Feedback - Ultimate Guide to Saving Money Online in Australia

I wrote this blog post and thought the best group of people to ask was the ozbargain forumers.

Is there anything major I've missed in my list of ways to find deals online? OzBargain was #1 of course…

Edit: Thanks for responses so far, I've updated a few bits based on your advice!


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    Must have one of following cards Citibank Plus and 28 Degrees or BankWest Platinum ??

    • For the overseas purchases? That's valid, I'll add it.

    • Or ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures - no overseas transaction fees + rewards points.

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    I disagree with visiting Ozbargain… the more I visit, the more I spend… It's a never ending cycle T.T

    • hold back in buying

      • If only it was that easy… I see a bargain… i buy it regardless of whether I need it or not! =P

    • But you're SAVING more :P

      • Thats the way!

      • Spend more to save more. That's the vicious cycle of ozbargaining.

  • Pricehipster?


    Thought those would be good benchmarks to get a sense of what stores have and respective prices before going on a hunt for a bargain?

    • StaticIce was mentioned - numbered points are not an indiction of order :)

      • Camelcamelcamel ?

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    Change Cashrewards to cash back sites.
    Topcashback pay out most times more on the same retailers as CR.

    • That's fair - will do. Do you sign up via for Australia still?

      • I've got a UK account

  • Good write-up.

    BTW, the new entertainment books (2017/2018) have increased a bit in price to $70, no longer $65. This is for the benefit of those thinking of getting the new book. Your info is still correct for the current edition, which works till 1 June 2017.

    • +1

      Oh thanks, I haven't got the new one yet. Will update to the new price.

  • @GiantGuineaPig

    Ultimate Guide to Saving Money Online in Australia

    R U zoo escapee, or not even really here?

    If escapee, I will give you safe haven. Otherwise…

    Stay overseas:
    Get free back scratches. Hope
    for tummy tickles..

    • That's not me, second cousin… but we have pretty big families.

      • Be adopted by this family and entire extended fam will get free scarves & little gold hats.
        Excellent money-saving.

        Create int'l-focused CapybaraBargain website instead of blog and add that tip to a wiki.

        You know you want to.
        The next tech-billionaire (after scotty)?

        Do it!


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