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Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium 1PC/1YR BRL39 [AUD ~ $16.66] & 2PC/2YR BRL73 [AUD ~ $31.19] + Other Combos - Save ~71% @ Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is a fast, effective and very popular on-demand antivirus tool.
Malwarebytes 3 comes in two flavors: Free and Premium. Premium prevents malware infection in the first place, like a vaccine. Free cleans up an existing malware infection, like a disinfectant.

Malwarebytes have moved to an annual subscription model and for those that missed out on buying a lifetime licence I have found a currency workaround.

I recently got the email to renew my Malwarebytes subscription and decided to see if there was a better deal in a non-AUD currency now that OzBargain has +shown me the light of the Bankwest Platinum Card. 60 different currencies to choose from at the checkout and after some automated searching I have found the best currency to use was the Brazilian Real.

See below for a price comparison between the converted price from the Brazilian Real and the standard AUD price:
All conversions calculated based on the Mastercard Currency Converter with a 0% fee and a 7 May 2017 transaction date.

1 year - BRL 39 (AUD $16.66) vs direct AUD $59.99 - Save 72%
2 year - BRL 58 (AUD $24.78) vs direct AUD $89.99 - Save 72%

1 year - BRL 49 (AUD $20.94) vs direct AUD $73.99 - Save 72%
2 year - BRL 73 (AUD $31.19) vs direct AUD $110.99 - Save 72%

1 year - BRL 59 (AUD $25.21) vs direct AUD $87.99 - Save 71%
2 year - BRL 88 (AUD $37.60) vs direct AUD $129.99 - Save 71%

1 year - BRL 69 (AUD $29.48) vs direct AUD $101.99- Save 71%
2 year - BRL 103 (AUD $44.01) vs direct AUD $149.99 - Save 71%

1 year - BRL 79 (AUD $33.75) vs direct AUD $115.99 - Save 71%
2 year - BRL 118 (AUD $50.42) vs direct AUD $169.99 - Save 70%

The deal goes on for more PCs but I think you get the idea


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  • This is an awesome application. Malwarebytes +windows defender = no worries.

    • Which do you have set to handle real time scanning? I turned off malware bytes and let defender handle it and I keep getting notifications from malware bytes.

      • I have both Bitdefender and Malwarebytes running at the same time. They don't conflict with one another, you can have both set on real time protection.

        • Hmm with windows defender I think you have to choose one.

        • +1 for this option.

          I am having exactly the same setup.

          They both work really well.

        • @911r:

          When you have MBAM 3.0, and another antivirus, you need to disable Windows Defender if you have issues with MBAM modules not starting, or turning itself off

      • I let win defende and malwarebytes work at the same time.

    • had a virus recently malwarebytes could detect, remove, couldnt get rid of. Just had to format. So i'm not so impressed tbh.

      • It works great for me.

      • did you try in safe mode or a rescue disk?

        • not sure what a rescue disk is, i didnt try in safe mode, maybe i'll do that if it comes up again (hopefully it won't). It was some nasty thing that hijacked chrome and firefox, made fake shortcuts to them (replacing your own), each week or so it would respawn. Very annoying one, anyway thanks for the tips

        • @Iggemo: Try Hitman Pro. Or you can just google: how to remove browser redirect virus

        • @Iggemo: Can vouch for hitmanpro. It's a 30 day trial, but if you delete it from ProgramData after your done the license resets.
          It cleaned up the exact same type of virus for me. It changed my host file, browser settings, and DNS on my network adapter.

        • @Iggemo: rescue disk boots from a CD/usb into an anti virus Linux environment to clean or repair a system.

    • -2 votes

      Windows = plenty of worries

  • +1 vote

    Which version did it move away from being a lifetime license?

    • Not sure when they stopped selling it but I bought the lifetime key back in 2012 for $37.08 and its still kicking today.. WIN! =D

    • I went to retrieve my key and discovered I had bought 2x lifetime serials along the way. No regrets. Hope they repeat the offer in the future for done older relatives

      • I purchased 3 lifetime licenses in 2012 for $47.00 on some discounted offer. Been using it ever since to protect our PCs - it was money well spent. Pity, Malwarebytes 3 is now subscription based so I don't think the lifetime licenses go across - still works just fine on Malwarebytes 2.x.

  • My new PC isn't going to be built for another few weeks is this just more of a taking advantage of the favourable currency rather than a deal they have going that will end?

    • Yeah, this is just a favourable currency rate. It's been hovering around the 1 BRL = 0.41 - 0.43 AUD mark for the last few months so I'd say a few weeks won't hurt. The next best currencies were the Mexican Peso (approx 35% saving) and Russian Ruble (approx 22% saving) so it's a big jump to the Real. I had go back and manually check the Real to make sure the number was correct!

    • i seen it cheaper on black Friday sale

  • Awesome, thanks OP!

    What would you recommend as the best way to purchase if you don't have a good conversion rate card?

