Tips & Tricks for Getting Parcels on Time

Hi OzBargain,

It is a bit of a generic thing, but are there any tips or tricks when it comes to getting your parcels(on time)? This might be a bit of a no brainer for some, but the way I see it is that for those of us(esp. OzB'rs) who frequently order things online need to be careful about some of the companies who handle our valuable goods just like any savvy consumer.

An anecdotal story:
A few weeks ago I placed my first ever Amazon order and chose for it to be sent to a nearby Night Owl Parcel Point which was supposed to be quicker than alternative options. This left much to be desired after having used Australia Post / Star Track. I know a lot of users have had poor reviews of Australia Post but I guess this would have to be judged on a case by case basis since I can only think of 2 times where I have not received parcels(discounting recent experience with Amazon).

In any case, feel free to discuss what habits and choices you make with certain vendors and logistics companies to increase your chances of DIFOT, since no one wants a late parcel.

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    It's all about the vendor
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    It's all about the freight company


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    Ordering from China with free shipping? Don't expect a DHL courier a week later hand delivering it to your door. It's free for a reason and is normally given a lower priority.

    • Low-value items that I don't need in a hurry don't really bother me so I normally take the cheapest option for those, but it still baffles me that people actually purchase some of the more mid-tier costly items and then fork out for ~$15 delivery - where is the value in that?! Even the lead times aren't that much greater than the budget shipping options!

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    Be there waiting outside when the courier drives past your house @ 40km/h to make the determination you are not there.

  • sendle is pretty good.
    i got a parcel from melb to sydney in 1 day and ordered the cheapest service.

    • I am yet to try Sendle but is it just me or do few companies offer it as a courier? Maybe I am confused here… more research may be required. Is it just a matter of negotiating this with the Vendor(obviously domestic purchases only from what I can see).

  • I'm another 1 for sendle the last parcel I received was from NT to NSW took 2 days plus they drop the parcel off at a what they call POP box to pick up when ever you want.

  • I prefer Australia Post / Star Track, mainly because if I miss the delivery I can duck up to my Local Post Office at 4:30pm and pick it up from there. Some of the other Couriers can be a real pain if you have to organize a re-delivery!

    • Yes, post office is 5 min away. TNT depot is 30min away, had to get them to redeliver via a website, sign the card, leave it out under the doormat etc etc.

    • Well normally I like to use Aus Post parcel lockers as I find them convenient as they're close enough to home. The only time I was disappointed was when I ordered some screen protectors on eBay and had them shipped to my usual parcel locker address. Apparently they weren't big enough… I was then notified that they were going to be sent to my backup address(home) and they never showed.

      As I said earlier - one of the few occasions I have been let down. I can understand how something like this could have been mixed up. Lucky that it was only a screen protector on this occasion too, I guess!

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        The only time I was disappointed was when I ordered some screen protectors on eBay and had them shipped to my usual parcel locker address. Apparently they weren't big enough…

        Should have just gone with the S8, not the S8+…

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