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Bonus $10 Gift Card with Any $100 Gift Card Purchase Made with Apple Pay on Prezzee - Coles, eWish +more


1. You must purchase a GC from Prezzee iOS app
2. Must purchase GC to value of $100 or more
3. Must pay with Apple Pay

Limited time. Bonus $10 Prezzee eGC will be emailed separately. Prezzee reserves the right to limit the number of orders per account.

Notable Stores
Dan Murphy's
Big W
David Jones
Event Cinema
Veronika Maine ($30 Prezzee bonus, not $10)

$10 Bonus is a 'Prezzee Swap' card which can be redeemed on any card available on their platform.

Can also refer a friend, once they sign up and purchase $100 GC within 7 days you both receive a $10 Myer GC.

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  • Can u uSr pressie EGiftcards to buy Coles ones later? And with multiple cards?

  • +2 votes

    Targeted must have apple phone!

  • Prezzee have been good with bonus gift cards in the past.

  • I've received both my $100 Wish card and $10 bonus card which has since been exchanged for a $10 Wish card. Very quick service!

  • Couldn't get this to work… tried my ING and keeps saying transaction failed :(

  • Can you order like 5x$100 and get 5x$10 bonus? or limited to $100?

  • I placed the order just know, how much time it take to receive the gift card?

  • My first order has gone into review.

    • they are sending everyone into the review

      "Thank you for your recent order with Prezzee.

      Our payment gateway has detected some unusual activity on this transaction For your protection, the system has placed your order on hold. (Depending on your bank or financial institution, a standard pre-authorisation may appear on your statement.)

      To proceed with your order, please provide following information.

      Full Name (First, Middle and Surname):
      Date of Birth:
      Drivers Licence Number:
      + For NSW Licence, Card ID Number (located on the reverse side, top left of the licence):

      • For WA Licence, Licence expiry date:

      Alternatively, please provide the below information.

      A scan/photo of your Proof of Age Card or Passport, and
      A scan/photo of the credit card (front only) used for this order

      Once your details have been verified, your order will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

      At Prezzee, we take security and privacy seriously because we know they are important to our customers. Should you require further information, please see our Privacy Policy here (https://www.prezzee.com.au/doc/privacy-policy/).

      Should you require any assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards,

      Team Prezzee
      Please ensure you have your pass lock on your device to help secure your Gift Card

      • I got the same email for one order.
        Order 1: Paid with ANZ Apple pay- Got the gift card & bonus within 5 mins.
        Order 2: Paid with Amex Apple pay- Got the review email.

    • My Payment method was also Apple Pay with Amex.
      After I provided the requested identity information (via unsecure email!) the order was processed.
      egift card number for Woolworths is legitimate and loaded into Woolworths Money App with expected balance.
      Bonus received and swapped for Woolworths as well.
      Referral bonus received for Myer. Thanks OP.

      Second order on the same card has gone into review.

  • the worst website just tries to pay David jones gift card, it did not work.Now I am stuck with $200 GV for two years.

  • I've done 12 purchases and my 13th & 14th got rejected saying I've reached the limit. Please let me know if anyone finds a workaround whereby I can still order more using the same credit card…

  • Ok i found about this yesterday by checking my email, surprised that this did not get more + votes. So far managed to get 8 cards(5 wish & 3 coles) my 7th and 8th went in review but eventually got approved.

    • Yeah i thought it was a bit odd that it didn't get that many +'s, but hey! At least we're in the know.

      Same here, I just bought 7 more and my 8th went into review.

      They stopped doing $100 Coles which is a bit odd. But I just bought $100 prezzee cards instead.

      • Yes they were doing $100 coles till yesterday. I have bought 10 so fqr with 11th in review. 10th and 8th went in review too so i m pushing my luck a bit here

        • Yes surprised too, maybe many don't own iphone, I just suggested a member here to try ipad.

      • +1 vote

        Coles is there now.


    I got capped out at 4 unfortunately. Can't order anymore after 4…


    4 x $100 wish cards on prezzee


    how do you delete used cards off the prezzee wallet? can't seem to see how to do it.


    Let me give it a go.

    To be honest, there is nothing wrong with the product - i.e. they do fulfill your order and deliver what they promise.

    But i find the interface clunky, the name confusing and the verification process unsecure and cumbersome. I wouldn't have bothered with them but for this $10 GC.

    • Unless your fifth order got cancelled i dont think its an issue. My orders randomly went for review.

  • Got 17 cards so far, 13 wish card and 4 coles….can't seem to stop myself lol