! I wonder when they will let all the customers know via. email?

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    Whats happen once the Reloadable card reaching expiry, will they issue you a new one or just be the end of era using Coles Prepaid card?

    I from time to time use this card and is a good product to benefit me flybuys


      Here's an update for you.I recently changed my flybuys numbers in the Reloadable account and a new card which expires 5/19 was ordered automatically.I wonder if I will receive it or not,will update it later.But according to its T&Cs,I should.

      Best leave your account balance 0 to do it.You do not want to be charged obviously.

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      Got a new one today after changing FB numbers,card EXP 5/19.It seems a good way to extend expiry day with no cost.


    Anyone found a replacement product other than AusPost Load&Go?…and in particular for 16 year olds?

    VISA and Mastercard trumpet reloadable products, and other countries appear to be well catered for. However, providers in Australia seem less than enthused to provide them.


    Wanted to make a purchase since coles and willies are always open and reloading makes it easy, Aus post on the other hand ain't. Why did they remove such a popular card?

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    Here is the latest on this just received via email:

    Coles Financial Services is phasing out the Coles Reloadable Mastercard and the Coles Online Mastercard. Your card will remain valid until its expiry date but some features will change.

    This email is to notify you that from 18 July 2017 the terms and conditions of your Coles Reloadable Mastercard will change.

    The key changes are:

    1. You will no longer be able to increase the card limit.
    2. You will no longer be able to replace cards that have expired or are about to expire. If your card is lost or stolen, any replacement will be issued with an expiry date of 31 December 2018.
    3. If you have a remaining balance of $10 or more on your card at expiry you may contact the Customer Support Centre to request the return of these funds. This may be by way of transfer to the credit or debit card from which the funds originated, a transfer to your bank account, or any other method. We will choose how we return these funds to you.
    4. Additional cards will no longer be available.

    From 18 July 2017, you can obtain the updated PDS on our website at or by phoning 1300 095 072 Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and Saturday, 8am to 1pm.

    Coles Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 94 169 156 165) is an authorised representative of the issuer, Indue Ltd ABN 97 087 822 464, AFSL No 320204


    that sucks, i quite like this card


    can any of you folks still able to reload the card at all? mine is still active but cant reload.


    My card is about to expire in a few months, I was about to try and renew it until I found out that it's being discontinued. I actually kinda liked this card.

    Are there any other alternatives?


      Yeah I liked this card too, where it was particularly good was that I happy to use it online far more than other cards (e.g. for trials which I would then cancel, or in apps with a sign-up bonus), knowing that if it they billed me when they shouldn't, or the card details got hacked, the absolute most I was risking was around $12 :-)

      Qantas cash (reloadable prepaid mastercard that's on the back of a Qantas frequent flyer card) is the closest that I have seen that most people will already have (debit, have not encountered any particularly offensive fees for domestic use, no annual fees, can have a low balance, reloadable), so that's what I will now switch to for the same purpose.

      Edit: looks similar too, but with an international twist.


    I missed out on this product.

    For my education.
    Could you fund these by credit card?


    it's been in my wallet for like 2 years. only just checked it now that it expired back in march. lost $10 lol :(

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