Ikea Ladda Batteries & Charger Interchangeable with Eneloops?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can advise if the Ikea Ladda Batteries & Charger are Interchangeable with Eneloops?
I have a few Ikea batteries and the $15 dollar charger but would love to order Eneloops when the deals arise instead of driving into Ikea to pick up batteries. It would be great if Ikea could deliver the batteries as I do like them for the price.


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    Thanks for that. So if I have read correctly I can purchase Eneloops and charge them in my Ikea Ladda Charger. That's great news!


    Another question on this. Are the Aldi rechargeables able to be charged in the IKEA Ladda Charger?


    Another option would be to buy an AWESOME charger like the BT-C3100, and use that for all of your battery charging (and assessment/rejuvenation etc.) purposes. I think you will find that after you have acquired/used a really good/'smart'/informative charger, you will never look back. Even if you have to spend a few more bucks on the new charger than you would 'instinctively' like to.

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