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Amaysim Unlimited 1.5GB Plan for $9.90 /28 Days for Your First 6 Renewals (Normally $24.90)


Unlimited 1.5GB plan for $9.90 /28 days for your first 6 renewals. Apply code 10FOR6 at checkout. Valid until 12th July.


  • 1.5GB data
  • Unlimited talk & text to Standard numbers in Australia.
  • Unlimited international to Standard calls to 10 countries

Terms and Conditions.

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$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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  • is there any offer going on for 6 or 7 GB?

  • I think this can be used by existing customers, but not too sure how to apply code? My plan renew automatically so don't know where to apply this code.

    • Don't think so, from T&C:
      From 17 May - 30 June 2017 inclusive (Promotion Period), customers who:
      *place a new order for an amaysim UNLIMITED 1.5GB mobile plan (Eligible Plan) through the amaysim website;
      *enter the applicable promotional code when signing up for an Eligible Plan; and
      *pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal (postpaid only) when prompted.

    • No it does not apply to existing customers - I called them today.

  • First six renewals?? Bait and switch BS…

    • That's half a year…

      • Not really, it's more like 5.5 months due to the 28 day cycle (which equates to an extra payment per year; essentially 13 "months" per calendar year).

        This will average out to approx. $20 per (actual) calendar month if a new customer keeps this service for the entire 1st year. Subsequent years will average out to approx $27/month.

  • If Amaysim is monitoring this site - I wish u all the best in getting back your once loyal customers. I, for one, despite pleading for the same deals being offered to "new customers", have been ignored; so have moved my business elsewhere. Now a very happy Kogan customer…

    • +1 for kogan . At least when required you can speak to person and that too without waiting

      • You can get someone with amaysim too - online chat. I just fid the pricing is getting less competitive - once upon time amaysim was the cheap, big data, low frills gets the job done, now with kogan and even the big 4 like optus and virgin offering $40 sims with way more data than the 9gb x $50 plan - i had to ask for a discount and best they'd give me was 10% off. Got $45 for the recharge, but too late - signed up for the WW mobile, will be ported out onto my new s8 come next week (hopefully) :D

      • That's +1 more for Kogan

    • Agree. Very poor customer service. Makes Telstra looks like Mother Theresa.

  • just tried - did not work for my existing plan

      1. Starting Tomorrow
      2. During the Promotion Period, Eligible Customers will get a discount of $15 on their initial activation for an Eligible Plan and for the next 5 consecutive renewals.
      3. Any other product renewals, upgrades or vouchers within the Promotion Period are excluded from the Promotion Benefits.
        Looks like only for new customers.
      • How can you get this to work as an existing customer? If my mums already on the 1.5gb $24.95 plan, doe sshe need to switch to another higher plan before that?

        • From T&C, appears available for new customers only.
          Best to contact Amaysim to find out if you are eligible for this offer…
          If not eligible, Port out to other Telco and port back in…

  • How is the service of Amaysim tho? I am using Vodafone pay as you go. Its horrible inside my house. everytime i have to go outside to talk properly.

    • Its Optus and the call quality not as good as Telstra. You pay for what you get.

      • Or in the case of Telstra: you pay for what you do not get.

        • Based on my experience personally, after having switch around all the operators, I find Telstra seems to be the most reliable and highest call quality (because they support VoLTE and VoWIFI)

          Vodafone - internet just cuts off without prior warning, guess to do with tethering?
          Optus/ Amaysim - while broadband is fine but the call quality was atrocious, especially the international calls

          Hands down Telstra still the best network IMHO.

        • @cloudie9:
          Absolutely no Telstra reception here in metro Melbourne. Telstra refuse to address situation because their heat map (which is way wrong) says different. Also, areas that get 1 or 2 bars fail to hold calls due to capaity issues. Optus at least more honest and prepared to address issues.

        • @cloudie9:

          Hands down Telstra still the best network IMHO.

          And therefore absurdly expensive!

  • I am Amaysim Flexi customer at the moment, am I eligible for this offer?

