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Rockstar Energy Drinks below Wholesale Cost. $19 a Case + $5 P&H LIMITED STOCK


Sugar Free and Citrus flavours available.

473ml cans are going to cost you under $1.60 a can, before postage.
That's a huge saving compared to what you pay in the shops so why not stock-up?

I would buy some, but i drink too much tea already, so i hope you ozbargainers can benefit from this deal.

p.s First bargain, so be nice please :P

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    these aren't below wholesale, I purchased a ton from the reject shop for $1.50 each a while ago.

    Still a good deal if you don't have a cheap place to get it near you.


    That is not below wholesale.

    Wholesale (for me) is $20 a case, including GST delivered in any flavour I want.


      Got a link? :P

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        Can't do it.

        It's for businesses only.

        Edit: These are the 473mL cans. They should be out of date soon.

        I believe that the Green and possibly the sugar frees are now discontinued lines.


          Actually have a ABN and am currently planning a Small Biz :P

          Messege or Email me if you dont want to pot it publically.

          Been looking for a good deal on Sugar Free.


            @JordanM: My local NQR has loads of slabs of sugar free, citrus and regular Rockstar for $9 a slab. Some of the cans are dirty (black powder - NFI what it is…) but they are all good.


          Can’t do it.
          It’s for businesses only.

          You can still share the source.

          Having an ANB is not top secret

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    God reminds me of going into electronic stores. "Oh no we can't do any better, this is barely over cost". Go online and there's a bunch of smaller stores selling it for hundreds less… who are they trying to kid.

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      Tell me about it. I work in the admin side of a elec. retailer and get sick of the BS sales people try to pass off. Best one was when I tried to score SC2 - "Nah, can't do any lower, it's already at cost". cough BS cough.


        Haha yeah got that from GAME in Parramatta (arrogant bunch if you ask em), asked them if they'll pricematch Dicksmith, and the guy just lazily said said DS's price was below their cost price without checking or getting up from his slouch. You try and be a loyal customer but sometimes the staff can be real dickheads. Bankstown GAME store has really nice staff on the other hand, love the service they give me.

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    Karmasutra? lol; awesome :)


    yeh definitely not below cost lol


    I've OD'd on rockstar before. It was super concentrated. A few days later I saw that they had pulled them from the shelves.
    Too late for lawsuit?


      THey changed Australian owners recently. They went from being owned by Rockstar America (I think) to Frucor (or more commonly, V)

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    Well, like most virginities, my ozbargain one went awkwardly.
    Deal turned out to not be quite all that, but at least there was some discussion thereafter.


    I buy them from a place in Mt Druitt, near the Spotlight store there (like a Clint's Warehouse or something)…anyway they sell for $12 a case.


    That is not cheap at all, they can be had for under $1.20 wholesale.


    Costco sells the non sugar free 500ml for $10/case.

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    I really doubt some of these comments… $10 a case? come on.


    postage is not $5.00 it $60.00!!

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