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Domino's Belmont WA Customer Appreciation Day (Pickup) - $3.95 Value Range, $5.95 Traditional Range Pizzas


OK, just found out about this -for tonight .. still time for dinner or a late snack.

$3.95 Value Range Pizza: 337076
$5.95 Traditional Range Pizza: 856996

If your into Pizza Mogual (customised) pizzas try my converted veg traditional into a spicy chicken pizza. #spicyChickVeg been customising the veg pizza like this for years.

EXPIRED.. Store has lost power.
NOTE: to be clear they do give some sort of pizza credit for this (just signed up myself) - but should affect your price in anyway.

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    Requested to mark as expired (don't see how I can). Store lost power tonight due to an idiot in 4x4 exiting over a kerb and taking out something - you can't make any online order for them now, those that were made after 6:40ish were not made.


  • I always think Belmont is a good suburb and I enjoy going to Belmont Forum. Anyway it is quite under rated for some obvious reason. Too bad.