  • $10 a month for unlimited talk and text plus Amaysim have international roaming - nice :)

  • Hmm reading the terms and conditions this doesnt' seem like anything existing customers on the same plan can use. It just sounds like a new customer activating a new amaysim service - so yeah, bad luck for existing users. But if anyone finds a way please do let me know - mum's on the $25 plan and would love to knock it to $10 if so.

  • Just a reminder to some this is not a prepaid plan. So make sure the data is enough for you. Excess charges can make a cheap offer very expensive

  • I'm currently on amaysim $24.90 plan. Will it work if I port out and port back in with this offer? Anyone tried?

    • As long as amaysim`s terms and conditions doesn't prevent existing customers porting out and porting back in it should work. I've never tried.

    • hi I asked them this today and the consultant said no. If you have an Amaysim account and you try to switch to another different plan, it wont work. If you were porting from a different carrier - then its a different story.

  • I wonder what the standard price for 1-2 GB plans will be in a year…

  • I'll bite at 2GB but 1.5GB is too low

  • fk every other phone service provider but kogan! #koganrep

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/307543/revisions#609528vs6...

    How do you know EC, and why use his referral and not just use the random link that's already there?

    • If it's an amaysim deal it must be from EC. ;)

    • The referral link has been removed, OP please do not put someone else's referral code in the post whether that be by your choice or by the request of that user. There is a grey referral randomiser box below the deal where you can use a random OzBargainers referral link/code.

      After discussion with other moderators it is agreed that we'll need to adjust our guidelines (again) to include this as a written rule (you cannot add another OzBargain members referral link).


      • #greyareas


      • @hamza23
        No worries mate.
        It wasn't a deliberate act.
        Got something new to Learn… Won't happen in future.


        • Not a problem, we understand you had no ill intentions (regardless of how/why that link was added). In either scenario it would be unfair to other members; the OP of the deal deserves some reward to have their own link/code shown but otherwise the referral randomiser should only be used to make it fair for others (rather than just an option).

          Thanks again and for your deal post.

  • Contacted them about the offer for existing customers. They said it is only for new customers and not existing. Advised that existing customers are sent deals when they are available….I've never received any deal from them as an existing customer. Has anyone else?

    • The only thing I've ever got from them is the bill

    • It worked for me and I have a dormant account so I'm not a new customer.

      • How did you manage that?

        • I put the code in and it worked. I haven't been with them since 2015 but that number is still active, according to their site, and expires in August. I didn't know that till yesterday- as I say, I've had nothing to do with them since 2015.

    • Nope, never got any deal from them before, unless it's the 'refer a friend deal' which I might have gotten just once.

  • Can you combine this deal to use it with this deal? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/307093

  • It beats me how deals like this work for the company. Does your average Joe stick around when the price goes up from $9.90 to $24.90?

  • New customer as in never had an account with them?

  • Beware of poor service and errors: http://www.productreview.com.au/p/amaysim.html

    They really don't care. Probably spending a lot of time in their startup fancy office bubble high fiving each other

  • It is an amazing deal in historical terms. How much would unlimited national and international calls cost ten years ago?

  • Anyone have suggestions for a 1Gb per month data plan for around $10

  • +2 votes

    " /28 Days"

    Boycott that! I'll pay 12 times/year thankyou, not 13!

  • I'll be overseas soon, so if I stop renewing after my first month has ended and renew it again a month later, am i still entitled to the $10 promotion thing?

    • From Amaysim chat: "As long as the code is registered, you will get the promotion."

    • This offer includes nearly 6 months of total price as $29.90, after which at each renewal you will be charged regular price i.e. $24.90. I am not sure where does $10 come into picture in this deal? Am I missing something?

      Do you probably mean other offer where you'll be paying $9.90 per month? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/311865. 6 month's total expense comes out to be very similar in both deals though. I personally like this deal though as you lock in 6 months rate right away and don't have to bother for Cashrewards etc.

  • Do they count 1GB as 1000MB or 1024MB?

  • Does this include Unlimited international call to 10 Countries as per the original plan.?

    • Yes, Standard talk & text to mobiles and landlines in 10 countries.

      Hong Kong
      New Zealand
      South Korea

  • I m an existing Amaysim postpaid customer .. can I just port my number using this offer and stay activated for 6 months without paying the current monthly plan .. please describe in detail