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FREE Fox Sky News Streaming Online via Foxtel Play (No Login Required)


I joined Foxtel Play - Foxtel's online streaming service of their tv content a couple of months ago and got the one month free trial so I could watch the cricket test match. Then obviously I cancelled my subscription before the next month.

I discovered that if you download the Foxtel Play program, open it then click live tv - it will automatically start streaming Sky News. If you leave the program as is and don't try to change channel or do anything you can continue to stream Sky News without the program asking you to log in. You can maximise it and run full screen. If you try to watch anything else you can't. Probably useless for most but someone out there might want to watch this rolling news channel.

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    Viewers of any commercial news are worse off than not having viewed it at all.

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      Works out ok for me because I live in an apartment where landlord refuses to fix antenna and we only get channel 9. I would much rather ABC 24 but this is better than nothing.

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        so why dont you install ABC iView or any other channels apps?

        • Yes i also have this and Netflix i recommend you do the same Netflix is good value, pm me if you need help installing.

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          how do you install netflix?

        • Doesn't the freeview app lets you watch all channels live?

        • @tuzii: i sent you pm for the education helps

        • @supabrudda:
          It does however can it be used on pc? Can't remember

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          @psylence: whats a pc ;-)

        • @tuzii:

          how much is netflix anyway?

      • Couldn't you just buy an internal antenna? I did this when I had the same problem. Cost me $6 for rabbit ears.

        • did you have to stand in weird poses while holding high to get signal?

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          @Konstantin: lol I ended up taping it to the wall so it was on it's side. I looked weird but it worked.

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          Why did you look weird? Did you tape it to yourself as well? :P

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        this is better than nothing


      • I hate landlord that do this.

      • Install kodi man, get vader stream or some shit.

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      Depends where you stand on the political spectrum. I find the ABC frustrating but I am not a lefty. I'm more center right so Sky News suits me fine - I find the different points of view entertaining.

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        Skynews is a watered down foxnews. Not for me.

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        Lots of alt-right's negging :)

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        The 'centre right' Liberal party are the ones that want to (1) give a $50 billion hand out to big business, (2) make big cuts to health, (3) introduce $100,000 degrees, (4) pull money out of schools, (5) are against same sex marriage, (6) have no effective climate policy, (7) want to subsidise people buying their 6th and 7th house, and (8) want to subsidise millionaires who invest hundreds of thousands in super while making cuts to pensioners and single parents. The Liberals have also tripled the deficit since 2013.

        Are you a centre right Liberal that stands by those decisions?

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    Yes indeed, this is true for Sky News on all the clients I have used. You can also view Sky News for free in full screen on the Samsung TV Foxtel Play client, and also on iPhone and iPad.

    It does shut down after about 3 hours, but you can simply shut down the app and restart for another 3 hours or so.

    I also used to watch Sky News like this, but I ended up subscribing to Foxtel Play for $10/month to get all the news and documentary channels which is excellent value. This plus Netflix for about $11/month leads to more quality TV than I can watch.

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    Not really a bargain. A quick google found other free and also legal streams. Should be in the forums.

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    Sky News on Foxtel play has always been for FREE. Having been a member of Foxtel Play since 2011
    this has always been the case and will also continue working even if your account has been suspended.

    • Seems like a true real deal that not many people know about. I asked 9 people at my work and no one knew! Could try also telling your work people?

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        What did his colleagues do to him to deserve that?

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    Sky news has always been free

    • +1

      True great deal that not many people know about

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    Can you watch on PC?

    Would be a good option if so considering ABC doesn't have decent streams.

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      Yeah that's what im using Foxtel Play for PC

    • LOL just tried and the app requires silverlight and only works on OS X 10.6 and 10.7.

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    No point watching now that Latham got the arse


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    Yep. It's always been free. I forget that there's many people who don't know this.

    The only reason I know is because Foxtel Go is buggy. It constantly logs you out. You'll be watching Sky news and won't realise you're logged out until you try to change the channel. Then when you log back in it tells you that you need to de-register a device and you see that you have the same iPad registered 4 times, then it won't let you de-register a device because you've already de-registered too many devices this month after it logged you out 3 times yesterday.

    Fun times.

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      It's probably not going to be free anymore since its been Ozbargained!

    • Whenever that happens to me (often after updating device drivers on PC), a quick email to their support team is all it takes to reset your monthly device change allowance.

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    Same with Foxtel go.

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    I'm not even going to watch it. But I hate Foxtel that much, that I am going to just have it open anyway, exploiting their system.

    EDIT: It's free? :((( I can always pretend I'm exploiting their service I guess. What a sad life I lead.

  • It's also unmetered if you have a Telstra ADSL or Cable internet connection.

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    This has always been the case…….

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    You can also watch Fox Sports News channel for free if you have a "Telstra TV" device.

  • How can I watch Sky News for free on my non-samsung TV? Airplay from phone doesn't work - audio only :(

  • *<920MBHr applies per use of 4G 3G, fixed platforms, as usual: total streams(!)

    Lost the mobile users last year unfortunately.
    Limited workaround:
    Pocket Casts via Android for just audio chatter of sky program content without news. Works now for avoiding bombardment of ads embedded in live foxtel.

    IView choice for consistent quality delivery as always.

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    Most news are fake and designed to profit one or a group of people.

  • This channel is free so you can test the streaming quality before signing up.

  • A Murdoch empire? No thank you very much.

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    Has always been free. Glad others now know.

    Fake news. :-)

  • Hey, I'm a Fuxtel subscriber with Basic plus Sports. Last night and again tonight I see all channels can be accessed via the Fuxtel app on my iPad. However, it wasn't there this morning. Anyone know what's going on?
    Just quietly, don't contact Fuxtel about this because they'll be the last to know. (PS I'm still waiting for a technician to visit me after contacting Fuxtel several months ago about a problem (it's since rectified itself, but Fuxtel wouldn't know). Their customer service is, quite honestly, fuxtelling pathetic.

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