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Extra 20% off Dyson Products @ Myer eBay eg. DC58 Animal $223.20 (Original List Price $399) + Free Shipping


Update: Added rest of the vacuums and fixed the table format :)

Hi all,

Firstly, kudos to djfish31 for posting the CMUM20 ebay deal

As reported by few people including myself, Myer managed to 'clear out' some of their discounted Dyson product prior to this deal being active.

However, checked again this morning and saw that they have magically appeared back in stock on their ebay website!!! There is very limited stock on the DC58 but got a myer confirmation order via online shipping option.

Just a few deals listed below.

Item Original List Price Discounted Price CMUM20 Extra
DC58 Animal Handheld $399 $279 $223.20
V6 Animal Handstick SOLD OUT $549 $399 $319.20
Animal Pro Cinetic Big Ball $999 $799 $639.20
Small ball Multifloor Upright $599 $399 $319.20
V6 Cord Free Handstick SOLD OUT $449 $349 $279.20
Animal Cinetic Big Ball $899 $699 $559.20
Multifloor Cinetic Big Ball $699 $549 $439.20

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  • The hand-held really doesn't provide much use compared to the hand stick which will completely replace your current vacuum. The V6 looks like a good deal.

    • I agree, I have the DC-34 hand-held and to be frank the suction isn't really that good either.

    • So can the V6 Handstick be used like the DC58 Animal

      • I've had the DC58. The auction is basically the same as the V6. You can buy the extension tube attachment in eBay for about $60 then it's pretty much has the same function as the V6.

        But for the price difference here, it's stupid not to get the V6 Animal.

    • have the V6, it is game changer.

      RIP cord vacuum (time to time usage for me as an average person)

  • Thanks for the heads up, nice price on the V6 :)

  • Cheers

  • I've been reading that the DC58 and the V6 are identical mechanically, same motor and battery. The only difference is that the V6 has the extension tube.

    If so couldn't anyone just purchase the DC58 and then buy tube from Dyson for $50 to save a bit more: http://shop.dyson.com.au/spare-parts/wand-965663-05

    Can anyone confirm? And yes that wand is for the V6 Animal and should have the motorhead power passthrough built into the tube.

    • Inb4 dyson rep comes and says the dc58 doesn't have the same suction with the stick.

      (In the real world it does though)

    • Surely there is someone selling after market plastic tubes for less than that? Or are dyson tubes special and worth more than tubes from other plebs?

      • Last I checked the only ones I was able to find were from the UK on ebay and they were more expensive to import than Dyson's $50

    • moterised head +tube +dc58 = v6 already. (price)

  • Was looking at the V6 @Myer but found it cheaper again than Myer on Staticice $296 VS $319.20 (in Victoria)
    for those in the true Ozbargain spirit

    • That's not the Animal version. Animal is $477 at E&S Trading.

    • You're comparing oranges and mandarins.

    • That's for the V6 Slim (and you are right, its cheaper than the Myer ebay).

      However the V6 I posted above is for the Animal which costs more. (sorry not an Dyson expert so can't really spell out the difference but found this blog review

      The (animal) nozzle has been engineered to provide 75% more brush bar power than the V6 Slim and V6+

  • Looks like you have a typo in your table - DC58 discounted price before extra 20% is $279… Thanks for posting tho, good deal!

  • +1 vote

    Even cord free is cheaper, $63 less than what i paid 😔

  • Thanks for the post. Just purchased the V6 Animal

  • Good price for the V6 Cord Free Handstick?

  • No V8s?

    • they do have a couple of v8 handsticks but just 20% (cmum20) off their original listed price. This deal is more on their older models

  • Passing through a Big W store last night I saw they had the V6 stick for $299 - normal V6, not animal.

  • Thanks op, got one too.

  • Just a reference, it has been cheaper.

  • Which one gets everyone's votes for best general value for money whole house vacuum? 3 bedroom house with low shed dog.

    • Not sure that stick cleaners are what you are after, they may do a room or two but the earlier handheld that I have (non stick model) only has about 15mins battery life… about 20 mins on the V6 according to Gizmodo

    • Im in the same situation as you. Again depends on what type of flooring you have. For hardfloor + carpet = v6 absolute; for carpet only = v6 animal. V6 absolute got extra attachment for hard flooring + HEPA filter.

      • The above would say in ideal situation. But v6 animal would do the job regardless.

      • Animal does hard floors well, I think the absolute head has some sort of wiping action as opposed to the brushing action, which would be better for hard floors.

        • yes correct. they have like a soft brush towel on the attachment. I own dc59 animal previously, and now v6 absolute.

  • Haha I wasn't even in the market place for a vacuum (hoover), but pulled the trigger on the animal V6 because OZBargain

  • Crap I bought a v6 3 days ago for 330 from myer. Oh well I guess too much hassle to wait for it to come then get refund and buy this. As I'm sure stock will go quick.

