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[Free Shipping] No Minimum Spend @ Uniqlo


Mother's Day 1 day code.

Have tested it without logging in so should not be targeted.

Have also tested to make sure there isn't a minimum spend.

Don't forget Cashrewards!

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  • Is this the first post to make it to the front page without any comments?

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      • Overpriced? UNIQLO is one of the most affordable quality clothing brands out there.

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          @Gerbil: Aussies get ripped off when it comes to everything

          Fixed that for you.


          @Gerbil: So what are the other alternatives? Leave Australia and live overseas just for a shirt?

        • @Tycn: Later this year we are going to US and while my dad wants to do shit like go to disneyland and go to the Grand Canyon, my sisters and I just want to go shopping.
          Something which i find annoying which doesn't apply to most people is 3ds games. NA eshop sales are 1000% better and more frequent than here and you hear people complaining and saying how a $40 USD price tag is "steep" while here 95% of our 3ds games are sold for a 'steep' price tag roughly equivalent to 40 USD.

      • What about the cheap product in Kmart?

  • Can't find clearance section anymore?

  • Thanks for the socks MUM

  • While I like what Uniqlo offers to the Australian marketplace with competitive prices, I've never actually purchased anything from them. I think the wifey has though? H&M on the other hand seems to have a much more appealing range.

    • I was thinking this was H&M when I voted.

    • Having bought from both H&M and Uniqlo on overseas trips for years now, I've found that the H&M have more variety and the clothing is more stylish but the fabric is of poor quality when compared to the clothing from Uniqlo. I have clothing from Uniqlo that is 5+ years old, worn regularly and still in excellent condition but H&M clothing lasts 1yr at most.

      • What's your opinion of Zara? I only ever bought one thing from them and I didn't notice how badly aligned its stitching was until after a few wears. Hey, I'm a bloke whatchagonnado :D

        • I've never had an issue with Zara fabric-wise but their inconsistent sizing and overpriced shoes/accessories are a joke. I buy staple pieces from them.

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        I totally agree.

        Uniqlo might not look as stylish as H&M the quality is miles ahead. H&M = cheap and nasty. Uniqlo = modest pricing and quality that lasts.

      • My work pants I bought from Uniqlo (Singapore) six years ago are still in great condition, although they're now my backup pair.

      • 5 years ago Uniqlo had better quality standards, by far. I have cardigans that are 10 years old from them which are better condition than ones I bought 2 years ago. I know this because I just moved home from Japan and I was a Uniqlo and H&M regular customer living less than 10 minutes walk from both.

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      I find the quality to be much better at Uniqlo, Stuff at H&M is paper thin

      • I very much prefer the style of Uniqlo, especially the plain smart casual look.
        When H&M first opened in Melbourne I went in for a look, had a touch of their fabric and did not go back since.
        A couple of my uniqlo shirt and pants has been serving me for many years and is still looking great.

  • I feel like superman without any powers whenever there are free shipping deals but no bargain stuff to buy

    • I bought their 2 long sleeve hightech $9.99 which I personally find them in good quality and comfortable to wear at bedroom or outdoor, and cheaper than in most UNiqlo Asia country.

      Considering there are no uniqlo in Perth, the free shipping is a extra bang

    • "I feel like superman without any powers"

      So, like a normal man then?

  • Or get free shipping and $10 off with a $50 spend as per this deal which is still active.


    • Thanks! I guess this deal is more beneficial for those who are spending below $50.

  • Which courier do they use

    • Couriers Please

    • Couriers Please. Which is just a total bust of a delivery company. Nothing but bad reviews about them.

      • had many orders from uniplo the crouiers is not lighting fast but arrived normally in 2 weeks, with this free shipping , I won't complain

        • I've had a delivery take 2+ weeks. Was held in Melbourne for a whole business week before they attempted to deliver.
          First time they tried to deliver they cited some bullshit excuse about there being multiple units at my address.
          Second time the driver forged my signature and left it at the front door without knocking.

          Terrible experience from them.

        • @Cheagle: I once saw a line on my delivery - Could not deliver because no parking. In the city. I wonder how hard they tried or whether they're allergic to loading zones?

    • They use Couriers Please. The general consensus around here is that they seem to have horrible service. I personally have never had an issue with them. The delivery time isn't super quick, but they always arrive within 2 weeks.

      The guy who services my area is awesome though! He usually gives me a call if no one opens the door and asks if I'd like it toss over the fence or to pick it up at from the warehouse.

  • Just curious, how do you people rate the products from UNIQLO when compared with Kmart or Target or other apparel shops, either store or online?

    Quality and price wise.

  • Hey guys, if you haven't ordered before the email you get if you subscribe to the newsletter has $10 off with code: NEWYOKOSO

    • can't seem to combine coupons… NEWYOKOSO is $10 and shipping for the item I was looking at is only $5.99 so I'm still better off with this code.