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Gigabyte GTX 1080 Turbo OC 8G - Shopping Express $648


Was putting together a system on PartPicker and noticed ShoppingExpress has these currently on sale for the next 3 days for $648. Good if you're also planning to pick up anything else there otherwise Futu Online ebay store also has the same card for $652 (with CMUM20) but includes free shipping.

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Shopping Express

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    Oh thank god, it's too big for my case so I can't buy it :-)

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      Sure you arnt which new pc case you buying?

      • Haha I really can't! My Core V1 is the only case I've found which fits nicely in my TV cabinet so I can't change it :-P

        • Off topic, but how good is the Core V1 - seriously so bloody good!

        • @kykachi: I do admit, for such a cheap case it's damn nice.

          Only issue is the hard drive bay screws they used are very soft, ended up stripping one of the heads so can't get out the second hard drive bay unless I take everything out and drill out the screw. Not the easiest screws to get access to even with everything out of the case anyway!

  • This is actually cheaper than when I bought my GTX 1070 a few months back… I would upgrade to this but who would want to buy a used GTX 1070?

    • How much you want for it?

      • 500 buckaroos

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          Tell him he's dreamin'