Has Woolworth's Homebrand Wholemeal Bread been 'Upgraded'

I recently bought a loaf of Woolworth's Homebrand wholemeal bread and it has changed. It is thicker cut than before ('toast' vs 'sandwich') and seems to be of a higher quality than before, like a premium sliced loaf.

Has anyone tried it? Do you think they are using their premium wholemeal bread in their Homebrand range?

Maybe it's just cut thicker now?

If they are, maybe it is part of their (seemingly to me) strong drive to compete with Aldi to offer even cheaper/better products at the bottom end.

I offer their introduction of pseudo brands (a la Aldi) as an example of this. (I could be mistaken and it could be Coles doing this?)

Your thoughts would be welcome!

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    I believe they upgraded it from 4GB to 8GB RAM.


    What % wholemeal is it?

    I'll check it out the next time I'm in Woolworths.

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    it's the Aldi Effect. Aldi has raised the bench mark for many basics and ColesWorths have to step up their game.


    Last time we brought bread the car smelt delicious so I think you are on to something.

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      the car smelt delicious

      and at that very moment, on that very day (and subsequently with a little inspiration from a crazy French dude), a young man from Braidwood decided that one day, ONE DAY, he would Eat that Car.

      .. and he did.

      Trips to Woolies became a little bit more difficult after that.



    I met a guy who worked at tiptop about five years ago, he said the made woolworths sliced bread (sydney)


    Update. I've compared Woolworths Home Brand wholemeal bread with the Aldi version.

    The Woolworths version is definitely better. Not as good as premium bread, closer in quality to Aldi's, but definitely a bit better. It's possibly slightly thicker, but not much in it.

    I'll probably buy from Woolworths in future given a choice.


    Huh I swear they are all the same.. But the butter is all different for sure


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