    • They have Paypal as a checkout option but as usual they're not going to be the best rate. In a totally un-Ozbargain thing to say when you're saving 70% the dollar or so you eat in exchange rate might not be all that much to consider. Otherwise there's also the Ozbargain approved Citibank Plus Everyday Debit Card

      • Yea its not that bad…
        $32.44 compared to $31.19 for 2PC's for 2 years.


        • So with 2PCs/2years, did you get two separate licenses emailed? Or is it one license that covers two PCs? Did they have an expiry date on when to activate them by?

  • RIP lifetime license.

  • +3 votes

    I run the free version of Bitdefender and occasionally do a scan using the free version of Malwarebytes.

    Works well for me.

    • Does the free Bitdefender have a performance impact? Or the same as Windows Defender?


        It is very lightweight like Defender, but better at detection.

      • Performance isn't the main concern. The main difference between Bitdefender and Windows Defender, is Bitdefender isn't consistently ranked at the bottom of every independent antivirus software review.

    • I do the same.
      What's wrong with manual periodic check?

      • Being infected in between the times you do you periodic check. Real time checking obviously proactively catches the malware / virus at the point it tries to infect your system so you don't need to clean up / cancel the credit card and change all your passwords.

  • Anytime I install the full version of Malwarebytes, it severely affects the performance of the PC.

    • Have noticed a bit of lag with my laptop too. My subscription ends this month, and I don't think I'll be keeping it.

    • I have only ever had this issue on failing CPUs or those suffering temperature issues. I also imagine low end older CPUs may begin to struggle nowdays

    • Strange… never noticed any performance impact with malware bytes across 4 different PCs (lifetime licence) which is why I choose malware bytes as my realtime anti-virus / malware protection.

      Even my old Core2Duo T7500 laptop with windows XP and 3GB RAM doesn't experience any slowdowns with realtime monitoring enabled.

  • Prefer 28 degrees.

  • Great program

  • How does this compare to Common Sense Pro 2017?

  • Excellent product. Was lucky enough to get a lifetime licence, should have got another two for my other computers…

  • Not impressed with Malwarebytes premium. It caused bluescreens when running a bittorrent client. It caused Excel 2016 to stop responding when using Save As. Its own tray app wouldn't even respond to a right-click for the context menu.

    • Windows 10 Creators Update?

      I had the save as issue in Office after the update, though it was quickly resolved. Have been using Malwarebytes Premium for around 7 years with next to no issues.

      It is the only anti-virus / anti-malware program that I would actually pay for.

    • Umm that just sounds like your computer sux :/
      Unfair downvoted right there.

    • You're right. I had the same issue with BSOD running MB 2/3 and qBittorrent. I ended up just uninstalling MB.

  • Thanks Op - can I pay and get the same discount level using Visa debit? Just confused about that Bankwest card mentioned in Post.

    • +2 votes

      I used Visa Debit and it worked out to <$32 for the 2 years for 2 pcs option according to my online banking record - so seems the same. WHAT A DEAL!!!

      • Thank you for the reply! Yes, Super Dupa Deal! Time to purchase 3/2years!! Bargain!

        • +1 vote

          I was genuinely pussyfooting about buying a licence for the full AUD price for the last week or so, so this could not have come at a better time!!!

        • @Vy: Totally Agree. I was considering paying for it yesterday, just couldn't bring myself to pay full price though. :). It's official, Visa Debit transaction came to $37.63 for 3/2yrs! So stoked!! Thanks!!

    • Bit late to respond but for any other readers I just mentioned the Bankwest card because there's no fees on it for international transactions or transactions in foreign currencies. Other credit/debit cards would also work but you might get charged an extra fee for foreign currency conversion.

  • So happy I bought this when it was a one time purchase. it has always been a great addition for my computers and I am grateful that they kept the unlimited subscription for old users.

  • Thanks, good deal. Works well on PC. Paypal wont recognise Brazilian Real. Used Visa and it worked.

  • Thanks, also find this a useful deal - until the lifetime licences return (if ever!)

  • This used to be good, but I no longer recommend it. It slows down your computer and I got BSODs directly related to its monitoring (if I disabled it, no BSOD). Windows Defender is perfectly fine.

  • Has anyone used Amex. Interested to know how it converted

  • will this be good against the recent hacking thing on the news with the ransomware?

    • You don't need this to protect your PC on the recent "WannaCry" outbreak if you are using Linux, Mac, Unix, Solaris, Windows 95/98, 3.11, MS Dos 3.3 to Dos 6.0 & Windows NT 3.51. If not just make sure your other Windows' has a patch of KB401XXXX will be enough to fix the leaks.

  • For those only wanting 1 year licenses, it is cheaper again here: https://store.malwarebytes.com/342/purl-mbamedu?

    eg. 1PC/1Yr = BRL31.20 / $12.46, 2PC/1Yr = BRL39.20 / AU$15.63.

    • hey thanks. but how did you find this link and why is there no 2 year option?

      • I think I just googled malwarebytes+discount.

        Maybe it's only one year as that's how long the average uni student lasts before dropping out?


    I've been hearing that this Brazilian Real trick works for other stuff. Does anyone know any other handy places this can be done? I'll be checking for currency options for everything I buy from now on.