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Check out the Kia Rio It has HAC (Hill-start Assist Control), 7 year Warranty, and free Roadside Assistance during the warranty period. If...
20/03/2018 - 06:42
Good stuff, thanks.
26/02/2018 - 04:37
Rust under the glass turntable shouldn’t be a problem as long as the metal isn’t completely rusted through. Any holes in the metal will...
18/02/2018 - 05:19
Glyphosate weedkiller (RoundUp), but only spray it when there is absolutely no chance of a breeze. Keep the spray fairly heavy (minumum of...
16/02/2018 - 16:24
I'm certain that even if a trainee surgeon is performing the procedure, they would be under the supervision of a more senior surgeon.
13/02/2018 - 15:47
The Amtrak Train is definitely the way to go, drops you off at Penn Station Manhatten.
02/02/2018 - 15:36
A 'smooth as silk' transaction. gerryg is highly recommended.
31/01/2018 - 16:03
Yes Electricity is about to become more expensive, but what to do? Basically cut back on the energy hungry appliances in your...
24/06/2017 - 15:54
Good price for this size Washer. I like the Samsung 'add wash' function, it fixes the only real fault that a front-loader has (adding...
26/05/2017 - 07:06
I prefer Australia Post / Star Track, mainly because if I miss the delivery I can duck up to my Local Post Office at 4:30pm and pick it up...
18/05/2017 - 16:01
Unless you want to live in Sydney or Melbourne there is no 'housing affordability problem'! If everyone wants to cram into those two...
17/04/2017 - 03:46
Google and read Gary Taubes book "why We Get Fat, and What to do about it". TLDR Sugars and processed Carbs Bad. Fats and Protein Good. All...
09/04/2017 - 15:28
I Bought the AV Pack Kia Cerato in July 2016, and really cannot fault it. Good quality small car, plus a 7 year Factory Warranty, what's...
22/03/2017 - 15:29
Windows 10 is available for different prices in different markets. A 3rd world country cannot afford the prices that we pay, so Microsoft...
01/01/2017 - 16:17
I recently ordered 2 Items from a Chinese Seller, and after neither arrived I ended up with a full refund. With low priced Items some...
28/11/2015 - 16:40
After reading the Reviews about this Computer on Amazon, it appears that the battery is not replaceable by the user! Deal breaker for me as...
11/05/2015 - 14:51
This information does not appear using samsung note 3 android, hence the question. Doesn't appear using Safari on an iPhone5 either?!?! I...
31/08/2014 - 07:25
Bought one as well, thanks for the link.
07/04/2013 - 17:30
Nice razors, they are the only ones that I use. Unfortunately my iPad can't show me the Deal as it requires 'Flash', which for some reason...
07/04/2013 - 16:45
As the OP states Viair is not junk and has a good reputation, the ebay one appears to be a cheapy that may not last the distance ( I'd...
07/04/2013 - 16:40
Needed a new pump so I grabbed one of these. Nice find, they definitely sound like good value, and well reviewed on Amazon.
07/04/2013 - 08:50
Actually the stuff coming in from China is handled by Australia Post when it arrives in Australia, they handle it and deliver it, so I...
22/03/2013 - 15:15
Your right about the Australia Post rates, too high compared to overseas competitors e.g. Chinese sellers on eBay.
22/03/2013 - 13:04
$7.95 Postage on a $13 cover has killed this deal for me.
22/03/2013 - 12:58
Nice find, you can never have too much Video File Software.
21/03/2013 - 16:35
Not too sure about the best rates, but I found that Medibank Private travel insurance covered pre-existing conditions that other insurers...
14/03/2013 - 15:25
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