  • I just brought the V6 but didn't apply the 20% coupon code. I have already tried to contact Myer eBay to cancel the order. Is there anything else I can do? Do you think they will retrospectively apply the coupon code?

  • Is there much difference between the V6 and the Animal Handstick?


    thanks, OP, just ordered animal v6. I have no animals, though, but I kinda hope it does a better job than v6 cordless :)

  • What are the attachments with it

  • I am the ebay site, but cannot see where I can enter the code to get discount? Help anyone? It has taken me to the checkout and buy now and I am using a credit card, at what point do I apply the code?

  • Can the v6 animal be used for hardwood floor? The V6 Absolute is more expensive.

    • You can. I use the DC44 Animal on tiles.

      Just remember most parts on Dysons can be replaced. My head is a bit scratched up underneath but works wells still.

      The thing that wears out is the red strip of fabric.

  • Thanks. Bought the V6 Animal for Mothers Day as my own Dyson handheld has proven to be invaluable with actually encouraging me to vacuum up small messes thanks to lightweight/always ready/etc. Good thing there's free shipping or pick up in store on Monday evening (so a week spare).

    • my own Dyson handheld has proven to be invaluable with actually encouraging me to vacuum up small messes thanks to lightweight/always ready/etc

      heh yep my household is like that. We've been eyeing off a cordless vacuum for this reason but got that problem of if you go to cheap, it won't have the quality to do the job in the first place.

      Anyone have the chance to compare these V6 Dysons to the other cordless brands?
      As mentioned in another topic, our ideal case actually would be a tool company like Ryobi or AEG making a (comparable) vacuum skin.

  • Hi. does anyone know the difference between the big ball allergy model and animal? Does the allergy model have better filter or something? Thanks.

    • Both units are exactly the same (different colour) only difference is the number of vacuum heads you get - both also have no removable filter (which is great no filter cleaning needed). Most of these heads are also available separately if needed so just work out what heads you want and get that corresponding model.

  • The v6 is 80 off at costco until the 7th. I think it was 280 but i really didnt pay attention so maybe someone else can confirm

  • One animal please - thanks OP

  • How do I justify to my parents that we need a V6 even though we have 2 working vacuum cleaners… Does it fully suck up all the fur stuck on the carpet?

  • V6 cord free out of stock.

  • Anyone else getting a "Please enter a lower number" on the "V6 Cord Free Handstick(ebay.com.au)" (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Dyson-218109-01-V6-Cord-free-...)

    It has "1" in the Quantity and asks for a lower number. I change it to "0" and it says "Please enter quantity of 1 or more".

  • V8 is 100000x better than V6. The V6 model is a REAL PAIN IN THE A** when emptying the dust bin. You will often need to stick your fingers or a screwdriver in the dust bin to scrap all the clumped dust out. Example of this horrendous task: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxH31mOZKsA . Now compare that to the V8 which has no issues doing the same task: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSFQ8eKeKAw . They know you gonna hate it and that's why it's only available on the V8. Plus V8 has 40 mins vs 20mins on V6. I bought 2x V6 last year and ended selling them for the V8.

    • I bought the V6 Absolute shortly before the release of the V8. If I could buy again, I would definitely get the V8 for those exact reasons.

      Having said that, the V6 is still great, and if you're not willing to fork out the extra money for the extra convenience (which is really all it is), then the V6 will surely suffice.

      That is to say, V8 is definitely better, just depends whether it is worth it to you (it is to me).

      • I have been waiting for a good deal on the V8, just pulled the trigger on the V6 Animal. Hard to justify double the price for the extra runtime when the olds have the V6 cordfree and it's great, does the whole house without needing a recharge so i'll save the $320.

        If i'm not happy with it i have plenty of new 3500mAh 18650's spare so i'll just replace the standard 2100mAh's and get extra runtime that way

    • sorry for silly question but is this for the v6 animal as well or just hand held?

    • Thanks and very insightful comment

    • Those are very good points, and esp if you have the money for two V6. However the price of two V6 or one V8 is probably more than most people would spend on a vacuum, esp when one v6 is enough for a decent sized house.

  • I was going to go for the V6 Slim Origin at Big W that's down to $299 at the moment. However, for just $20 more it makes sense to go for the Animal so I've gone for that.

  • My first time trying to buy something from Myer on eBay. Might be a silly question to some of you. Can I pay using Myer gift card and still enjoy the 20% discount?

  • Good price. I got my DC58 almost 2 years ago for $279.30 (typical Dyson discount).

  • Thanks OP. Bought the mulftifloor cinetic. Great price.

  • My friend is selling me her Dyson DC50 Origin bought last year for $200. Does anyone know how that fares against the V6?

  • Came here for the V6 Cord Free Handstick :( sold out

  • Looks like the V6 cord free is back in stock

  • I need V8

  • Dammit. I bought the V6 Animal on Thursday for $323.

    That's $3.80 I could've saved. Yeesh.