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Nikon D5600 $899 (After $100 Cashback) @ JB Hi-Fi


I'm planning to buy Nikon D5600 and while browsing found this offer in JB HiFi.

After cashback it shows $899 in website (you can further bargain with Sales guy, if you walk-in into store).

Cashback page

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  • Im not going to Neg but good luck getting your double cash back … Nikon site still says only $100 and the popup states Double Cashback offer for purchases between April 12 and April 17!!

    There is nothing about the extension of this on the Nikon website either.

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      went to the D5600 page: https://mynikonlife.com.au/gear/digital-slr-cameras/d5600/

      Purchase the Nikon D5600 between 1st April – 31st May 2017 from an Authorised Australian Nikon Reseller to redeem a $100 cash back reward on your purchase*.

    • Thats why I been to JB HiFi store in North Sydney.
      He confirmed, $100 cashback is from JB HiFi and for another $100, I need to login NikonCashback here and claim the refund.

      • I walked into JB HiFi store again to confirm and sales guy changed his version this time :(
        He said the best can offer is $969 and $100 cash back from Nikon website.

        I'm totally disappointed :(

        I'm a newbie to OzBargain, not sure if I should be editing the header (albeit I just did) to provide correct information.

      • Thanks Ashm - Im still slightly confused but maybe you can clarify:

        What was the amount you paid for the camera from JB? If you only paid $899 cash/credit this would effectively result in the 'double' cashback. If you paid $999 was there two separate websites given for cashback?

        … edit ANSWERED ABOVE

        • I checked the website and saw $100 cashback offer. There was also something about double cash back offer (valid from April 12 to April 17).

          I called North Sydney JB HiFi to check if double cashback offer is still valid by any chance, though date range is passed. He said he can work it out and the final price he could offer is $899 and get $100 cash back from Nikon.

          I put the deal here and went to store.
          Now, he changed his words and said the best he can offer is $969 and get $100 cash back from Nikon.

          I was disappointed and ended up not buying it.

  • how is it a Double Cashback Offer?

  • Store and price in title please.

  • It looks to me that the camera is $999 at JB HiFi (no sign of such $100 discount from them).

    Then you get the $100 from Nikon via redemption.

    Which equals to $899 after cashback (which is what is stated on JB's website).

  • The double cashback offer was only valid for the Easter period.